How to Adjust Steelcase Leap V2

by Andrew Smith| Last Updated: March 29, 2022

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How to Adjust Steelcase Leap V2

Armed with many adjustments, the Steelcase Leap V2 is an excellent acquisition for those seeking a versatile chair. But upon purchasing, you may wonder how it’ll meet your ergonomic demands. How do you use all those buttons and levers, and what controls what?

This all-inclusive guideline elaborates how to adjust Steelcase Leap V2 in quick steps.

You can tweak six components to adjust Steelcase Leap V2, with some offering dual or triple alterations. For instance, you put lumbar support on Leap V2’s backrest, slide it to the desired height, and alter the pressure. Meanwhile, you adjust the height of a Steelcase chair through lever-pulling.

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How to Adjust Steelcase Leap V2

Dive into the various adjustable control on a Leap V2 and how to use them to achieve adequate support.

Where Do You Put Lumbar Support on Leap V2?

The Leap V2’s lumbar support is one of the chair’s most uncomplicated adjustments, which you can conduct while seated. Slide its two handles attached to the ends of your backrest to raise or lower it to a comfortable position.

Altering the pressure relayed by the lumbar support also contributes to the chair’s ergonomics. Check for the firmness control on the V2’s back, right. It’s a large knob on the chair’s frame. Clockwise rotations increase the support’s pressure while anticlockwise turning loosens it.

How Do I Adjust My Leap Chair Seat Depth?

Your Leap V2’s seat depth control is on the left side of the chair. Press it and slide your chair front or back to achieve your desired setup, then release the lever. Ensure there’s at least a one-inch space from your knees’ backside to the seat’s edge.

How Do I Adjust the Height of a Steelcase Chair?

The Leap V2, like most desk chairs, has a standard height adjustment functionality. Check the V2’s right side for your height change control. 

Ensure nothing is on the chair when you need to raise it. Now, pull the lever and get your chair to a level that offers a suitable sitting arrangement.

When lowering the height of your Leap V2, sit on it and pull the height lever up again.

How to Adjust Steelcase Leap V2 Back Tilt

The tilt angle control is on your V2’s right side. Press it down to activate. You can choose from five positions depending on how dire your task is.

How to Adjust Steelcase Leap V2 Recline Tension

With your backrest and seat adequately positioned, you can tweak the recline tension as you wish. The recline tension knob is on the V2’s right front. Rotate it clockwise to increase the recline tension and otherwise when you need less resistance.

How to Adjust Steelcase Leap V2 Armrests

Underneath the armrest on the outer sides are arm height control buttons. Press them when raising or lowering your armrest height. Once seated, release the buttons. Ensure your arms are at your sides, poised at right angles.

Moreover, you can slide the V2 arm back or forward and tilt them inward or outwards for customized support. Unlike the arm height, slide and pivot features don’t lock. Nonetheless, the chair’s sturdy, so the arms won’t mill around, sliding out of position.


How Do I Raise and Lower a Steelcase Chair?

You raise and lower a Steelcase chair with the height control. On a Leap V2, it’s to the right. Pull it up while seated to lower. Get off, ensure there’s no object on the chair, and pull the lever to raise your V2.

Does Leap V2 Recline?

Leap V2 reclines, offering five tilting positions. Use the tilt lever on its front right to determine the angle of recline you like. Press down the lever when activating. You can also rotate a right-positioned knob to establish a desirable recline tension.

How Do You Remove Lumbar Support From Steelcase Leap V2?

You remove lumbar support from Steelcase Leap V2 by pulling the back pad. This way, you can easily access and hold the lumbar support’s handle.

With the second hand detached, you can pull the lumbar support from behind the padding and off your V2.

Reattaching the support is similarly a cinch. Pull back the padding and slide back to its position.

At last, don’t forget to check the Steelcase Leap V2 review.


Now you know how to adjust Steelcase Leap V2, right? Proceed to make it more comfortable by altering its flexible parts based on your body. Set the height to the required level and have the seat at least an inch from your knees’ backsides.

Then, have your arms at 90-degrees, planted on the armrests while comfortably reaching the desk. Lastly, fix a proper lumbar support height and turn its knob for suitable pressure.


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