Hon Exposure Review: Is It Good To Buy This Task Chair?

by Andrew Smith| Last Updated: March 28, 2022

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Hon Exposure Review: Is It Good To Buy This Task Chair

If your budget is what matters when it comes to picking a perfect chair for your office, then the Hon Exposure review is what you need. There are, however, so many controversies regarding the comfort the Exposure chair offers.

I spend most of my time searching through a product online before I decide to buy it. So, I know what reading an honest review really is—what you’ll get here is an honest review.

The synchro-tilt feature is one of the most incredible things you’ll get when you buy this model. The breathable mesh, tilt-tension, lock feature, and lumbar support make the Exposure chair a good buy for its price. Upon buying it, you get a standard warranty that lasts for five years. Depending on some circumstances, the warranty can be adjusted upwards.

Get to know more by reading through the review below.

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Hon Exposure Review

The Hon ergonomic mesh task chair features five strong casters which allow easy mobility. It’s most suitable for hard floors. This is one of the easy-to-clean chairs in the market since it’s made of genuine leather.

So, you won’t have a hard time maintaining the original quality and appearance of the chair. But these aren’t the only features I like about this chair.

There’s more than I can discuss in one line. So, stay hooked.

Synchro-Tilt Mechanism

Like the Hon Ignition 2.0, which has a synchro-tilt mechanism, the Hon exposure model has the same feature.  To give you a good working posture, the synchro-tilt feature allows the chair to recline at a ratio of 2:1. That’s to say—your back gets correct alignment as the seat reclines at one degree less than the back.

Also, Hon exposure allows loosening and tightening of the tilt tension. The tilt-lock is also available. So, simply use the lever and control the seat’s tension and lock once you have it in the right position.

One drawback, though, about tilt tension is that you might have to push your legs backward. While at it, your weight must lean on the back of the seat to have the chair tilt. Thankfully, once you lock the tension in place, it won’t lift you back. So, it’s still a great buy.


HON Exposure Task Mesh High-Back Computer Chair with Leather Seat for Office Desk, Black (HVL721)
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The Exposure chair may not be on the list of the most excellent 24-hour office chairs due to their low comfort level. Even so, the Hon exposure mesh task computer chair cools your body all through the day. The seat, on the other hand, is firm. While a firm cushion is not ideal for everyone, it’s good since it lasts long.

Besides, daily use of the chair softens the seat. Besides, you also begin to adapt easily.

Customizable Chair

You can customize your arms, lumbar, seat, and height for maximum comfort. The seat easily slides back and forth up to 26.75 inches to allow your legs great comfort and enough space. Like the lumbar, the lean resistance is adjustable.

The Hon exposure chair armrests feature a 2-way adjustment feature that ranges between 16.5 to 18.75 inches. So, you can increase or lower them. Also, they can move far from you or closer to your arms for better support.

The seat height adjustment isn’t as commendable as it is on some other models, for example, the Hbada ergonomic office chairs. Wondering why? This particular model, unlike most others, at its lowest position, measures 20-inches from the floor.

At least, it should have been about 18 inches to favor everyone.  This explains why short people may be disadvantaged when they buy it, but it’s a plus for the taller guys.


HON Exposure Mesh Task Computer Chair with 2-Way Adjustable Arms for Office Desk, Black (HVL721), Back

One of the easiest chairs to put together is the Hon Exposure. Most buyers spend about 10 to 15 minutes to have it fully set up. Charles, who is using this chair, says there are about 12 screws to use during the setup process. Further, he says the chair comes with a small Allen wrench, making the setup a lot easier.


I’ve said it here—this is not a perfect match for short people. Having a weight limit of 250 pounds, heavier people may also not be comfortable in the Hon exposure office chair. For quick navigation, here are the chair’s dimensions.

Seat depth17.5” to 19.5”
Armrests width16.5” to 18.75”
Seat height from the floor20’’ to 22”
Backrest width and height18.5’’ and 24.25’’ respectively
Overall Chair Width, height, and depth26.5’’, 42.5’’, and 26.75’’ respectively

Adjustable Lumbar

The Hon exposure mesh task chair supports your entire back. This is made possible by the presence of the lumbar, which is adjustable. So, depending on your posture as well as comfort needs, you just need to adjust it to have it as needed.

An adjustable lumbar also makes the chair a good choice for offices that have more than one staff working in shifts. The adjustment feature comes in handy. Even so, most customers say that the chair seems to favor tall dudes over the short ones. This is because, at its highest level, it may not offer correct lumbar support to some people.

So, if you’re above 6 feet, this could be a great deal.


What Other Customers Have Said

Allen is 5’9’’ tall. He weighs about 210 lbs and bought this chair to use when doing his office work duties. He says that the thick cushioned seat is supportive but firm. Allen didn’t find it a daunting task to assemble the seat.

Furthermore, the Allen wrench eased the process further. Nonetheless, due to the thick steel parts, the chair feels a little heavy. He, however, feels that the armrests aren’t built the way office task chair armrests should be built. In fact, other Hon exposure reviews state that it’s ideal to do without the armrests.

But you should test them yourself to decide if they’re worth having or not.

What I Like

What I Don’t Like

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What Is Advanced Synchro Tilt Which is Found In Hon Exposure Chairs?

Every office chair that has the Synchro-tilt feature, for example, the Hon ergonomic mesh task chair is considered a high-value chair. Why is that so? The feature combines the seat and backrest tilt. In other words, when you tilt the backrest, the seat tilts, too.

However, for a good comfy position, when your seat tilts back at one degree, the back tilts at 2 degrees. Simply put, the backrest and seat tilt ratio is 2-1.

Can I Remove The Chair Armrests?

If you’re not comfortable with the armrests, remove them.

I would, however, suggest you first try if the highest or lowest level settings can do any good. Also, since they can move sideways, check if any of these adjustments can make you feel better instead of removing them. If, however, you don’t like any of the adjustment options or you simply don’t want them in place, simply remove the armrests.

The Verdict

As at the time of writing the Hon Exposure review, this chair could fall in the best office chairs under $300. It’s perfect for the tall guys, although some short dudes like it, too. If you don’t like chairs with armrests, you can remove them. It can still offer the comfort you desire, depending on your current tasks.

With such a small budget, you wouldn’t complain about its lack of a headrest. Its design, too, wouldn’t make it beat the dot-com HM Aeron chairs.

But for its price—yes, it is a deal. 


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