Herman Miller Setu Chair Review: The Insights Only Seasoned Users Know

by Derrick Haywood| Last Updated: March 24, 2022

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Herman Miller Setu Chair Review

It’s almost intimidating to keep up with all the things included on many office chairs today. From the multiple knobs and levers to the ergonomic features available in a single-seat, it is not easy for anyone who has never used an office chair before.

But if you have been using one for some time now, you know how important they can be when it comes to your comfort level. How about you read this genuine and detailed Herman Miller Setu Chair review. Only then will you get to know how you can achieve these advantages with the most basic designs?

Now, there is nothing particularly striking about this chair. Regardless, it’s the perfect balance of features and affordability that make it a gem hiding in the shadows of HM’s best-seller furniture.

Stick around, and you’ll realize what makes the Setu a unique choice.

First things first…

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What Is Setu Chair?

Herman Miller Setu Chair Home Office Desk Task Chair 5 Star Base with Ribbon arms Plus Clear Translucent H9 Hard Floor Wheel casters - Graphite Frame, Alpine Lyris Suspension

Although no longer a new design, the Setu chair is a refreshing piece born from hours of thought and hard work. It was designed for use in offices, homes, or anywhere else where people spend most of their time sitting down.

This type of furniture can help you get more comfort while working on your computer, reading books, or even watching movies. You will also find this kind of office chair very useful if you are looking for an ergonomic solution.

The Herman Miller Setu comes with many features which make it one of the best options available today. These include aspects like self-adjustable lumbar support, height adjustment, swivel function, armrests, and more.

All of these functions allow you to customize the way you sit comfortably at work. In addition, there are several colors available so you can choose the hue that suits you best.

The Setu chair uses high-quality materials, including Lyris, polypropylene, and aluminum. Besides, it is carefully crafted using advanced technology. As a result, it provides long-lasting durability and strength.

Lastly, it’s also easy to clean, given the mesh design.

An In-depth Herman Miller Setu Chair Review

As soon as I get a recommendation on a chair, I immediately head to YouTube and see firsthand what users say about it. So, when I had my pal going on about this simplistic product, I checked it out. Truth be told, I was a little uneasy.

Typically, HM chairs contain tens of reviews lasting over ten minutes. So, when I could only get a handful, yet the chair has been around for so many years, it took me by surprise.

Worse still, none of those reviews were over four minutes, except the one by HM themselves. Yet, even that had only one comment from over 150,000 views! It got me wondering: Is this chair of poor quality, or are people simply sleeping on it?

So, even when I say I was uneasy, that is a colossal understatement I’m making.

You must be wondering what made me cozy to it. Let’s see!


While it looks elegant, the Herman Miller Setu Chair is amongst the simplest chairs available. In fact, the only adjustment it provides is on its seat height. Even so, this does not mean that it lacks comfort. On the contrary, it offers excellent levels of support.

It feels like any other standard office chair but without having to worry about getting pinched or sore. That means no matter how hard you lean forward or backward, you won’t feel uncomfortable. Plus, the seat mesh is soft enough to ensure maximum relaxation.


I love this chair’s simple yet stylish look, with its sleek lines giving off a modern vibe. The multicolor finishes make it stand out against any background.

Since it doesn’t take up too much space, it fits perfectly into small spaces.

Besides being compact, the Setu office chair still allows you to get as close to your desk as you like. For example, you can do away with the armrests, enabling you to tuck the chair under a small desk.


Herman Miller Setu Chair Home Office Desk Task Chair 5 Star Base with Ribbon arms Plus Clear Translucent H9 Hard Floor Wheel casters - Graphite Frame, Alpine Lyris Suspension

Amongst the things I love most about HM is their super-extensive warranty period. With 12 years backing up this chair, it almost convinces me of the perfection imbued into these chairs.

In fact, I expect this chair to last at least a decade and a half. It has gone through experimentation in extreme conditions, including heavy use, frequent cleaning, and regular spills. Even though it may seem fragile, it holds up well under pressure.


If you’re looking for an affordable option, then the Herman Miller Setu office chair might just fit your needs. Starting at a little over $500, it isn’t exactly cheap, but way more affordable than some of the brand’s best picks.

The Setu is a good choice for anyone who wants a comfortable desk chair with minimal fuss. With its minimalist style, it blends right into any environment while offering exceptional support.

If you want something that serves you well for years to come, it is worth checking out. Not only do you get quality craftsmanship at a reasonable price, but you’ll also enjoy excellent comfort.

What Other Customers are Saying

While the chair has quite a number of reviews on its official site, Amazon users seem to be warming up to the chair at a slower pace.

That said, the most enthusiastic Herman Miller Setu review recommends that you try this chair, and you won’t get disappointed by its height adjustment, looks, and overall performance.

On the other hand, another reviewer notes that the chair may feel great in the store because you lean back. However, if you sit upright or lean forward, it doesn’t seem as impressive.

Also, the Setu chair review isn’t too fond of the mildly supportive, non-adjustable seat depth and recommends using a pillow.

What I Like

What I Don’t Like

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Is Herman Miller Setu Adjustable?

One of my key considerations when getting an office chair is the provision for reclining. While some people don’t mind spending money on adjustable seats, others aren’t willing to pay so much for something they could easily build themselves at a low cost.

Fortunately, there are many affordable options available today which allow you to enjoy all the benefits of an adjustable seating solution. One of these products is the Setu. So, Herman Miller Setu is adjustable. Moreover, this particular version comes equipped with a responsive curved design geared to provide lumbar support. What does this mean exactly?

Well, it allows you to customize the amount of support provided depending on what position you find yourself sitting in. So whether you need more support as you sit down or less support once you start leaning backward, the material adjusts its pressure on your back accordingly.

In addition to this feature, the chair also includes height adjustability ranging from 15.5 to 20 inches. All of these things combine to provide you with one of the most versatile yet straightforward solutions available today.

However, the Setu Side chair has a fixed height of 18.5. Moreover, the Lounge version is stationery at 17.5 inches.

How Do You Adjust a Setu Chair?

With this chair, you won’t tire of trying to understand many things when it comes to adjustment. So, it only includes a single lever for changing the chair’s height.

To raise or lower the seat, simply pull down on the lever located underneath your seat pan.

On the other hand, reclining is the most effortless adjustment you can do on these chairs. In fact, the chair lacks any knobs or levers for this functionality, and all you need is to lean on the chair to adjust it.

Sure, the chair isn’t the best at reclining. But the inclusion of the spine back and malleable plastic form to allow you to do this remotely is a big plus, in my view.

Not to mention, considering that you can get this chair at around twice as affordable as other HM furniture such as the Cosm, it almost sounds like a steal. 

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How Can I Tell If I Have a Herman Miller Setu Chair?

If you’re looking for a high-quality office chair, you’ll definitely recognize the distinctive styling of the HM Setu series. But to tell if you have a Herman Miller Setu chair, simply scout for the HM branding on the chair’s base.

Who Designed the Setu Chair?

As simple as it is, it took four heads to design the setu chair. The four came together to think and actualize the HM Setu. Spearheading the project were designers Claudia Plikat, Carola Zwick, and Burkhard Schmitz.

To see to the materialization of these concepts was engineer Roland Zwick, who had to get down 35 prototypes before HM could be brought onboard.

Can You Remove the Arms on a Setu Chair?

This chair has screws attaching the arms to the rest of the assembly. So, yes, you can remove the arms on a Setu chair. Thankfully, doing so isn’t too challenging. 

So, Is Herman Miller Setu Worth It?

I believe you have every reason to get this product. Thanks to this Herman Miller Setu Chair review equipping you with what you’ll sweat to find elsewhere, it shouldn’t be hard to see why this is a classic chair.

To recap, the price point is quite reasonable compared to most other models from the brand. Even though it doesn’t have any fancy bells and whistles like massage functions or heated arm pads, it still delivers excellent value for the money.

Plus, it also boasts impressive longevity. All in all, it’s a good choice for anyone seeking a well-designed, durable, and stylish option for their desk.


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