A Fascinating Herman Miller Embody Review: What No-One Ever Told You!

by Andrew Smith| Last Updated: March 24, 2022

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Herman Miller Embody Review

Truth be told, HM Embody is one of the comfiest chairs you’ll find in the market. It was for that reason that Herman Miller gave this chair that price tag. The Herman Miller Embody review will focus on a chair with breathable material for good aeration. Moreover, the chair under my microscope today is comfortable and supportive.

The chair also has a form-fitting backrest, modern design, and built-in lumbar support. With a lifespan of at least 12-years, Embody is excellently designed. Nonetheless, as a first-time user, you might need a couple of days to adjust to this chair.

Therefore, if you spend many hours seated, probably typing or even gaming, you have every reason to buy the embody chair, which scored 89 percent for its top-quality construction.

Let’s plunge in; the microscope is ready.

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Why is the Herman Miller Embody so expensive?

Herman Miller Embody Ergonomic Office Chair | Fully Adjustable Arms and Carpet Casters | Black Rhythm

In one sentence, the Herman Miller Embody is so expensive because it prioritizes your health over your money. Yes, you heard that right.

Again, I won’t overlook the fact that what you call ‘expensive’ may be defined as ‘affordable’ or ‘cheap’ by others. Your bank balance defines what term to use plus the quality of the product you intend to buy. But so that I answer the question, which is actually a concern by many, here’s what I would say:

Herman Miller Embody Review: The Most Untold Truths About Embody Chair!

It’s time to dig through the embody chair to know what Jeff Weber, as well as Bill Stumpf, came up with after consulting about 20 professionals. One after another, let’s see what this chair, which is believed to be a combination of premium modules and a plethora of data, has to offer.

Highly Innovative Design

A group of professionals was consulted to determine what a good chair should have to enhance comfort, safety, excellent posture, longevity, and pressure distribution. Based on the response HM got from 20-plus physicians as well as Ph.D. holders in various professions such as physical therapy, biomechanics, vision, and ergonomics, the embody chair was born.

In simpler terms, embody characterizes an innovative design that matches no other. In my view, this design is what contributed to the high price of the chair.

Ergonomic Adjustments

Herman Miller Embody Ergonomic Office Chair | Fully Adjustable Arms and Carpet Casters | Black Rhythm

Sorry, but Embody missed it big when compared to other chairs such as the Herman Miller Aeron. Why do I say so? While there are a couple of great ergonomic adjustment options, it misses a lot of vital adjustment options, too.

Let’s start with the available adjustments.

The seat tension and back angle adjust effectively. But I cannot forget the tilt position that makes office work feel a little more like fun. There are several tilt positions to pick from just to make your day feel great.

With the embody task chair, you can adjust the depth of the seat to 18 inches from 15 inches. The height of the seat is also adjustable. The available seat height adjustments on the embody chair range between 16” to 20.5”.

To ensure that your arms stay in the right position; the height and width of the armrests are equally adjustable. 

To be specific, you can adjust the width of the arms to 21 inches from 11.5 inches. On the other hand, their height can adjust to 8.75 inches from 4 inches.

It is worth noting that though the seat depth is adjustable, sometimes it might be a pain.

It may, therefore, take you quite some time before you get it to the right position.  

One great feature in the embody chair is the reclining functionality, which is characterized by the synchro-tilt mechanism.  You can, therefore, choose the maximum tilt range, which is 124 degrees, or the lowest, which is 92 degrees. Else, use the medium tilt range, which is 100 degrees.

Finally, you can adjust the BackFit. Once you choose the right position, the backrest imitates your S-spine curve.

So, what’s the negative bit of adjustments?

Too bad you cannot adjust the lumbar and back height. Besides, the arms do not pivot, and you can’t adjust their depth. It can be frustrating, and that’s a good reason to consider a Herman Miller Embody alternative.


Herman Miller Embody Ergonomic Office Chair | Fully Adjustable Arms and Carpet Casters | Black Rhythm

I really don’t seem to get it; why would anyone leave a negative embody chair review in regards to assembly. I read, “It took us 45 minutes or so to assemble this chair!” Really?

Well, I’m here to clear up; there’s no assembly to do once you buy the embody chair. It is all done for you. So, just unbox and get rid of some plastic, and boom! You’re ready to use your seat. I believe HM puts the plastic there to prevent it from breaking during shipping.

You really cannot complain about that. It’s all for your good.  


Most chairs, even the pricey ones, may not give a lifetime warranty for all the parts, for example, the Steelcase Amia chair. They offer a limited warranty for some parts.

It’s different with the Herman Miller Embody office chair because their warranty covers the entire chair, even if you use it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Therefore, be at peace, the 12-year warranty is a plus. During this time, though, any necessary repairs should be done by a professional.

Actually, you should contact HM customer care and request them to send you a technician who can repair the chair. However, they can only send a technician if there’s one nearby your home/office. Else, you might have to ship the chair back to them.

Thankfully, they take care of this shipping expense.

It’s necessary, though, I mention that the Herman Miller Embody weight limit is 300 pounds. Therefore, any breakdown associated with use by heavier people is not covered in the warranty. So, beware!


Herman Miller Embody Ergonomic Office Chair | Fully Adjustable Arms and Carpet Casters | Black Rhythm

Made in the USA, the Embody chair seat has a breathable material. This restricts sweating to extend your working hours due to the comfort it gives. Besides, embody seats are supportive. They’re also flexible to take your shape and allow ease of movement when you sit.

What’s more? Featuring a multilayer setup; 4 layers (to be precise), the chair offers exceptional comfort. Apart from the layers featuring different materials, the seat is large to accommodate both small and large people. But here’s something to celebrate, the seat has a pixelated support system.

Therefore, any time you sit, your weight gets distributed throughout the seat. Consequently, you get sufficient support. It doesn’t matter your weight or height; the pixels work magic in this.

Small people, though, may have to adjust the armrests to make them a little narrow. Only then do they get sufficient support from the purportedly bigger seat.

Characterized by a slight contour, this flexible seat is firm and doesn’t wear out easily.

Different Casters Available

Choose depending on your flooring the casters you want on your seat. Note, however, that some options may cost you an extra coin.  Take, for example, casters that work well on hard surfaces may attract about $ 40 more. The other available option is casters that work well on both carpet and hard flooring. These translucent dual wheels attract approximately $60 more. They are 2.5 inches. 

The standard size is suitable for medium-pile carpets. These dual wheels, black in color, are also 2.5 inches. Thankfully, the standard size attracts no extra cost.You might consider these ones to cut on cost.


What Other Customers are saying

A top contributor on Amazon gave a comprehensive Herman Miller embody chair review, that I really don’t have enough space to include here. So, I will paraphrase his review using brief words: the buyer applauded the HM for such a comfortable chair. He cautions that the embody requires time to learn how to adjust to get the best out of it. So, you might want to be patient.

He specifically loves the string fabric used on this chair and says that the chair, in general, is durable though bulky. The casters felt smooth on carpet floors. Even so, the client had a few things against the Herman Miller Embody chair; the lack of an embody headrest. Also, the chair had a lesser solid feeling, and at times, it was a little finicky to lock in place.

What I Like

What I Don’t Like

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Is Herman Miller Embody worth it?

Do you have a good budget, then the Herman Miller Embody is worth it. With superb comfort, smooth recline functionality, an ergonomic design as well as a warranty running over a decade, the embody chair couldn’t have had a better-priced tag. 

Not to mention, the unequaled top performance for those who spend more time in their offices working.

How Comfortable is the Embody Chair?

I couldn’t find enough words to say how comfortable the embody chair is. But just so you get an idea of what you could be missing by merely looking at the price tag and walking away, the HM embody is not made of foam, so it feels firm. But it’s comfortable!

It’s this type of seat that lasts for years.  

How did it feel the last time someone gave you a warm hug? That’s how it feels every time you sit on the HM embody. Taking the exact shape of your body; the back is also comfortable even after several hours of sitting.

The presence of the knob allows you to adjust the back to suit different sitting angles. For example, to have more lumbar, you simply turn the knob in the right direction, and then you can recline back comfortably.

 Else, adjust the same knob to get full support on the lower back. With that posture, you can sit straight up. HM embody has an excellent, comfortable, and unique reclining ability over the gesture as well as the Aeron chairs.

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Is the Embody good for your back?

You’ll agree with me; the Embody chair can only be good for your body if it prevents body strains on your back, thighs, wrists, and every other part of your body. 

All this is defined by the quality of the seat, the backrest, and the ability to adjust the embody chair to suit the new changes in your sitting position. Thankfully, all these define the embody chair. So, I wouldn’t be wrong to say that the Embody is good for your back.

How long will Herman Miller Embody last?

Clean your Embody regularly using the right method as instructed by the manufacturer. Follow the given instructions on how to adjust it, too. Only use it if you’re 300 pounds or less. Then, your Herman Miller Embody will last for a minimum of 12 years.

How much does embody cost?

The embody costs approximately $1494. That is at the time of writing this review. Note, though, the price is subject to change. So, it’s always good to confirm the current price to be sure you have enough cash to make a purchase.

Is Herman Miller Embody good for gaming?

I wouldn’t emphasize this enough; Herman Miller Embody is good gaming. This is the only most comfortable chair you will find for professional gamers who spend countless hours gaming. It has enough adjustment options though it lacks a headrest. Even so, word has it that this is the most expensive gaming chair.

What Do I Say; Is The Herman Miller Embody A Good Buy?

This is not only a good buy but an investment worth every penny. Just like there is no single perfect man in the whole world, even though we were all created by God, there is no perfect chair on the entire planet earth.

That’s to say, the few faults I found on the embody chair are understandable. Besides, the pros of embody chairs are comfort, ability to last long, mouth-watering warranty, top quality material minus the eye-watering price tag. Needless to say, they’re enough reasons to convince anyone to get this chair.

I, therefore, hope and believe that your search for a gaming or office chair just ended when you bumped on my Herman Miller embody review.

All I can do now is to ask you to hurry while the stock lasts!


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