Herman Miller Celle Review

by Andrew Smith| Last Updated: March 28, 2022

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Herman Miller Celle Review

Probably, I’m not the first person who got this chair’s pronunciation wrong. I first bumped into the Celle office chair from one of my favorite YouTubers as she described how she set up her remote work environment. 

It was not until the end of the video that I discovered she was talking about the Celle and not her seller. So, what prompted me to do a Herman Miller Celle review?

I like to research a lot before buying anything, and so did I with this chair. While some praised its ergonomics and appearance, others had the harshest words to offer.

So, what is it like to sit in this chair for eight hours every day? Let me tell you.

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Is Herman Miller Celle High Quality?

Celle Basic Chair

Let’s begin with the fact that this chair is by HM, one of the pacesetters when it comes to office chairs. But of course, even the most reputable brands at times end up disappointing customers. Fortunately, this isn’t the case with the Celle chair.

What I love most is not only its stylish appearance but its sturdy build quality. In fact, it features a steel and plastic frame which makes it very strong and stable.

The seat itself is made from high-density foam padding. As mentioned earlier, this gives you great comfort while sitting on it.

As for the armrests, they come equipped with two positions –adjustable and fixed. They also have adjustable height and tilt functions, making them comfortable given different settings and people.

Now, about those lumbar pads –these are designed specifically to provide extra cushioning where needed. Besides, they do so at an intensity you direct them to.

Herman Miller Celle Review: As Excellent as Its Appearance

If you are looking for a good-quality office chair at affordable prices, then look no further. With all these great qualities, it gives you value for your buck.

The Celle has an excellent design which makes it stand out among other chairs on the market today. It looks modern while still being comfortable enough to use throughout the entire week.

Similar to other HM products like Aeron, it uses top-notch materials. Their designs tend to be sleek and stylish while still being functional.

Here is what the chair provides.

Height Adjustability and Armrests

Changing your seat height on this chair is much simpler than many chairs. Just press a button located at the side of the seat cushion while sitting or standing. It automatically adjusts accordingly.

The Celle chair also includes fixed or adjustable armrests based on your preferences. Both are adjustable, so they fit perfectly according to your needs.

You can position the armrest between 6.8 and 10.8 inches based on your height and desk surface. This way, your hands won’t tire during extended working sessions.

Stability and Casters

Unlike some chairs, you don’t have to worry about tipping over since the sturdy base keeps the chair upright.

Another nice aspect of this chair is its ability not to slip. Even though the chair weighs 45 pounds, it stays stable thanks to its broad base and robust casters.

Besides, you have two caster options, one suited for carpets while the other for carpets and hard floors. Hence, you have versatile options to suit your home or office preferences.

Design and Comfort

When you receive the Herman Miller Celle chair, you’re likely to notice two things:

With its carefully thought design, the chair provides you with instant relaxation as you sit on it. There isn’t any pressure on your lower back or neck area. That’s probably because the chair doesn’t feel too heavy, nor does it seem flimsy.

Moreover, it takes a short while to get used to the chair. Plus, the more you use it, the faster the duration of acclimatization.

Thanks to its design, it allows you to sit for hours without feeling tired or sore.


The first thing you should know about this chair is that it comes with a 12-year warranty. Sure, you’ll receive free repairs/replacements in case of a manufacturing defect.

Nonetheless, it has a robust build that should last for an extended period if used correctly. For example, you have to ensure that those that sit on it are within the recommended weight capacity. The chair comfortably supports a load not exceeding 350 pounds.

Ergonomics and Back Support

I love the Herman Miller Celle office chair because of its ability to adapt to different body types. If you’ve never tried out a recliner before, you’ll notice that this chair offers similar benefits.

So, whether you want to sit upright and concentrate on typing or lean back and take a break, you’re in control of your comfort.

Did you know that the Celle chair allows you to decide your reclining angle? So, you can choose precisely to what extent you want to lean back.

When it comes to the lumbar support, you can slide it up or down depending on where you want it. Besides, the tension knob on the lumbar support allows you to customize the amount of pressure, and hence support on your back.

Another feature that I appreciate is how easy it is to move around in the chair. Unlike some models where you struggle to push yourself away from the desk, this one allows you to quickly stand up whenever you like.

Overall, this chair has everything you’d expect from an ergonomic model. It provides excellent comfort, stability, and support.

Not to mention, the design makes it versatile, which means you can use it with multiple desks and workstations.

What Other Customers Are Saying

On her herman miller celle chair review, Laura appreciates the comfort and sturdiness of the chair. Furthermore, she likes its affordability though notes that her chair isn’t new as it’s been around since 2008.

On the flip side, her suppliers unfastened the Torx bolts without giving assembly instructions. But once she got the chair set up, she had little to complain about, given its coziness.

What I Like

What I don’t Like

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What Is So Special About a Herman Miller Celle Chair?

Cellular suspension is such a big word. But does it deliver? Apparently, this feature employs looped cells to bend depending on your body’s adjustments for continuous comfort. Luckily, it really works.

It’s hard to believe that something so simple could make such a huge difference. However, when you sit down in a Herman Miller Celle task chair, you won’t feel any discomfort or pain whatsoever. In fact, you may find yourself enjoying the experience more than ever before.

But, why? First off, the material used to construct the Celle chair is exceptionally soft and plush. That alone would probably convince most people to give it a try.

Regardless, there’s much more to it than meets the eye. For starters, the components are 99% recyclable. Also, the construction process occurs in North America. All these factors contribute significantly to making this chair eco-friendly.

In addition, the mesh backing allows airflow to pass freely around your entire body. This helps keep you cool and dry.

Another exciting aspect worth mentioning is the ability to customize the color scheme. Selecting between its six colors allows you to pick a distinct look for your home or office.

So if you want an office chair that looks good, but still provides excellent support, then I suggest giving this model a shot.

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How Does the Herman Miller Celle Work?

This chair uses a patented technology called cellular suspension. Basically, it consists of several loops attached to each other.

When you lean forward, the loops stretch outwards. Then, when you return to normal position, the loops contract again.

This way, the chair can adjust according to your posture without causing any pressure points. You’ll never feel uncomfortable after using this chair.

Also, since the Herman Miller Celle has a solid base, it doesn’t wobble as easily as some others do. So even though it might be heavier than some chairs like the Mirra 2, it won’t move around too much.

How Long Does a Herman Miller Celle Chair Last?

Longevity is not an issue with this chair. Take, for instance, Pie, six years in, and he has little to complain about it, not even the pinching that one reviewer noted.

Despite its mesh-only design, he even notes that the chair is more comfortable than his 4-year-old padded Herman Milller Ergon 3.

Like other HM chairs, this chair comes with the brand’s 12-year warranty. That means you get full coverage against defects or manufacturing flaws for an extended period. With such confidence in the Celle, I’m convinced that you’ll enjoy it for many years to come.

Don’t forget about its sturdy design. The Celle chair is built like a tank, and thanks to its unique shape, it fits well in small spaces. (Here is our list of 10 best office chairs for small spaces).

So, if you need something durable yet affordable, then this is definitely the right choice for you.

When, therefore, should you expect to replace this chair? With proper maintenance, you could use it for 10+ years.

Celle Basic Chair


Is Amazon an Authorized Herman Miller Celle Dealer?

Amazon is an authorized dealer of HM products. If you buy through them, you know what to expect- their customer service is top-notch.

Where Are Herman Miller Celle Chairs Made?

With most of their chairs being made in the USA, the company operates under strict guidelines. For example, stringent standards regarding environmental protection ensure that most of these chairs’ components are recyclable.

How Much Do Herman Miller Celle Chairs Cost?

You don’t want to spend thousands of dollars just because you think you deserve better than average furniture. That is why this is one of the best HM chairs if you’re looking for many adjustability features while spending little.

As of press time, the Herman Miller Celle chair price is $895.00 but may fluctuate over time.

So, Does the Celle Sell?

If you’re looking for a comfortable yet durable office chair, then this product might be just what you were searching for. With its sleek appearance and impressive build quality, the Celle chair is sure to impress even the pickiest customers.

Also, its unique tilting system ensures that you get maximum comfort throughout the day.

I hope this Herman Miller Celle Review answered all you had in mind, but if otherwise, don’t hesitate to ask below.


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