Haworth Fern Chair Review: Corrects Your Bad Posture!

by Andrew Smith| Last Updated: March 30, 2022

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Haworth Fern Chair Review

If what you’ve been looking for is a comfortable chair that is highly built with a forward tilt, check out the Haworth Fern chair review below. In addition to the above features, this chair also comes assembled and its armrests are comfortable and the beackrest features a four-layer backrest design.

I don’t mean you’ll receive the most comfortable or perfect chair, but you’ll get a chair worth your money—it saves you lots of money that you would otherwise spend on medical bills due to posture problems. 

Like any other best mid century modern office chair, Fern chairs do also have its cons. In this review, I’ll talk about the features and what other customers are saying without leaving behind what I like and dislike about the Fern chair. 

Therefore, keep reading.

Haworth Fern Office Chair

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Who is the CEO of Haworth?

The CEO of Haworth is Franco Bianchi. He assumed office in 2005. His roles include overseeing and directing the performance of the Haworth company in all facilities. Haworth current facilities are based in Asia Pacific, North America, as well as Europe. 

Haworth Fern Chair Review

Striking the balance between comfort, adjustment, and unique design, Haworth office chairs are among the top rated ergonomic chairs. Below are more features of this must-have chair.

Great Performance

Boasting a weight capacity of 325lbs, which most chairs cannot hold, Fern chairs accommodates all body shapes. Featuring a high level of flexibility, you’ve a lot of adjustment options in this chair. With the manufacturers specifically focusing on how to protect your health, the chair scientifically boosts comfort. 

High Level Comfort

Comfort isn’t always based on how much you can adjust your chair, but also on the material used when designing the chair. For example, since there are no hard frames on the outer parts of the chair, this chair feels comfortable to your body. 

What’s more? It’s soft edge that is also pliable allows you to be flexible all the time. Besides, due to the ergonomic innovations, the chair responds to each movement you make so as not to compromise your comfort.

Adjustable Chair

Haworth Fern Office Chair

Though the lumbar on the Fern chair isn’t adjustable and there’s no forward tilt, you can adjust the base, which is aluminium made. The back stop also is there to allow you to adjust the tilt. The seat depth allows you to give your feet enough space for excellent blood flow. 

The 4-D arms, on the other hand, gives you the privilege to adjust and set them as you wish so as to support different sitting angles. To allow different users who have different heights, the pneumatic seat’s height can be increased or lowered as preferred. 

No Assembly

With a width measuring 29 inches, a depth of 28.5 inches, and a height that ranges between 41.5 to 47 inches, the Fern executive chair requires no assembly. Be ready though, it comes in a huge box as it’s shipped while fully set up. 

Global Commitment

With the Certifications Haworth has achieved (BIFMA and GREENGUARD Gold), you can be certain that the chair has been tested and proved to be of good quality. But there’s something I love about this chair, once it’s all broken and worn-out, I can still recycle it as 95 percent is recyclable. Moreover, during its manufacturing, 41 percent of this chair is recycled.


What Other Customers Are Saying

Giving a 5-star rating in his Haworth Fern review, George says the chair is top-notch. Further, he says that he can comfortably use the chair for 8 hours. Surprisingly, George is 350 pounds but still uses this chair comfortably. 

While I wouldn’t recommend any buyer to do this because it’s violating the warranty terms, this simply means that the quality of the chair is great. But Linda had something against the rubber which is on the arms—it got torn real fast, something she didn’t expect. 

What I like

Modern Style: We’re now a dot-com generation! Your chair should not be left behind in this. To ensure that the chair features a modern style, Franco with his team did an extensive research to come up with a design that would support every user regardless of their shape. 

A wide Range of Adjustments: With the exception of the lumbar and the armrests, height, backrest tension, and seat depth are all adjustable. So, with only a touch, you can have the best level of flexibility and comfort just by having the right adjustment. 

4-layer backrest design: The four-layer backrest can comfortably hold any user who leans on it. Due to its design, your weight gets distributed evenly to allow excellent blood flow. In addition, the muscles don’t knot. 

Assembly not Needed: You’ll get a big, bulky carton but it’s no issue because you won’t have to do another thing after unboxing it—it’s fully set up. 

What I don’t Like

Seat Height: The seat height doesn’t adjust. Considering that the chair doesn’t have a headrest, it may be uncomfortable for people who are above 6’4”. 

Lumbar: The Haworth Fern executive office chair would have been way better if the lumbar was adjustable. Unfortunately, it’s not. So, some people might not like it. 

How Do You Clean A Haworth Fern Chair?

Haworth Fern Office Chair
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Every part of your chair needs care to last long enough. Hence, you need to give it good care and clean it often. While doing this, you’ll not only extend its life but also maintain its original appeal. 

Here’s how to clean a Haworth Fern chair professionally without tampering with its quality or parts:

Cleaning the Upholstery: In case the upholstery gets stained, use the recommended spray cleaner. Once the strained surface gets covered by foam, allow it to dry before brushing it off using the recommended brush. Even so, it’s good to clean your upholstery often to retain its quality and appearance. So, often vacuum or brush it as deemed appropriate. 

Leather Care: Leather Haworth Fern executive chair is easy to care for as they only need a little wiping using a cloth that has been dipped in mild soap solution—must be lukewarm, not hot.

A damp cloth is only necessary if the chair is heavily soiled. However, if it’s just normal care and maintenance, simply use a soft cloth to dust your Fern Haworth chair. 

Metal Parts: First of all, don’t pour water on the moving parts, which are the casters as they may rust and make mobility a hard thing to do. For other metallic parts, add mild detergent in warm water. Deep a clean cotton towel and wring the water before wiping metallic parts.  

How Do You Adjust A Fern Chair?

Seat Height: To adjust a fern chair, so as to give your legs enough space, simply lift your weight off the chair and pull the lever upwards. The chair height goes up. Seat once you have the right height and release the lever to lock the seat in that height. Nonetheless, let your legs form a 90° degree from the knees to the footrest (or floor). This allows for good blood flow. 

Tilt Tension:  With correct tilt tension, you can do nearly any job. So, to increase the seat tension, you need to move the crank on the Haworth Fern chair forward. Moving it in the opposite direction works by loosening it. 

Seat Depth: To fully lean on the backrest, adjust the seat depth accordingly. You can shorten the depth of the seat by simply sliding the seat backwards. To increase it, slide the seat forward. The seat depth is approximately three inches, so you’ve enough room for adjustment. 

Lumbar Support: Reduce pressure on your back by maintaining the correct lumbar curvature. Correctly adjusting the lumbar helps you get enough support. To do so, push the lumbar down to adjust its height or up according to the height you want. 

Back Stop: You can use the lever at the back of your Haworth Fern office chair to limit the level of recline. Use the same lever when you need to sit in an upright position. So, depending on the posture you want, engage the lever by rotating it forward. Else, disengage it by rotating backwards. 

Forward Tilt: Changing your posture every now and then is necessary as it keeps your spine healthy.  The forward tilt is necessary in achieving this. So, lean forward when pulling the lever and gently release the lever so as to activate the tilt. To release the forward tilt, you need to sit back. Next, pull on the lever. 

Armrest Height: If your arms don’t have enough support throughout the day, you’re likely to suffer from fatigue. So, adjust them correctly by raising or lowering them. Do so by pulling the lever so as to allow them to slide up or down.

You can as well near your working desk by moving the armrest cap backward or forward. To allow your arms to align with the shoulders, you can move the armrests closer to yourself or even away depending on the alignment you need.

Armrest Pivot: You can have the correct forearm support while the armrests are positioned in a flexible position. To do this, hold the cap of the armrest and rotate the armrest in either way: away or towards yourself. 


What Companies Does Haworth Own?

Being a global furniture provider, Haworth owns several companies. For example, it owns shares in one of the Belgium companies known as BuzziSpace, which also focuses on furniture, acoustical products as well as lighting products. Talking of the brands, they include:

But how many Haworth dealers are there? Well, to be able to serve everyone regardless of their country of origin, Haworth has placed several dealers. As of now, there are about 650 Haworth dealers, who make sales on behalf of the company in about 120 countries.

How Big Is Haworth?

Haworth isn’t a small company, it has about 20 factories with approximately 7,500 employees. As of 2019, the company’s revenue was $2.3 billion.

Should You Invest in A Haworth Fern Chair?

Consider this, the Fern chair comes fully assembled. Moreover, you could also order the executive Haworth Fern headrest chair, which is also built by a team of professionals. Like the ordinary Fern chair, it’s also designed with both user’s comfort and health in mind. Highly flexible, the Fern chair features a ton of adjustment options. For example, the seat depth which keeps blood flowing evenly in each part of the legs, and the armrests that support your arms, which have a weight capacity of about 10 percent.

Could you hesitate to buy this chair after reading the Haworth Fern chair review today? Not necessary! Make your order and increase your daily productivity.


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