How to Clean Herman Miller Aeron Chair

by Andrew Smith| Last Updated: March 29, 2022

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How to Clean Herman Miller Aeron Chair

There’s more to a filthy Aeron than repulsive looks. You don’t want the dirt and germs on your Herman Miller reacting harshly with your skin.

A dirty desk chair may cause skin rashes and irritation. Besides, the grime may cause some parts like the wheels to stop functioning. Not to mention, rejecting your Aeron’s maintenance may result in uninviting smells.

Luckily, here’s a comprehensive guide detailing how to clean Herman Miller Aeron chair.

Firstly, clean your Aeron chair’s mechanical parts by vacuuming the dust and dirt. Also, clean your Herman Miller Aeron using a warm, mild soap solution and rug. However, stains need cold water to avoid setting. Then, get the smell out of Aeron chairs using vinegar or baking soda.

How to Clean Herman Miller Aeron Chair

Begin cleaning your HM Aeron by vacuuming out large debris. This makes it easier to conduct the rest of the procedure.

Run your vacuum all over the chair’s components and around the surface the chair’s on. Be sure to flip your chair and get the seat’s underside and base as well.

Don’t use a brush attachment, particularly rotating ones, to ensure the material stays sturdy for longer. 

How Do I Clean My Aeron Chair’s Mechanical Parts?

Let’s begin by tending to the lift pump, base, casters, swivel, and control knobs. 

  • Wipe your chair’s external parts using a cloth doused in warm water and mild soap.
  • Next, dry the surface with a clean rug.
  • Lubricate the swivel, casters, cylinder, and joints with WD40. Use a clean rag to ensure proper spreading.
  • Leave your chair to dry adequately.

How to Clean Herman Miller Aeron Armpads

Vacuuming is enough to remove the dust. However, if you have spills on your arm pads, you’ll need to wipe them. Dip a rag in mild soapy water at a lukewarm temperature and run the cloth over the arm. Be sure to wipe across the entire arm and not only the soiled areas.

Now, dry the areas with a clean rug. Lastly, allow the pads to air dry.

Cleaning Leather Armpad Spots

Clean the arm with a warm, wet, mild soapy rug and air dry. Sponge challenging spots. Leather cracks and degrades quicker under extreme temperatures. So, leave the arms to air dry and not under the sun, a heating source, or hairdryer. 

Cleaning Oily Spots and Spills

In case of butter, grease, or oil, wipe with a clean, dry rag, letting the excess sip into the arm pads. Don’t clean with water, saddle soap, ammonia, varnish, harsh cleansers, detergents, furniture polishes, oils, or cleaning solvents. These result in stickiness and cracking.

How to Clean Herman Miller Aeron Chair Material Spots and Stains

Rub the area with an absorbent rag for spot cleaning on the pellicle. Avoid totally drying the stain to deter setting. Use a water-based fabric cleaner or mild soap solution to clear out stains from:

  • Juices
  • Soft drinks
  • Tea
  • Coffee
  • Milk and similar water-based beverages

Ensure you use well-lathered cold water while working. Using hot water allows the stains to set. Moreover, avoid scrubbing to preserve the material.

Oil-Based Stains

  • Apply a dry cleaning solution with a rag over the areas.
  • For extensive regions, begin by spot testing your solution for 24 hours. Once sated in its retaining of your Aeron’s quality, spread it over the oily areas in light, quick moves.
  • Apply from the spot’s edge towards its center. Don’t soak up the material with the product. Over application may cause damages. Work gently to preserve the character. You can do several light treatments rather than one intense one.
  • Dip a different clean rug in cold water and remove the residue.
  • Allow your Aeron adequate drying time.
  • Vacuum the chair.

How to Clean Herman Miller Aeron Chair Wheels

You’ll have dual casters on your Aeron unless you change the wheels. Given the dismantling required, this wheel design is slightly more challenging to clean than the single-wheel.

You don’t have to clean the wheels often. You may only need this if you have trouble maneuvering.

How Do You Take Apart an Aeron Chair Wheel?

  • Begin by placing your chair upside down on a table or a clean rug. You don’t want to dirty the seat, arms, and headrest after cleaning them.
  • Insert two flathead screwdrivers into the slits between the wheel and axle.
  • Push one screwdriver against the axle while holding the other firmly to steady the wheel. One of the dual wheels should pop off, leaving the other plus the axle.
  • Handpick hair and large debris around the free caster and its side of the axle.
  • For stubborn hairs, cut with a quality utility knife. Cut against the axle and not the metal.
  • Since the Aeron wheels are plug-style, pull them out. Twist them around if they are tough. But, if they still won’t come off, lubricate the wheel sockets and let them sit for 10 minutes, then pull.
  • Now, disconnect the axle with the other wheel by pressing the axle down on a hard surface using your flathead.

Wheel Cleaning and Reattachment

  • With the axle free, remove the hairs around its other side. Do the same with the second wheel.
  • Vacuum clean the wheels.
  • Spew them with water to remove any remaining dirt. Clean with a soapy solution and rug for a thorough cleanse.
  • Wipe the wheels with a dry rag and let them dry completely.
  • Reconnect the wheels and plug them back into their sockets.

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How Do You Get the Smell Out of Aeron Chairs?

A pungent smell may result from lengthy usage, user hygiene, chemical spills, and more. Check below the best methods to eliminate odors from your Aeron.

Vinegar Treatment

  • Vacuum debris from your Aeron.
  • Mix equal vinegar and water amounts, then put in a spray bottle.
  • Apply at a small smell section. Leave it a day to see whether it damages the chair.
  • Lightly spray the Aeron, being careful not to soak it.
  • Allow the chair to airdry adequately.
  • Prep your chair for usage by vacuuming once more.

Baking Soda Treatment

  • Vacuum clean your Aeron or wipe it with a clean rag.
  • Dust its surface with a thin layer of baking soda. Cover it completely.
  • Gently rub the soda into your Aeron’s fabric. Be gentle not to harm the material.
  • Let the baking soda remain overnight.
  • Vacuum out the baking soda. Before using your chair again, aerate it and dust off any traces.

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Can You Wash Aeron Chair?

You can wash Aeron chair to remove dirt. Depending on the condition, location, and intensity, you may need different solutions at varying temperatures.

While you can use warm water and mild soap for routine cleaning, stains require cold water. Smell removal demands vinegar or baking soda.

How Do You Clean a Pellicle?

You clean a pellicle on your HM Aeron, beginning by vacuuming. Avoid brushing to ensure longevity. Partially wipe away stains with dry clothing, then clean water-based stain with cold, mild soapy water.

On the other hand, use a cleaning solution on greasy stains. To avoid discoloring or messing your Aeron’s appearance with a harsh cleaner, be sure to spot test.

Work gently, beginning from the spot edges towards the center.

Winding Up

Cleaning your Aeron chair doesn’t have to be frequent. Simple ways of how to clean Herman Miller Aeron chairs like dusting or vacuuming are okay once a week or so. A deep clean every 3-6 months is essential if you use the Aeron often.

That said, spills and stains need immediate removal to avoid damaging the chair’s material.