10 Best Staples Office Chairs (Updated – 2022)

by Andrew Smith| Last Updated: November 29, 2021

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Best Staples Office Chairs

The best staples office chairs feel like an upgrade from an economy class to a first-class flight. If you want to sit and work comfortably for long hours, then a quality office chair is a must.

The right chair needs to provide lumbar support, easy ergonomic adjustments, and beautiful upholstery to enhance office décor.

However, with so many choices on the market, finding the ideal chair can be a challenge. Luckily for you, I have researched dozens of chairs and come up with a list of the best.

Continue reading below to find a staples desk chair that suits your office needs.

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10 Best Staples Office Chairs – My Top Picks

1. Staples 2554455 Kelburne Luxura Office Chair – Best Lumbar Support Overall

The Staples Kelburne office chair is a smart addition to any office space. It is an attractive office chair with beautiful black faux leather upholstery.

What’s more, the chair features thick and soft cushioning on the seat and back. It is a premium office chair with excellent lumbar support hence supportive.


Welcome the Kelburne Luxura Staples office chair with ergonomic features and thick cushioning. It is a perfect office chair for long hours due to the great lumbar support.

What’s more, the staples mesh office chair provides superior lumbar support and seamless office mobility. In addition, it adds to your office décor.

Additionally, I loved the smooth-rolling wheels and the great back support.

It is a chair that enhances productivity at work due to the great ergonomics.

What I Like

Seat and back cushioning: First, the chair boasts some excellent seat and back cushioning. Therefore, it provides excellent lower back support for extended sitting hours.

Smooth casters: Secondly, the chair comes with smooth-rolling casters. You can move around the office and collaborate with other office workers.

Pneumatic height adjustments: Thirdly, this chair comes with easy pneumatic seat height adjustments. It ensures you work at the most comfortable height.

What I Don’t Like

Peeling leather: The leather eventually starts to peel after a period of 1-2 years. However, the chair is supportive and comfortable.

What Other Reviewers Say

Most buyers call it the best staples chair, coming at a reasonable price. Despite a few wear and tear issues, the chair does offer great support and serves you for long.

Overall, it is a comfortable chair with great aesthetics.


You’re not getting the most comfortable office chair. However, the chair provides superior support and comfort for long hours of sitting.

It is the closest you can get at such affordable prices. Order it today!

2. FlexFit Hyken Mesh Task Chair, Charcoal Gray – Best Mesh Back Overall

The FlexFit Hyken office chair boasts mesh back and seat height adjustments. It is a leading office chair that supports up to 10 hours of sitting per day.

In addition, the chair features an adjustable headrest, tilt tension, and tilt lock. Moreover, the chair is well built and supports 275lbs.


The FlexFit Hyken office chair is an ergonomic design office chair with multiple adjustments, therefore, versatile. It is suitable for use by multiple office workers.

You can adjust the chair to support different persons comfortably. It also supports good back ventilation for a cooling back.

I loved the great arm support, easy height adjustments, and tilt tension adjustments. Moreover, the chair felt comfy and very supportive.

Overall, this staples high back chair guarantees at least 10 hours a day of comfortable sitting without pain or fatigue.

What I Like

Mesh back, and seat: The mesh back and seat allow for good air circulation. Therefore, one keeps cool during hot summer days.

Adjustable headrest: The FlexFit Hyken also features an adjustable headrest for superior head support. You can rest and support the head at different positions.

Seat height adjustments: Finally, the chair offers seamless seat height adjustments. It ensures you get to work in the most comfortable position.

What I Don’t Like

Small seat: It features a small petite person. However, it does not offer the best fit for large and tall persons.

If you looking for a heavy person office chair. Here you go.

What Other Reviewers Say

Most buyers that loved the chair were petite and looking for a small chair that fits them perfectly. They claim it was difficult finding a perfect size chair like this one.

Despite a few complaints about the armrest padding, the chair is comfortable and highly recommended.


The FlexFit Hyken is not the best staples office chair out there. However, for petite persons, the chair is a perfect choice. Get it today!

However, if you need a bigger and more comfortable chair, continue reading below.

3. Staples 2722088 Ayalon Mesh And Fabric Task Chair – Most Iconic and Comfortable

The Staples Ayalon task chair is an iconic design chair with wide armrests, a mesh back, and a fabric seat. The Ayalon mesh chair provides great lumbar support and easy mobility in the office.

It glides smoothly on all floors without loud noises. It is a simple yet elegant design chair that enhances office décor.



The Ayalon mesh and textile fabric chair is a stylish chair that adds to the office décor. The chair is a suitable choice for most home and office workplaces.

It provides superior lumbar support, a breathable mesh back, and effortless mobility.

During our testing, I liked the wide armrests, spacious seat, and tall back.

The staples high back office chair ensures comfortable working without strain and stress. It provides a relaxed environment for optimal productivity.

What I Like

Wide armrests: Firstly, the arms are extremely wide, taking the pressure off your hands. You can comfortably rest your hands without feeling pain.

Mesh back: Secondly, the chair features a mesh back for good air circulation. Therefore, the chair helps prevent sweating and sticking on hot summer days.

Fabric seat: It also features a soft and thickly padded seat. It allows for comfortable seating that conforms to your body.

What I Don’t Like

Seat cushion: While the seat is thickly padded, it feels a little too stiff. This can cause some discomfort when sitting for hours.

What Other Reviewers Say

Although most buyers had a few doubts about the chair’s comfort, they eventually loved the chair. Most call it a lively chair with good lumbar support.

The wheels are also sturdy and roll smoothly. In addition, the armrests are supportive and adjustable.


This is a staples ergonomic office chair with exciting features. While the seat cushion feels a little hard, it eventually breaks and offers optimal comfort.

Go right ahead and order it for superior lumbar support.

4. STAPLES 923571 Torrent Bonded Leather Managers Chair – Most Executive Overall

The Managers office chair is a comfortable and stylish choice that matches most office looks. 

It is a contemporary design office chair with glossy bonded leather upholstery; hence, attractive.

Furthermore, the chair comes with thick cushioning and adjustable armrests for superior support. It is an ergonomic chair with lumbar and head support as well.


Behold the executive staples computer chair with excellent lumbar and head support. It is a stylish design chair ideal for the manager’s office.

Staples Torrent chair offers all-around support. What’s more, it is evenly padded, reducing pressure points. You can be sure of enjoying excellent body support.

I loved the adjustable armrests, thick padding, and swivel-tilt adjustments. The chair also looked classy and complimented my office.

Generally, the chair is comfortable and ensures all day sitting, easy mobility, and great body support.

What I Like

Glossy black bonded leather: The torrent bonded leather looks glossy and attractive. Furthermore, it is water-resistant, making cleaning a breeze.

You just need to wipe it clean with a damp cloth.

Lumbar and head support: It also boasts the best head and lumbar support. What’s more, the cushioning is soft and conforming.

Adjustable tension control knob: It is a simple design chair with an easy tension control knob. Therefore, you can adjust the chair to a desirable seat position without straining.

What I Don’t Like

Assembly: While the chair is comfortable and supportive, the assembly is challenging. Putting the arms together was difficult, with most holes not properly aligning.

What Other Reviewers Say

Despite a few assembly difficulties, most buyers call the chair super comfy. They like the way the arms move up and down, allowing them to fit under the desk.

It is a quality ergo chair that most will buy again.


Indeed, you will love this chair, but not everything is great about it. Be prepared for some difficult assembly processes.

Aligning the armholes does take some time.

5. Staples 24328572 Benture Bonded Leather Managers Chair – Most Stylish Overall

The Benture leather managers chair is a stylish office chair with an ergonomic design. It is a premium office chair with a high back and wide seat.

What’s more, the chair’s back is S-shaped to conform to the human spine. Therefore, users enjoy superior support and reduced back pains.

The Staples Benture chair also features quality bonded leather upholstery and smooth seat height adjustments thus attractive.


Let’s welcome the Benture manager’s chair with a stylish design to complement any office décor. It is a lovely staples office high office chair for high-end offices.

Finally, you have a chair that will upscale your office looks and provide up to 10 hours of comfortable sitting.

I was a super comfortable chair and one that assembled in minutes during our testing.

This manager’s chair will surely upgrade your office décor and provide optimal comfort and support. You can work for longer hours without back pains and fatigue.

What I Like

Chrome accents: The chrome accents on the legs make the chair outstanding in any office.

Apart from the legs, the arms also feature chrome accents and cushioning on the top for added comfort.

Pneumatic seat height adjustments: Secondly, this chair supports easy and seamless seat height adjustments. You can lower or raise the seat with a simple pneumatic action.

High back and wide seat: It also comes with a high back and wide seat to offer great support and fit. It can fit big and tall people comfortably.

What I Don’t Like

Squeaks: It does squeak a little when you sit or stand. However, the noise ended when I added some memory seat cushioning.

What Other Reviewers Say

Most buyers on a budget call it a very comfortable chair at a reasonable price. Moreover, the chair was easy to assemble.

The high back also offers great back, neck, and head support.


If you’re on a budget and looking for a staples executive office chair with high-end features, then consider buying this one.

The chair does have a few limitations but makes a great choice when you consider the price.

6. Staples Kroy Mesh Task Chair – Most Ergonomic Overall

The Staples Kory task chair is an ergonomic office chair with a mesh back and seat. The chair lets air in and keeps your back cool and dry.

It is a versatile chair with seat height and arm adjustments. You can also recline the chair at any desirable angle.

What’s more, the chair offers great lumbar support


Embrace the Staples Kroy mesh task chair with exciting ergonomic features. It is a versatile chair that supports multiple seating positions.

This staples chair fits anybody in the office due to its adjustable ergonomics. It offers superior support and keeps everyone cool during hot summer days.

I loved the chair’s simple lines and modern look. It created a contemporary office décor during our testing.

You can be sure of enjoying every seat position and working for longer.

What I Like

Seat height and arm adjustments: This chair will offer the perfect angle to view your computers due to easy height adjustments. You can also adjust the arms for added arm support.

Mesh back and seat: The Kroy chair also comes with a mesh back that helps keep you cool and dry. You can work without sweating.

Modern design: It also upgrades your office due to its great finish and simple lines. The chair creates a modern feel to any office.

What I Don’t Like

Assembly: The chair does take considerable time to assemble.

What Other Reviewers Say

Most buyers seemed skeptical at first. However, the chair was amazing, and most claim they would buy it again.

While the assembly takes time, the chair does offer enough support.


The chair does lack some adjustability in the arms. However, it is a decent staples home office chair coming at a great price.

Order it now!

7. Staples 24328568 Sorina Bonded Leather Chair – Best Elevated Comfort And Style

The Sorina bonded leather chair is an elevated design chair with great head, neck, and lower back support. In addition, the chair features a bonded leather seat and back.

It looks attractive in any office setting. Additionally, the chair offers seat height adjustments, flipping arms, and tilt settings.


The Sorina bonded leather chair is comfortable and you can count on it if working for long hours in the office. It is a versatile chair that keeps you productive.

This chair will accommodate any body type making it versatile for open offices. It also comes in colors and styles to match existing office décor.

I love how the chair looks elegant and makes a bold statement in the office.

You can be sure of enhancing the work atmosphere and increasing productivity.

What I Like

Elevated design: The chair comes with an elevated design to support the head and neck.

Bonded leather back and seat: It also boasts soft and comfy bonded leather. It adds to the chair’s comfort and aesthetics.

Seat height adjustments: The seamless seat height adjustments ensure you work at the perfect computer level.

What I Don’t Like

No reclining: The chair does not recline at all. This can be frustrating when you want to nap.

What Other Reviewers Say

Most buyers call it a nice and plush chair with adjustable seat height and arms. Apart from the chair not reclining, it is a great choice that they highly recommend.


The staples high desk chair will meet every need in the office. However, it does offer superior support because of the elevated support.

Buy it now!

8. Staples 24328573 Marret Mesh And Fabric Task Chair – Best Modern Design Overall

The Staples Maret task chair is a modern design chair with chrome accents. It also features a mesh back and seat for great airflow.

It is an ergonomic design chair with seat height adjustments, tilt settings, and adjustable arms. 

The chair offers multiple seat positions.


Welcome the Staples Marret office chair with a complementing modern design. It is a versatile office chair suitable for most home office use.

The chair offers ergonomic support and great office aesthetics.

I loved how the shiny chrome accents and how they made the office feel executive.

You can be sure of enhancing the office atmosphere and working for more hours.

What I Like

Chrome accents: Indeed, the chrome accents make the chair stand out. It looks attractive and elegant.

Adjustable arms and seat height: It also supports custom seating with adjustable seat height and arms. You can sit at any desired height.

Mesh back and seat: The Marret chair also features a mesh back and seat thus offers excellent airflow. Therefore, you get to keep cool and dry.

What I Don’t Like

Seat cushion: The seat cushion is not really thick for extended sitting.

What Other Reviewers Say

Although most buyers were concerned about the thin seat cushion, they like the chair and call it comfy. It only creates some discomfort after hours of sitting.

Otherwise, it is a great staples computer chair.


The Maret task chair is not the most comfortable office chair out there. However, it is a decent choice for the price and one that will serve you well.

Order it today and enjoy excellent ergonomic support.

9. Staples 923523 Osgood Bonded Leather Chair – Most Comfortable Overall

The Staples Osgood is a bonded leather chair with thick and soft padding. It is a simple chair with a black bonded seat and back.

Moreover, the leather is water-resistant and easy to clean. Wipe it using a damp cloth. It also provides great lumbar support.


Ladies and gentlemen, welcome staples best office chair with soft and smooth leather upholstery. It is a suitable office chair for superior back support.

The chair provides lower back and upper back support preventing back aches and pains.

I liked the high back and how it conformed to my body shape.

You will sit and work for longer without back pains and fatigue.

What I Like

Contemporary look: It brings those great contemporary looks that leave offices looking attractive.

Bonded leather: The Osgood also features soft and smooth bonded leather. It is also easy to clean with a damp cloth.

Armrests: The armrests are also wide and padded. Therefore, they offer superior hand support.

What I Don’t Like

Minimal seat cushion: The seat cushion is a little thin and feels uncomfortable after more than 4 hours.

What Other Reviewers Say

Despite a few complaints, most reviewers love the easy chair assembly, comfort, and support. The chair does make some noise when leaning, but it’s great overall.


The staple desk chair does offer superior comfort in spite of the thin seat cushion. It is fairly priced and a great choice to buy today.

10. Staples 2263720 WestCliff Bonded Leather Managers Chair – Editor’s Favorite

The Staples WestCliff Managers chair is a favorite. It is a quality chair with great lumbar support, seat height adjustments, and brown leather upholstery.

Besides, the chair is strong and supports big and tall persons. It is supportive and comes with fixed ring-shaped arms.


The WestCliff staples office desk chair is a premium chair with the most ergonomic features. The chair is stylish and a great choice for executive offices.

It provides superior lumbar support and custom seating positions.

I liked the plush padding and soft brown leather.

The chair will safely support most office workers and ensure long hours of work without fatigue.

What I Like

Lumbar support: The chair offers excellent lumbar support due to the thick cushioning on the lower back.

Cushioned seat and back: The seat and back are padded and finished with soft leather upholstery, therefore, comfortable and easy to clean.

Fixed ring-shaped armrests: You also get a pretty supportive armrest with a stylish ring shape.

What I Don’t Like

Slippery leather: The leather is a little slippery when you sit.

What Other Reviewers Say

Most customers love the chair. It is comfortable and looks expensive. Apart from a slipping seat, the chair is a decent purchase.


The staples ergonomic chair has the best cushioning for all-day support. This does not mean the cushioning will remain forever. It does go flat with age.

However, it is a great chair to provide optimal support.

A Buyer’s Guide To Choosing The Best Staples Office Chair

Buying an office chair is a big decision. Therefore, you need to take the following factors into consideration.

Understand Your Needs

Office chairs come in different styles and shapes to suit different needs. Make sure you understand the main purpose of the chair. Are you spending 4 hours sitting or 8 hours?

You need to invest more in staples task chairs with arms if you work for more than 8 hours.

Adjustable Settings

Consider chairs with multiple adjustable settings for flexibility and customized comfort. 

Choose chairs with 360-degree swivel, easy seat height adjustment, tilt settings, and adjustable arms.


Next, consider chairs with thick and plush cushioning. In addition, make sure the cushioning is present on the seat, back and arms.

Thick cushioning reduces pressure points and supports extended sitting hours.


Lastly, consider the chair’s mobility. Generally, the ideal chair must feature caster wheels with mobility in all directions.


Your search for the best staples office chairs will surely end here. Getting a staples chair is a great decision that you will never regret.

These chairs are ergonomically designed to ensure superior support and comfort. Moreover, they come with a height-adjustable seat, tilt settings, and adjustable arms.

Long hours of working on your computer can lead to back pains. You need a comfortable chair to ensure good body posture and support.

Have a closer look at staples office chairs reviews and carefully select one that suits your needs.


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