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Man Seating On The Best sofa for back support

Have you ever wondered if your gorgeous couch can be the source of your endless back pains? With the current COVID-19 pandemic, almost everyone is indoors and even working from home. Undeniably, prolonged sitting, especially with poor posture and lack of proper support, is a prevalent cause of back pains.

Besides, statistics are clear that back pain is the third leading reason to visit the doctor, with nearly 80% of adults experiencing it. Thus, it’s time for a prompt solution! While the market has a wide range of options, you must be here looking for the best sofa for back support.

Fortunately, nobody has to suffer in silence anymore. We have a comprehensive list of supportive couches that will ensure your backrest is comfortable. Read on.

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How to Choose the Best Couches for Back Support

Raise your hand if you only go for the appearance of a sofa as the main feature for purchase! While nobody wants an ugly couch in their living room, appearance is not the only factor you should consider when making a purchase. So in choosing an ideal sofa, you should look at the following characteristics;

Cushions: Many people would go for soft cushions in search of comfort. However, soft cushions are not ideal for proper back support. Preferably, a firm cushion of high-density foam with depth dimensions of 4-6 inches would significantly minimize the risks of back pains. Also, you should sit on the couch and test the density of the cushions practically.

Seat dimensions: Poor posture of slouching in your seat would cause and aggravate back pains. It is vital to sit straight on the sofa; hence a height of 20-21 inches is ideal. Even though this height is higher than the usual 17-18 inches, it works best to support trunk weight properly.

Conversely, the correct depth of fixed seat 16.5 inches, while adjustable ones should have between 14-19 inches. This way, you will not slouch but rest comfortably on the backrest.

Armrest: Yes, armrests would also prevent you from back pains and not just supporting your arms. Somehow, your hands and arms exert pressure and weight on your back; hence armrests act as relievers and support. Therefore, look for broad and well-cushioned armrests that you can rest your arms comfortably for as long as you want.

Frame: Undeniably, you want your couch to stay in proper shape and support for as long as it takes. Besides, if the structure begins to sag, it becomes terrible at supporting your whole body, causing strain on your back. It would be best to look for a frame of kiln-dried hardwood like oak, walnut, cherry and maple. The kiln process of drying removes moisture, ensuring the structure stays stable and sturdy for a long time.

Position: A couch that properly aligns your head, shoulder, and hips are good for lumbar support. Also, you should be able to rest your feet flat on the floor even when you lean your back against the sofa. Knees should be at 90-110 degrees to hips and a little space between the back of your knees and the chair. This way, you will avoid exerting pressure on your vessels, and there will be proper blood circulation.

Now that you know what you want in a sofa, let’s review the top-10 selection currently in the market.

Reviews of the Top 10 Best Sofas for Back Support

1. Amazon Brand – Rivet Sloane Mid-Century Modern Leather Loveseat

The Rivet Sloane is among the best lumbar support couches. It features a tufted back, tapered wooden legs, a firm profile, and a blend of classic and contemporary design that blends easily with any room decor.

Sitting on this sofa doesn’t feel too soft or firm. However, it is precisely on the stronger side which works best in supporting a relieving a paining back.

Medium Depth for Vertical Sitting: Apart from the dense and tufted back cushion, the seat comprises 22 inches. This way, you will not have a slouching problem, and it will be easy to keep your knees at 90 degrees.

Harwood Solid and Durable Structure: As observed, a hardwood frame is perfect for constructing a couch. Therefore in Rivet Sloane, the frame is carved out of hardwood which provides the sofa with steadiness and durability. Besides, the sofa is of moderate weight or not too heavy or too light.

Easy Clean Fabric: This sofa comes in leather upholstery. Apart from being durable, leather is also very comfortable, making it an ideal choice of couch to bring home. Also, it does not hold on to pollen, dust and other allergens, which is a better choice for people with allergies. Better yet, it is easy to clean with a soft dry or damp cloth.

Elegant and modern appearance: The tufted back design and luxurious leather mainly add a touch of elegance to your décor. Moreover, the tapered wooden legs offer stability and an additional vintage style to the overall modern appearance.

What I like

  • Durable fabric capable of enduring rough use
  • Firm and cozy cushion
  • Modern and chic design
  • Appropriate depth for maintaining a correct sitting posture
  • Strong wooden legs
  • Hardwood durable and solid frame

What I Don’t Like

  • The armrest feels weak to last long

Other reviewers say: According to most buyers, the assembly period is impressively short due to an effortless process. Also, the color is appealing, and the couch feels excellent even on bare skin. On the downside, you cannot flip the cushions, so the firmness seems to fade away sooner.


The cushions and seat are a perfect combination of soft and firm for a bad back and comfortable experience. Overall, it is an excellent piece of furniture that will exceed your expectations with a luxurious design, support and durability.

2. FDW Recliner Sofa Set

The FDW is irrefutably the best recliner couch set for back pain. This set includes a single recliner with a loveseat and a 3-seat sofa altogether. It’s a bargain you shouldn’t afford to miss for your home.

Let’s see what it features;

Durable and Easy Clean Pleather Material: Even though it is not genuine leather, the leather upholstery is cheaper and durable. Better still, you don’t have to worry about spills and stains on this unit as the material is waterproof. Just wipe with a clean piece of dry or wet cloth.

Space-Saving Sofa Set: Each couch has dimensions that fall between the small to medium range and a 7″ wall clearance even when fully reclined. If you have a compact living room, it won’t take up much space; not to mention providing adequate seating options for family and guests.

Solid Recliner: The recliner is of solid wood frame, which assures of holding up pretty well to stand the test of time. However, ensure the users are within the recommended weight limit for durability purposes.

Easy to use: As a recliner sofa, it has adjustable positions to a near-flat angle. When you want to change to any point of rest, you just need to pull the switch on the side of the couch. This will manually but easily engage a desired position for the ultimate comfort. Besides, the assembly process is straightforward, with no need for an expert or tools.

Above all, the sofas are reasonably high and offer ample back support. Only the love seats comprise soft and slouching cushions, but they can be fun and relaxing times.

What I like

  • It doesn’t occupy much space
  • Maintains its shape from the good elasticity
  • Resilient and easy to maintain pleather fabric
  • Easy to use with switch function
  • Comfortable with different positions

What I Don’t Like

  • It tends to make some noise when you sit on the single-seat

Other reviewers say: Because of the great value of an affordable price for the three pieces, most buyers on a tight budget were happy with this purchase. Furthermore, they were pleased with the great look and coziness.


Generally, the fantastic look and features come with an impressive price tag. The quality of construction is also excellent, with decent dimensions that will ensure your comfort and adequate back support.

3. Bonded Leather Double Recliner Sofa

With everything that this back support sofa brings to the table, it is evident that you benefit a lot from it. Nonetheless, this sofa comes with many features that directly add to its general quality and comfort. Let’s see.

Bonded leather and high-density foam: From every angle, you might think of comfort, this couch for back pain will excel. Firstly, the bonded leather upholstery is soft to touch, making it comfortable even on bare skin. Also, overstuffed seats, armrests and back with high-density foam ensure you experience extreme comfort.

Recliner function: As a 3-seater sofa, the recliner function is available only on the end seats. The recliner will extend a footrest which will allow you to rest your feet by using an effortless lever mechanism. This way, your back and feet are in a resting position which relieves any backaches and pains.

Shape, size and appearance: With a seat depth of 21″ and height of 19″, rest assured of complete back support. Also, the form allows an ergonomic curve for a proper posture on the back. This sofa for back support comes in a rustic style of brown or black, which easily blends with whatever interior décor.

Steel and hardwood frames: The reclining mechanism is steel, which provides strength and stability, mainly when you rest in different positions, including sleeping flat. Also, the interior frame is of hardwood which is also robust. This combination delivers a long-lasting sofa a high-quality lumbar support couch.

With all said, this sofa belongs to the ‘affordable’ category that provides excellent value for your comfort and back pain needs.

What I like

  • High-density foam guarantees supreme comfort
  • Overstuffed arms, backs and seats are ideal for back support
  • Bonded leather ensures durability and comfort
  • The recliner function provides a footrest for leg support and pain relief

What I Don’t Like

  • Inadequate cushioning on the footrest

What other reviewers say: Apart from the effortless assembly, some reviewers commended the lovely and elegant look, not to mention the high-level comfort. However, it is hard to stay comfortable in a semi-reclined position for tall users as the feet hang off the edges.


Ultimately, this is a decent sofa for a bad back that comes with a reasonable price. Even though it is not the most comfortable couch, it ensures the user enjoys a relaxing experience for its level. Besides, it makes a perfect addition to your interior due to its aesthetic features.

4. Novogratz Brittany Linen Futon

Novogratz is a famous brand for a long time with a very distinct sofa design. The classic vintage style takes pride in polyester upholstery, ribbed back and exceptional wooden legs. Read on.


Polyester and foam filling: The high-density memory foam filling and polyester upholstery provide an extremely comfortable lounging experience. The polyester is not only available in plenty of colors to match whatever décor you have, but it’s also stain-resistant. Also, the high-density foam filling on the seat, back and armrests ensures a comfortable experience.

Wood frame structure: It features wood frame construction that is both stable and durable. This way, you can be sure of investing in an affordable sofa that will last long for a weight limit of 600lbs. The six legs are also wooden to add a touch of unique contemporary and stability.

Ribbed tufted cushion back: Apart from being an impressive design, the ribbed back is somewhat stiff. The stiffness is appropriate for maximum back support to prevent pains from occurring. Better yet, it is a fold-out couch making it multifunctional to also serve as a bed when you want to relax in your living room. All you need to do is unzip the back, and you will find a fold-out leg that will enable you to enjoy your moment.

Above all, this back support sofa is easy to assemble. It will only take a maximum of 45 minutes for an adult to complete without help but using the instructions as recommended.

What I like

  • Multifunctional sofa for sitting and sleeping
  • Stiff ribbed back for proper back support
  • Beautiful design
  • Easy to maintain upholstery
  • Multiple colors
  • Comfortable foam filling

What I Don’t Like

  • A bit uncomfortable for most users

Other reviewers say: While most users find this chair beautiful and affordable, others complained about the poor level of comfort. Also, the color was slightly an issue as it came not as shown.


Everybody wants a beautiful couch for a bad back that will come with a reasonable cost; this is what you get with Novogratz. Besides, nothing beats the experience of turning your couch into a bed when you don’t want to leave the living room.

5. ZINUS Ricardo Sofa Couch

The Zinus Ricardo is an excellent sofa for lower back pain. You will find that it is substantial and not too deep. So, if you want a couch that offers both firmness and plush, this is it! Generally, the sofa set has a contemporary style and a dark grey color that is very alluring to blend with any decor easily.

Here are some significant features of this sofa:

Stable and sturdy: You can be sure that this couch is built to last. This is because the construction is natural wood that enables strength and stability for a maximum of 750lbs. Also, you can remove the legs if you don’t want them resting higher. Better yet, the legs come with a protective layer that will not scratch your surface.

 Furthermore, it has a supportive foam filling and tough fabric that will withstand easy tear and wear. Besides, the material comes in different shades that quickly set an appealing tone.

Easy assembly: With skilful engineering, the Zinus offers a hassle-free assembly. It comes with instructions and marked parts well-packed in one box. Fortunately, the assembly process is tool-free hence taking less than 20 minutes.

Effortless maintenance: You can easily clean the attached cushions thanks to the polyester fabric. Remarkably, it is water and stain-proof, so you will only need a clean, soft wet cloth. You can add a mild detergent in case of a stain that seems stubborn and maintain a clean and fresh couch all the time. The back cushions are detachable so that you can remove and clean them easily.

The tufted Ricardo is sure to bring both comfort and adequate support where you need it most.

What I like

  • Easy to assemble and take apart
  • Plenty of appealing colors and style
  • Stable and robust frame and legs
  • Easy to maintain
  • Firm and appropriate to maintain good posture

What I Don’t Like

  • The cushions do not last long

Other reviewers say: Most buyers are happy with the frame, color options and the easy assembly process. However, some showed their discontent in the comfort levels saying it was not as comfortable as they would want.


If your old couch is overdue for replacement, Zinus is the first and best stop for a better purchase. This couch for bad backs is very affordable and sure to last long due to the sturdy wood frame. Besides, the plenty of color options will merge easily with your interior tone.

6. Serta Copenhagen Sofa

The Serta Copenhagen couch is a small lumbar support couch for compact rooms. With its high-density foam and ideal seat height, it will save you from the pangs of back pains. So if you are looking compact sofa for a bad back, this is a great option. Let’s see why.

Compact size: With a compact dimension of 78 inches, rest assured it will fit into your small apartment or office. Besides, the dark brown shade is a neutral shade that suits nearly all interior decors.

Back support: It also has features that will majorly help your back. For starters, it consists of seat cushions that have individual coils and high-density foam. With this, the couch will not slump or sink even if it has more than one user. Therefore, it will promote spine health by ensuring your head, shoulders, and hips are well-aligned.

Proper dimensions: The back cushions also meet the recommended 21″ seat height. A tall back size is ideal for supporting your entire back, including the neck, for the spine to rest comfortably. Moreover, these back pillows have a unique design that keeps their plumpness to prevent your back from sinking and lead to further problems.

Hardwood frame: Even with a low cost, there’s no compromise on the quality. The hardwood frame is not just strong and durable, but it also warps your spine. This way, you will not experience wobbliness that will distort a proper posture when you sit, even for a prolonged period.

Alluring traditional style: For a great and comfortable conventional feel, this sofa features soft, rounded armrests and straight-back cushions. Besides, the armrests are wide enough to support your hands for as long as you desire.

You won’t need any tools while assembling this couch.

What I like

  • Durable and soft upholstery
  • Several color options
  • High-quality hardwood construction
  • Comfortable foam cushions and armrests
  • Ideal seat height
  • Easy to clean and assemble

What I Don’t Like

  • It produces a slight awful smell

Other reviewers say: Some consumers showed their doubt on the durability of this couch because of its lightweight. However, after some time of using it, they were happy with the quality of construction that could support even two adults of average weight sitting together.


This back support sofa is easy to assemble, perfect fit; the fabric looks better in reality, with lovely extra patterned pillows and a sturdy frame. It checks all the boxes of a wise purchase!

7. Homelegance Resonance Double Reclining Sofa

The Homelegance Resonance is yet another orthopaedic couch for a bad back. If you are suffering from any back pain or even post-surgery pain, this sofa set is worth spending your money on.

Take a look at some of the features of this couch:

Double gliding recliner: Yes, it is not the classic and usual sofa. Both the seats at the edges have the reclining capability. Also, the reclining mechanism is not automatic but needs you to operate manually using a lever-action at the sides. This way, you can kick your feet up resting on the footrest and recline the back behind to any position you want, including a nearly flat sleeping angle.

Upholstery and foam: The seating area has upholstery of black bonded leather, and sides come in faux leather. This upholstery is tough, easy to clean and soft even to bare skin contact. It also covers high-density foam that overstuffs the arms, seat and back. Besides, the thick padding offers adequate support on the back, especially on the lumbar section, to prevent back pains.

Extra storage compartment: When you lift the footrest, you will find an additional storage area. Remarkably, you can use this to store kid’s toys, readable, snacks and remotes or anything that needs easy reach.

Luxurious style: The bold bonded and faux leather appearance also ignites a great appeal to your living room. Without a doubt, apart from being durable, leather is also expensive and more stylish than fabric upholstery.

This sofa is somewhat heavy for 148 pounds of weight, but it’s good to enable stability and strength.

What I like

  • Overstuffed and firm back to maintain an upright posture
  • Durable and stain-resistant fabric
  • Extra storage under the sofa
  • Luxurious design
  • Easy to operate recliner function

What I Don’t Like

  • The seats seem to sag at the centre, causing discomfort

Other reviewers say: Even after hesitating to shop online for this couch, most reviewers were happy with the excellent quality of the upholstery that feels and smells like genuine leather. Also, the assembly process is straightforward.


The recliners function efficiently and great for an advanced cozy experience. Overall, this couch is comfortable enough to sleep on and perfectly good for sitting up straight. This makes it an excellent spot for working from home.

8. Best Choice Convertible Folding Futon Sofa Bed

This back support furniture means more than just a sitting sofa. Aside from sitting comfortably, the fantastic features of this sofa allow you also to work, heal and even sleep due to proper back support.


What’s more?

Adjustable positions: With a reclining function, it offers three backrest settings for different places to suit your needs and comfort. For instance, you can sit up and chat with your loved ones or work, recline a bit to watch your favourite show or soccer team or even visit slumberland peacefully. 

 Well, the cup holders in the middle console are convenient to have your glass of juice or cup of coffee for a leisurely experience alone or with the company. Besides, it has a 500lbs weight limit which allows room for more than one person.

Convertible sofa bed: When you have overnight guests, you won’t need to worry about where they will sleep in your compact house. Thanks to the convertible folding feature in this sofa, you will only need to remove the arm pillows and adjust the back to switch from a couch to a cozy bed in just seconds!

Quality design: Moreover, it has faux leather upholstery and legs from chrome metal. With this combination of structure, rest assured of a durable experience. Better yet, this convertible futon sofa blends comfort and style that will last and stand the test of time.

Perfect for small spaces: This sofa for back support comes in full size but lacks unnecessary bulk. This way, it will easily fit into your compact size apartment, office or dorm. Still, the black leather blends effortlessly with whatever ambience of the room.

It is important to note that this sofa is not soft; thus, an excellent aspect for adequate lumbar support is. However, if you would want it smooth, you could add your own cushioning.

What I like

  • Convertible multifunction
  • Adjustable reclining positions
  • High-quality structure
  • Ideal for compact spaces
  • Firm for proper back support

What I Don’t Like

  • The firmness is uncomfortable for prolonged sitting or sleeping

Other reviewers say : It folds down to a bed, which makes it a significant bonus that impressed most consumers. Also, they were satisfied with its simple but appealing look.


If you are looking for a couch that best suits a conference or showroom, waiting for areas and man caves, this is it. Its functionality fits brief lounging to avoid discomfort due to too much firmness.

9. Amazon Brand – Rivet Revolve Modern Upholstered Sofa

Don’t just get comfortable on this modern sofa but also enjoy adequate back support to prevent back pains. Apart from a contemporary look, the dimensions, material and construction are worth noting. Read on.

Contemporary style: As a modern sectional sofa for lower back pain, it features simple lines and square armrests on the crest of tall tapered legs. This style also provides a minimalist finishing that looks flawless with many decor styles.

Correct dimensions:  For dimensions of 20.9″ height and 19.3″ depth, rest assured that your back will rest comfortably without developing any pains and aches. This way, you will not recline or sink deep to create any discomfort, especially when you sit for a long time.

Construction and upholstery: The hardwood frame and solid beech wood legs provide strength and stability. Moreover, the polyester upholstery is attractive with different color shades, but it is also durable and resilient to wear and tear. 

 There’s also foam padding that ensures you are lounging in supreme comfort, especially on the back, seat and armrests. The cushions are also removable to allow easy cleaning.

You can move and place the chaise on either end for more room, which will also accommodate your room layout. Assemble is straightforward in an average of 15 minutes which only needs to attach the legs that come zippered inside the package.

What I like

  • Easy to maintain with easy to clean polyester
  • Easy to assemble
  • Comfortable and firm cushions sofa for lumbar support
  • More sitting room
  • Simple but modern style

What I Don’t Like

  • The thick back cushions take up much sitting area

What other reviewers say: Most reviewers were happy with their purchase because it was the price, and the quality is commendable. Moreover, the consumers said it was both firm and comfortably soft, which makes a great combination.


This back support sofa has an impressive price tag, comfortable, firm, not to mention good looking. What more could you ask for?

10. HONBAY Reversible Sectional Sofa

While it’s nearly impossible to find a comfortable sofa, supports the spine correctly and looks good in the living room, the Honbay defies all odds. You will find it impressive that it ticks all the boxes providing the unique features you are looking for.

Let’s expound more.

Firm and comfortable sofa couch: The cushions nice and firm to sit on. So, you won’t worry about sinking, and the more you sit in it, the better it feels. It is also suitable for apartments, lofts, condos, or bungalows.

Easy Assembly: Aside from a tool-free assembly, the instructions are simple to follow, enabling you to complete assembling in the shortest time possible.

Structure: It comprises soft dark grey fabric upholstery on hardwood frame, overstuffed back cushions, and high-density foam seat cushion. Remarkably, the fabric is also breathable, durable, and anti-spills. Also, the seat cushion has Pocket Coils and Serpentine Springs for comfort and resilience.

Stylish Appearance: This back support sectional sofa has nail-head trim that is eye-catching, not to mention a convenient storage bag. Also, it has a reversible chaise lounge that offers additional room for relaxing when you have guests.

What I like

  • Convertible chaise
  • Stylish appearance
  • Durable structure
  • Easy to clean fabric
  • Firm and comfortable cushions

What I Don’t Like

  • The couch is a bit too low

Other reviewers say: According to many buyers, this chair makes a great bargain because it is affordable and comes with an ottoman, a bonus advantage. Better still, it is comfortable enough that most have fallen asleep countless times on it.


Overall, we recommend this chair because it is a perfect fit for its aesthetic value and because the features provide unbeatable quality for back support. Besides, the additional chaise with storage takes it to a whole new level above to meet your needs.

Final Word

Whatever style and tone your home has, you can find the best sofa for back support from the above top-rated selection. However, it is essential to remember that while an excellent lumbar support sofa can correct a bad posture, maintain spinal health and even reduce lingering back pains, it is not the primary treatment for back problems. Therefore, it would be best to visit your doctor and ask them to help you choose an ideal sofa alongside other therapies.

Even with the plenty of options above, nothing comes close to Rivet Sloane Mid-Century Modern Leather Loveseat. It features firm and comfortable high-density foam cushions and a perfect seat height that your back will thank you for making this choice.

What’s your choice? Be sure to leave a comment and tell us about your experience. Enjoy cozy seating!


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