10 Best Serta Office Chair in 2022

by Andrew Smith| Last Updated: December 23, 2021

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Best Serta office chair

Do you often associate Serta with the sheepish characters? Most people do. In fact, the company is famous for the Serta impeccable quality mattresses. If you thought Serta makes mattresses only, you are not alone!. 

The company has a special secret in making high-quality office chairs that competes with popular brands on the market.

I have combed through hundreds of chairs to get you the best Serta office chair. Even though the prices might be high, you still get the value for money. 

Now, if you are shopping for a high-quality chair, Serta should be on your list. I have included a buying guide for the Serta chair review. Plus, I have responded to the frequently asked questions.

Stay put!

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About the Serta Company

Serta is an American company championing comfort for everyone. It is famous for making high-quality beddings. In fact, the company has enjoyed over 90 years of production, with the items ranking best in over 150 countries worldwide. 

Currently, Serta is diversifying and producing additional products like chairs to promote comfort in the office.

Check out the best Serta Office Chairs featured in this article under a single list.

The 10 Best Serta Office Chair Review

1. Serta AIR Health and Wellness Executive Office Chair: Best Overall

Serta air office chair is a classic chair with calming gray, high back, lumbar support, swivel function, and bonded leather. Thus, it meets unique demands in your office setting.


Serta Air is a spacious chair perfect for those looking for luxury and uniqueness. Now that the chair has excellent bonded leather, you are confident it will last. Additionally, the light gray color matches with almost every decor in your office.

My friends liked the rolling wheels. While working on a long day project, one remarked that this chair provided the comfort he never imagined.

I liked the layered pillows and padded armrests, which added comfort to my sitting position. Additionally, the AIR Lumbar Technology is a unique feature that ensures the support aligns well with the back.

What I liked

What I don’t like

What customers are saying

A customer loves the perforated center and says that it lets in the air thereby keeping her refreshed throughout the day.

John noted that this chair has well-padded armrests and he feels relaxed when his arms rest on the chair’s armrests.

The Verdict

If you are looking for a Serta office chair with lumbar support that is easy to assemble and features smooth-rolling casters, you must try the Serta AIR.

2. Serta Smart Layers Arlington AirManager Chair: The Sleekest Chair

Arlington features a high back and ergonomic design. Other features are lumbar air tech, padded arms, and an integrated headrest. Hence, it meets the needs of most office users who value luxury.


Now that you value luxury, a good chair that meets your demand is the Serta smart layers office chair. Thanks to the plush foam padding, layers, and body contouring features. As such, the chair works perfectly for versatile office roles.

Other than the compliments on posture, the chair also has the AIR Lumbar technology. Therefore, it aligns correctly to your spine, preventing pressure and pain from building up.

Lastly, the high back design supports the back when working for long hours. Simply adjust the back section and assume the proper sitting posture.

What I like

What I don’t like

What customers are saying

One customer parsed the lumbar technology which moves with the back and keeps it in position. He wondered how he had survived without the chair.

A CEO said that his staff is more productive with this chair and that he hasn’t had any complaints since he bought several pieces.

The Verdict

When you want a beautiful Serta manager chair for office work, this is the right option for you!

3. Serta Executive Office Adjustable Ergonomic Computer Chair: Best Versatile Chair

The Serta Executive is a luxurious office chair. First, it comes with layered body pillows, bonded leather, and a waterfall seat edge. Therefore, it works perfectly as a Serta computer chair.


This executive ergonomic office chair features leather construction, layered body pillows, and adjustable sections. Besides, the waterfall seat edge delivers the comfort you need for office hours.

You enjoy lasting comfort because of the padded armrests, height adjustability, and a comfortable contoured lumbar zone. Thus, the chair becomes versatile.

The executive style has a contrast stitching on the bonded leather. Since it is brown, the stitches look attractive.

What I like

What I don’t like

What customers are saying

One user narrated that the chair’s bonded leather design makes it a valuable chair. He can’t work without it as he enjoys the leather soft construction.

One Amazon user said that the wheels have no problem gliding the carpet and since it reclines, he feels at ease when he needs to adjust a position.


If you are looking for a chair for your office, living room, or patio, grab this option and see the value for money.

4. Serta Big & Tall Executive Office Chair: Best Chair For Huge Folks

The Serta chair is big and tall with lumbar support, adjustability, and a comfortable seat. As such, it fits users who sit in the office for long hours.


Serta has impressive designs on their chairs. For this one, it is spacious and tall, thus perfect for huge persons.

I like the high-quality leather construction and the adjustable lumbar, which guarantee comfort and luxury. Therefore, making the chair suitable for office work.

Because of the sturdy construction, the chair can support up to 350lbs. This means the overweight individuals can bank on it for daily usage.

My friend liked the chair rotation through 360 degrees. Plus, he praised the castors for moving smoothly and not damaging the floor.

What I like

What I don’t like

What customers are saying

Dan didn’t believe the comfort when he sat in this chair and he explained that this is the most relaxing chair he has ever bought. He noted that the chair is comfortable and suitable for office work.

A user fell in love with the smooth wheels that toll and protect the floor and noted that he never worries about his expensive floor when sitting on this chair.

The Verdict

You can try this Serta office chair lumbar support if you want a good office chair for tall and big users since it supports over 300lbs.

5. Serta Hannah Microfiber Office Chair: Best With a Soft Fabric

One of the unique Serta chairs is the Microfiber chair that comes with a soft fabric. Additionally, it features a headrest pillow and adjustable lumbar support. 


The Serta chair is always comfortable. Apart from the soft fabric, the armrests are also padded and perfect if you want an office chair for long hours.

Adjustable like the swivel, tilt, and recline function add comfort to the chair. Besides, it helps you customize it for comfortable use.

Because of the many adjustable features, Serta Hannah becomes versatile. Above that, you can roll it smoothly on the caster and protect the floor against damage.

Finally, the chair is lightweight and suitable if you want to move from one office to the other.

What I like

What I Don’t Like

What Customers Are Saying

Chirs noted that the chair is very soft and comfortable due to the microfiber used during construction. He believed that it would last him ages.

Michelle said that her previous chair made her feel cold but this one feels a little warmer making it ideal for her office setting during winter.

The Verdict

If you want a soft chair that is easy to clean, then try the Serta Hannah.

6. Serta Big and Tall Executive Office Chair: Best Spacious Chair

Serta’s big and tall office chair fits huge users who want more space to move around. It features a high back design, bonded leather, and adjustable lumbar support. Thus, it is comfortable.


When you value the looks in your office, you need a good-looking chair to compliment the decor. Serta has this Chestnut Brown chair that looks beautiful. Plus, it is comfortable thanks to the layered and thick pillows.

Because of the tilting and adjustable angles, you can customize the chair to serve any purpose. Besides, it is easy to move around, thanks to the soft casters.

Experience first-class comfort as the seat fits standard sizes easily. Again, you enjoy lumbar support, which keeps the back comfortable.

What I Like

What I Don’t Like

What Customers Are Saying

A tall user liked the choir because it remains comfortable in all positions and he is able to adjust it for perfect fitting.

An employer said that he gifted the chair to one of his employees and he can’t believe the output in the daily targets. He is considering two more to meet the office needs.

The Verdict

If you are looking for beautiful chairs with a strong build, this is the chair for you!

7. Serta Executive Office Padded Arms Chair: Best Padded Armrests

Serta executive office chair features padded arms, adjustability, mesh, and lumbar support. Luckily, these features make it easy to adapt to different office roles.


One of the strong chairs on the market is the Serta executive. Apart from the high-quality construction, this chair is expansive, meaning it accommodates even large-sized individuals.

With the breathable mesh, you are sure to remain relaxed when handling office issues. Again, the padded armrests and pillow rest provide the luxury you need for the back and below the arms.

I liked the recline lock feature that ensures the chair remains in the position for customized usage. Plus, the recline function lets you enjoy the comfort you need for the day.

What I Like

What I Don’t Like

What Customers Are Saying

A middle-aged man said that this choir comes with layered body pillows which relax his body when in need of a rest.

A user noted that the chair is his wife’s favorite since he bought one for home use. He wants another one for himself so that he can enjoy resting his arms on the padded armrests.

The Verdict

When shopping for a comfortable chair that removes extra pressure from you, check the Serta executive office chair review for a quick purchase.

8. Serta Leighton Home Office Memory Foam Chair: Most Soft Chair

Serta Leighton is a luxurious Serta memory foam office chair with adjustable height, chrome finish, and a steel base. Therefore, it meets versatile tasks in your office.


If you want to add elegance and modernity to your workspace, the chair is perfect. First, the chair is unique with a friendly design to mimic a table chair.

Additionally, the chair is super strong, thanks to the steel base. Moreover, the Twill material makes it attractive and durable. As such, you can easily wash and dry a bit in the sun.

Furthermore, the chair has all surface castors which roll smoothly to ensure your floor never gets scratches. Plus, it improves the speed at which you access items in the office.

What I Like

What I Don’t Like

What Customers Are Saying

A recovering patient noted that the chair is good if one has back pain problems since it features comfortable padded and adjustable features.

One user commented that he enjoys rolling the chair on the floor and praised the sturdy casters.

The Verdict

This chair is ideal for those looking for a comfortable way to sit and work in the office.

9. Serta Ergonomic Executive Office Motion Technology chair: Best With Advanced Tech

Three things make this Serta ergonomic office chair perfect for your daily routine. First, it has motion technology. Then, lumbar support and adjustable mid-back make the chair functional.


Because of the ergonomic design and lower back support, this Serta black office chair works well for those ready to experience fruitful office work.

My friends like the motion technology, which tilts the back seat to allow you long hours of use. Thus, it is possible to game, type or even relax at a comfortable angle.

A unique feature that I liked is the push button to adjust the armrests. With that, you can relax when you want and push the armrests to create space for sitting.

What I Like

What I Don’t Like

What Customers Are Saying

One user said that the chair is solid and comfortable and loved that it cost him a few dollars more than what he is currently using. He says that this is the best deal he has ever landed.

Also, a customer said that the chair moves smoothly to the floor and he doesn’t need to walk and pick anything around him. He simply pulls the chair to the side.

The Verdict

When you want a good chair for office work, invest in Serta Ergonomic and see the outcomes.

10. Serta Big and Tall Executive Office Chair with Wood Accents: Most Attractive Chair

One of the most sought-after chairs is the Serta, big and tall. It comes with a high back design and is adjustable to fit versatile office needs.


Since Serta’s big and tall chair is executive, you will like how it supports huge folks. Additionally, the chair is easy to adjust when you want a specific position for work or relaxing.

Because of the adjustability features, the Serta task chair becomes perfect for your office tasks. I like the lumbar support, which contours well to the back, thus promoting good spine position.

Additionally, the beautiful wooden accents plus the bonded leather make this chair durable. Furthermore, the armrest features padded sides for extra comfort.

What I Like

What I Don’t Like

What Customers Are Saying

A customer said that he loved the design and the padded headrest that kept him comfortable all day. He wants to buy more for his workers.

A user said that the sturdy construction sets it above the rest and when he uses it he never feels unsafe. He noted that his previous chair broke into pieces but this one feels firm.

The Verdict

When shopping for a good office chair, you can get this Serta executive and enhance the productivity in your office.

Serta Office Chair Features Highlights

The following are the essential features of the Serta office chair.

Adjustable Height

This feature allows you to adjust your height as per your convenience and comfort level. Still, you can choose from different heights ranging between 17 inches up to 24 inches. Besides, it has adjustable lumbar support, which helps in relieving back pain. 


These are very useful for resting your arms while working on computers or typing documents. Usually, they come with soft padded armrests, making them comfortable to use.

Back Support

Most chairs have built-in back supports, but if they don’t, then it means that there is no such thing as “backless” chairs. If you want a chair with no kind of back support, make sure that you buy one with good quality foam padding.

Locking Mechanism

A locking mechanism ensures that the seat does not move even after prolonged usage. Some models come with both manual and automatic locks. Generally, automatic lock mechanisms usually require less effort than manual ones.

Tilt Mechanisms

Many people prefer tilt mechanisms because these allow them to work at their preferred angle. However, this type of mechanism requires more maintenance compared to other types.


There are many reasons wheels are used in office chairs. Usually, the wheels provide easy mobility. Besides, they prevent the chair from tipping over easily. Also, they ensure the chair remains stable during movement.

Ergonomic Design

An ergonomically designed chair provides better health by reducing stress levels. Besides, it makes you feel relaxed and reduces fatigue. Therefore, if you are looking forward to getting rid of chronic pains and aches, purchase an ergonomically designed chair.

Pros and Cons of Serta Office Chairs



Serta Office Chair: How to Choose the Best One for You (Buyer’s Guide)


Most of the materials used in making a chair are wood or plastic. Usually, metal and wood are more durable and long-lasting than plastics, but they can be heavy and expensive. Mostly, plastic chairs are lighter and cheaper than wooden ones, but they wear out quickly because of their softness.

The best material depends on your budget, needs, and preferences. Therefore, if you want something that lasts longer, choose a leather and metal frame.


The chairs come with warranties. Often, the manufacturer replaces or repairs defective parts within a certain period, usually one year from purchase. 

So, read and understand all terms and conditions before purchasing your chair. Primarily, if there are no defects in materials or artistry during this period, then the company may not be required to honor its pledge. 

Sadly, some companies do not offer extended warranties on their products.


Price is vital in choosing a good office chair. Thus, the cost of an office chair can range from $100 up to several thousand dollars, depending on its features and quality. 

If you are set to purchase your first or second office chair, I recommend that you start with something between these two extremes. Plus, a mid-range priced chair is more than enough for most people who work eight hours per day, five days a week.

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Who Makes Serta Office Chairs?

Serta’s office chairs are made in collaboration with True Innovations. Both have been working together for many years and have produced over twenty distinct swivel chair styles.

Serta is well recognized for its bed frames & mattresses, and that is why True Innovations was an excellent pick to manage their office chair line. Hence, chairs from Serta are unique.

Are Serta Office Chairs Good?

Yes! Serta office chairs are good because they match, if not surpass, customer expectations. For added pleasure and tension reduction,  the chairs have multiple layers of padding, incorporating foam padding. Moreover, Serta chairs give sufficient adjustability to help you keep good posture.

Furthermore, you have accessibility to ergonomic elements, including the tiniest of details. For instance, the waterfall form can assist in relieving leg tension. It’s made of hard materials as well.

How Can I Purchase a Serta Office Chair?

You can Purchase the Serta office Chair on Amazon.com or at your local Walmart, Target, and Bed Bath & Beyond store. Luckily, the prices are low to help you make an easy buying decision.
Better yet, the company has excellent customer service to assist with questions about purchasing this product. Overall, our Serta desk chair review provides good options for you to buy.


The best Serta office chair is a splendid choice for any home or business. It guarantees comfort and style affordably. If you are looking for a comfortable Serta chair that lasts through years of use, then this is it!

The company gives exclusive free shipping on orders plus a 30-day money-back if not satisfied with your purchase. Therefore, it differentiates them from other companies.

Finally, the Serta brand also provides excellent customer service, which can help resolve any issues that arise during installation or usage.


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