6 Best Recliners for Disabled Person of 2022

by Andrew Smith| Last Updated: April 1, 2022

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Best Recliners for Disabled Person

Dealing with a disability can be a challenge. But with the best recliners for disabled person makes the situation bearable. If you’re considering purchasing the best recliners for handicapped, you’re in the right place. 

I’ve spent the last few weeks testing some of the best mobility-friendly recliner chairs. However, it’s not a one-size-fits-all kind of scenario. Depending on the level of disability, what you need in a disabled recliner chair may be different from the other person’s needs. 

If you’re wondering how to identify a special needs recliner, it should have a smooth release mechanism for easy launching into your comfort zone. Additionally, leather material increases the level of comfort in the recliner chair. 

Either way, this review helps you find the best chair for handicapped person. 

Best Recliners for Disabled Person (My Top Picks)

1. Magic Union Electric Power Recliner – The Best Overall

The Magic Union Electric Power Lift Recliner is our top choice for those living with a disability. I love the recliner because it may look like your ordinary furniture, but its magic lies underneath a great quality recliner chair. 

Product Specifications

  • Furniture Finish: Faux Leather
  • Material: Leather
  • Form Factor: Recliner
  • Color: Brown
  • Dimensions: 41.4”H * 33.5”W * 62”D

Additionally, the chair conforms to ergonomic principles, and it has a little bit of all the desired features. Its design doesn’t disappoint, and it has compelling features at a reasonable price point. 

What I Like

  • Eight massaging points: The recliner allows you to focus on four massage points which are the legs, thighs, back, and lumbar. Auto, pulse, normal, wave, and press are five function modes for your different massage needs. 
  • Heat function: This function allows you more relaxation.
  • Heavy padding on headrest: Its thickly padded headrest has a soft PU leather upholstery for added comfort.
  • Two cupholders: The recliner comes with added cupholders for conveniently placing your drinks and cups.
  • Sturdy construction: It has a robust and durable frame that offers excellent stability and support for the recliner. 

What I Don’t Like

  • It’s a challenge to assemble: The recliner needs some bit of work before you can begin to relax in it. 

What Other Customers Are Saying About It

The power lift mechanism is a win for this recliner because it helps the person with a disability to stand and sit easily. In addition, its wide seating area makes it comfortable for the bigger people. And the heat function helps improve blood circulation on the back and neck. 


If you’re looking for a recliner with excellent performance and features, get this model. Plus, it becomes even easier to operate with its remote controller, especially if you have a disability. 

2. Flamaker Heating and Massage Power Lift Recliner – Most Popular Recliner

Are you searching for comfortable and durable handicap recliner chairs? This Flamaker heat and massage reclining chair is an excellent choice for you. The recliner has an attractive design and looks with a sturdy feel.

Product Specifications

  • Material: Leather
  • Form Factor: Recliner
  • Color: Black
  • Room Type: Living Room
  • Product Dimensions: 43”H * 32”W * 31”D

If you desire comfort, look no further than this recliner that’s an excellent choice for people with disability. Its subtle color makes it suitable for your home interior and perfectly matches your decor. Accordingly, the cushions allow you relaxation. Consequently, you sit comfortably for long hours.

What I Like

  • Classy style: Its PU leather surface, thick padded back, and raised headrest give the recliner an elegant design. 
  • Power recline and lift: This recliner with a motor gently lifts you whenever you need to leave the chair. Through its remote control, it reclines quietly and smoothly.
  • Easy assembly: You need to follow a few easy steps as you assemble the chair, and there are no tools required. 

What I Don’t Like

  • Not very supportive: Some customers say that the recliner isn’t stable and as supportive as expected. 

What Other Customers Are Saying About It

Several buyers appreciate this recliner because it adds to their comforts, is easy to assemble, and relieves you of excess fatigue. Additionally, it’s elegant and beautiful to add to your living space. However, some users feel that it doesn’t offer enough support.


An elegant addition to your space is what this Flamaker reclining chair offers. Its features add great comfort to the person living with a disability. 

3. Irene House 9188 Power Lift Recliner – Best Dual Motor Recliner 

The Irene House 9188 dual motor recliner is an understated recliner chair that serves two roles. First, it functions as a reclining sofa using a push button. Secondly, the power lift function makes it easy for a person living with a disability to get off the recliner chair quickly.

Product Specifications

  • Outdoor/Indoor Usage: Indoor
  • Color: Red-Brown Leather
  • Room Type: Library, Living Room, Bedroom
  • Recommended Product Use: Reading, Sleeping
  • Product Dimensions: 42.52”H * 31.3”W * 37.6”D

This recliner’s manufacturer combines excellent features to provide safe and reliable products. Also, this recliner is a perfect addition to your space if you have a disability,  and it helps you relax while reading or watching TV. 

What I Like

  • Dual motor: The recliner has a dual motor function, and each motor operates independently. Thus, the footrest and backrest work independently. You can achieve any position you like in an instant.
  • Excellent positions: You can recline the backrest between 105 degrees to 180 degrees while operating the footrest between 90 degrees and 180 degrees.
  • Heat and massage functions: The recliner has a lumbar pillow that supports you at the waist. Additionally, the wide backrest offers extra support to your body. In addition, the recliner has side pockets for the storage of essential living room items.
  • Sturdy construction and comfortable upholstery: All the wood used in this recliner’s construction is formaldehyde-free. Also, the high-density sponge and good quality metallic frame ensure the recliner serves you for a long time.

What I Don’t Like

  • No backup battery: The backup battery option isn’t available to this recliner.

What Other Customers Are Saying About It

Users love that it offers excellent support; it’s easy to assemble and comfortable if you have a disability.  Plus, it provides excellent value for the investment. Also, if you have hurting joints, the recliner helps you get on and off the chair without causing more damage.


Get this recliner for yourself or your loved one for added comfort with the heat and massage functions.

4. Comhoma Heated Massage Modern Rocker – Best Rocking Recliner Chair

The Comhoma recliner focuses on ensuring that you live in luxury despite being disabled. It’s a heated massage recliner that reclines up to 150 degrees to help soothe your muscles while you sit back and enjoy. 

Product Specifications

  • Color: Brown
  • Room Type: Living Room
  • Furniture Base Movement: Swivel
  • Recommended Product Use: Living Room
  • Product Dimensions: 40.9”H * 35.8”W * 37.4”D

This electric power lift recliner perfectly fits your living room and serves multiple purposes. Additionally, its 360-degree swivel allows you to rotate around the space easily.

What I Like

  • Extra storage: The recliner comes with two cupholders and side pockets for easy storage of your drink and pockets for other essential items. 
  • Comfort: Its high-density padding adds support and comfort, which you need the most in a good recliner chair. In addition, this model provides full chaise seating and excellent lumbar support. 
  • Recline and power lift: This recliner with a motor lifts you when you need to get up. In addition, it reclines at different angles using an electric control, which allows you to lie down in whichever comfortable position you like.

What I Don’t Like

  • Footrest challenging to push back: The footrest takes an excellent push to get it to lock back down. 

What Other Customers Are Saying About It

A majority of the customers find this recliner to be worth the purchase, primarily because of the reclining swivel, and it rocks. However, there are complaints about the footrest that’s challenging to put back, while others feel that the recliner is too rigid for proper relaxation. 


Do you love a rocker recliner with remote-controlled massage and heat options? This Comhoma recliner offers you that and more.

5. U-MAX PU Leather Recliner – Best Power Lift Recliner for Elderly

This electric lift chair is an excellent option for your relaxation. Also, its integrated power lift system lifts you smoothly and safely. Plus, the vibrating and massage functions provide total relaxation. 


Product Specifications

  • Furniture Finish: Leather
  • Color: Brown
  • Material: Wood, Faux Leather
  • Form Factor: Recliner
  • Product Dimensions: 41.8”H * 33.5”W * 31”D

The chair has a sturdy and soft PU leather finish for total relaxation. Also, the two cupholders and storage space help you store your cups or drinks and other essential living room items. Plus, the heat and vibration functions promote proper blood circulation.

What I Like

  • Power lift recliner: The power lift reclining function reclines smoothly up to 140 degrees using a control panel. In addition, the motor lifts the chair to allow you to stand without stressing the knees or back, especially if you have a disability.
  • Vibration and heat massage: This lift recliner has five vibration modes with high and low intensities. Also, the heat and massage options work perfectly for added comfort. In addition, its timer function turns off at different time fixes.
  • Durable and easy-to-maintain upholstery: It comes with a sturdy, soft PU leather upholstery for easy cleaning and maintenance.

What I Don’t Like

  • Too short: The recliner seems a bit short for the taller person.

What Other Customers Are Saying About It

Customers love this pocket-friendly recliner that’s easy to assemble and comfortable enough for a person with a disability. However, tall users feel that the chair is too short for their liking.


For a budget-friendly option, this recliner offers you value for the investment, and its cover material lasts a long time, thus, ensuring the chair’s durability. 

6. Esright Multi-Functional Convertible 3-in-1 – Best Multifunctional Recliner

Looking for a lounger, sofa chair, and bed in one set? Then you need to try this Esright multi-functional recliner. You can quickly and easily convert it from a chair into a bed or a lounger in a few simple steps. Plus, it’s padded with high-density foam for extra comfort.

Product Specifications

  • Form Factor: Foldable, Recliner
  • Color: Navy
  • Room Type: Living Room, Office
  • Recommended Product Use: Office
  • Product Dimensions: 17”H * 40”W * 78”D

This recliner offers some of the best features for maximum comfort. The chair bed is easy to assemble and has a clear instruction manual. The best part is that if you experience any challenge while putting it together, you can always contact the manufacturer’s customer service line. 

  • 3-in-1 design: You can convert this sofa bed into a guest bed, armchair, and recliner to meet your comfort needs. 
  • Silent motor power lift: A UL-certified motor pushes the recliner up to help seniors, and tall people get up easily.
  • USB charging: The USB outlets allow you to charge your devices while sitting and relaxing.
  • Easy to clean and durable upholstery: It has high-quality and durable material that’s also easy to clean. 

What I Don’t Like

  • You can’t stop the swivel function: The recliner doesn’t have the option to disable the swivel function.

What Other Customers Are Saying About It

Overall, most customers love that the recliner offers vibrating, heat, and massaging functions. Some customers, however, complain that the reclining part of the chair that supports the legs stops working after a few weeks of use.


If you desire a chair that offers the reclining function and a few extra features for additional comfort, then this Esright Massage Recliner is the best pick.

Benefits of Having the Reclining Chair for Disabled

A reclining chair for the disabled helps you overcome challenges, and help you maintain a sense of independence in your space. These chairs for disabled adults improve your comfort and support your posture and blood circulation. 

Although these recliners come with several benefits, most disabled people aren’t aware of how they can be helpful. Therefore, here are a few benefits of having power recliners for disabled.  

  • The Recliner Helps You Stand Up and Sit Down

First, the reclining chair helps you get on and off it comfortably and safely without straining yourself. Thus, if sitting down and getting up is a challenge for you, these recliners are a welcome idea. Also, the reclining ability allows you to establish the best seating position – which is especially crucial if you’re disabled.

  • Keeps Your Feet Raised

Unlike standard chairs with armrests, you can choose to lay back and lift your legs while using these recliners. Thus, extending the leg rest helps lift the feet off the ground, giving you instant relaxation. Therefore, you need to push the backrest backward for ultimate comfort. Beyond that, raising your feet has additional health benefits, such as proper blood circulation around the body. 

In addition, it helps you stay relaxed for longer while relieving and preventing swelling in the lower legs.

  • Helps Alleviate Back Pain

Recliners help you achieve flexible positions, and in return, you improve your posture while reducing back pain and tension. You’ll also notice that some of the recliners can lie almost flat, which helps you take an afternoon nap as and when you need it. Sleeping in recliners for extended periods may not be the best option, though.

  • Recliner Chairs for Disabled Help Redistribute Pressure

It becomes uncomfortable if you sit for long periods without repositioning yourself. Also, there’s a risk of developing bedsores and pressure injuries. Vulnerable parts of your body include your posterior, back, elbows, and ankles. 

Therefore, sitting in your recliner allows you to reposition yourself easily all day long. Accordingly, all you need to do is lift your legs or lean back to take some pressure off these areas, which helps keep ulcers off. 

Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Recliners for Handicapped

Here’s what to consider when looking for a disability recliner:

  • Its lifting capacity is critical because some people weigh heavier than others. Therefore, you’ll need a motor that’ll fully lift you without causing you injury or strain to the back, knees, and neck. 
  • The size of the recliner should also be top of the list. Some recliners seem smaller or bigger than others. Also, apart from weight, you’ll need to consider your height or that of the user of the recliner because a smaller size recliner or one with a shorter back causes discomfort. 
  • Get a recliner with a fabric that’s easy to maintain and clean with detergent and a damp cloth. If you’re suffering from issues relating to mobility, you may find it challenging to keep a recliner with a hard-to-clean fabric.
  • A recliner with an ergonomic design adds more comfort to the user. Therefore, identify a recliner that supports your legs and back to prevent injury or discomfort. 
  • The recliner needs a gentle lift action to prevent more injury to the knees and back of a disabled person. 
  • Additionally, consider the recliner’s design. It’s supposed to blend with your furniture and doesn’t have to stand out, causing unnecessary attention. 
  • Additional features like storage pockets, cup holders, heat and massage options, and USB ports make your seating on the recliner even more enjoyable. 

The Bottom Line

The best recliners for disabled person assists in regaining some of your independence. Thus, the best reclining chair helps you quickly change or find the most comfortable sitting position. 

When choosing the best recliner for your disability, don’t dwell on the most expensive or the cheapest recliner chair. Instead, pay attention to how the recliner serves you to ensure it perfectly fits its purpose. 

I love the Magic Union Power Lift Recliner because it’s the most comfortable for disabled people. 

On the other hand, the Irene House 9188 serves you best if you have space constraints.