7 Best Office Chair Mat for Hardwood Floors

by Andrew Smith| Last Updated: December 3, 2022

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Best Office Chair Mat for Hardwood Floors

Do you have a hardwood floor in your office and are looking for the best office chair mat to protect them? Well, here is a collection of the best office chair mat for hardwood floors.

A good mat will protect your floor from scuffing and make your chair more comfortable to sit in. 

When choosing a mat, it’s worth considering several things, such as size, thickness, and material. Though there are other factors, these three are critical.

Technically, the mat should be large enough to fit under your chair and extend out on all sides. If the mat is too small, it won’t protect your floors adequately.

In addition, a thicker mat will provide more cushioning for hardwood floors and also last longer.

Table of Contents

Review of the Best Office Chair Mat for Hardwood Floors

1. SHAREWIN Chair Mat – Best For Budget

The SHAREWIN chair mat is one of the most affordable, high-quality floor mats that are ideal for people who constantly move into office chairs. It’s durable and doesn’t contain volatile toxins, making it safe for indoor use.


The SHAREWIN is the best hardwood floor protector for office chair, especially on hardwood and laminate floors. In addition, it’s safe for your baby, who likes lying on the floor next to you.

The chair also has an anti-slip feature that gives you more control as you roll.

Also, the mat is impact resistant and long-lasting. So, you shouldn’t worry about the product breaking and causing scratches. 

In addition, this mat is transparent to ensure you can view the beauty of your hardwood floor.

Here Are Some Things You’ll Love 

  1. Impact-resistant: This mat is 0.06″ thick PVC, making it crack-resistant.
  2. Foldable: If you need to move house or office, you can roll the mat for easy packaging. This makes it the best chair mat for office and home use on hardwood floors.
  3. Transparent/clear: The mat doesn’t compromise the beauty of your hardwood floor since it enhances the color of the surface. 




Have you been looking for an ideal mat for your hardwood floor that’s durable, efficient, and pocket friendly? Go for the SHAREWIN chair mat. It protects your floor while maintaining the hardwood sheen.

2. AiBOB Office Chair Mat – Best Quality For Heavy-Duty

Are you looking for a heavy-duty floor mat for your hardwood floor? AiBOB is the best choice for office and home use. It’s flexible, durable, and safe for indoor use since it’s 100% pure polyethylene.


When you want to protect your hardwood floor from scratches and dust, go for the AiBOB office chair mat. Actually, it’s also the best chair mat for laminate floors, vinyl, and linoleum floors. 

The chair has a unique surface texture that gives you an effortless roll and a stable grip. This feature consequently allows the casters to roll freely without skidding.

On the other hand, the floor mat’s surface is tough such that it doesn’t crack or shatter under pressure. The rigid surface also prevents the rollers from sinking, preventing physical fatigue.

Here Are Some Things You’ll Love

  1. Sixty-day return window: The floor mat comes with a 60-day return guarantee. Therefore, you can buy it with confidence, knowing that your money is safe.
  2. Easy gliding without slips: The tough surface lets the wheels roll without indentation. Also, the mat’s lower side has enough grip that keeps it from slipping off.
  3. It’s easy to clean: Fluids can’t damage the mat. Actually, you only need to wipe the mat when there is a spill.
  4. The mat is flexible: It is easy to fold and can lie down without curling.




This mat may be all you need to keep the surface of your medium-sized office with a hardwood floor scratch-free. It stays in place, and it’s easy to clean. In addition, it’s durable and easy to carry. You also have a 60-day return window if you don’t like the product after purchase.

3. Kuyal Clear Chair Mat – Beast for Small Sized Office

The Kuyal clear chair mat features an ergonomic design that provides an added ease of movement. In addition, it reduces leg fatigue by taking the strain off your legs. Therefore, it’s the best chair mat for vinyl plank floors, hardwood, laminate, and concrete floors.


The mat has a smooth side with an anti-slide coating that prevents sliding and a gliding side that makes rolling effortless.

In addition, this mat doesn’t contain toxins, lead, phthalate, or tin. Hence, it’s safe for indoor use.

Notably, the PVC mat’s ergonomics don’t only make moving around in an office chair easy. It also keeps your hardwood floor safe from damage by the casters.

The transparent surface of the mat allows the beauty of your hardwood floor to shine through. Also, cleaning the mat is easy since you only need to wipe it with a piece of damp cloth, and that’s all.

Here Are Some Things You’ll Love

  1. Has anti-slide coating: The smooth side that lies on the floor has an anti-slide coat that keeps the mat from sliding as the casters roll.
  2. Easy to clean: The PVC surface of the mat is easy to clean. You only need a clean cloth to keep the mat clean. Consequently, it’s spill-resistant.
  3. Multipurpose use: This mat is not only ideal for hardwood floors, but it’s also suitable for vinyl, tile, laminate, and concrete floors.
  4. Long-lasting: under regular use, the Kuyal chair mat won’t break, curl, discolor, or scratch.




Though the Kuyal clear mat may not be the best for a big office, it’s a perfect deal for those who own small offices. You can choose either the rectangular mat or the one with the lip. Make your choice today and protect the beautiful hardwood floor.

4. Kuyal Clear Chair Mat For Hard Floors – Best Quality For Beginners

The Kuyal chair mat for hard floors has no grippers, and the underside doesn’t slip as you roll with the chair around the office. The mat is transparent, and it doesn’t interfere with the décor of your office.


The mat effectively prevents the casters on your chair from damaging your hardwood flooring. In addition, it doesn’t curl or break under standard use.

For a pocket-friendly chair mat for your hardwood floor, Kuyal is here for you.

The floor mat is also easy to clean, making it the best desk chair mat for hardwood floors at home or office.

At the same time, the mat is odorless, and it doesn’t pose any health risk to you or your crawling baby.

For a chair mat that is ergonomically correct for your legs, Kuyal is the best choice, and it goes for just a few bucks.

Here Are Some Things You’ll Love

  1. No slip-offs: This mat has a smooth underside that keeps it firmly in place.
  2. Ergonomic: Kuyal chair mat provides the easy movement with enhanced control.
  3. Transparent: You will still have the sheen of your hardwood floor visible through the clear mat.
  4. It doesn’t discolor: The mat doesn’t get scratched or discolored with normal use.



5. Azadx Office Chair Mat 36″ With Lip – Best Premium Pick For Budget

When you need a non-toxic chair mat for your home or office use, you should consider going for an Azadx office chair. The PVC mat is long-lasting and remains clear throughout. It also has a surface texture that easily makes the chair move on the mat.


The rectangular mat has a lip that protects the floor even when you push the chair under the desk. Without a doubt, that makes it the best office chair mat for hardwood floors in small offices.

In addition, the mat has a bottom surface that holds it into place without slipping off. Also, the upper surface allows the casters to roll easily without causing leg fatigue.

Most importantly, the mat is easy to clean. You only need a wet piece of cloth to wipe the surface clean, even if there are spills.

If you’ve been looking for the best chair mat for laminate floor, you can go for the Azadx chair mat. It’s suitable for diverse hard flooring.

Here Are Some Things You’ll Love

  1. Has a lip for Extensive protection: The mat protects the floor under your desk when you tuck the chair.
  2. Dull polish: This mat has a dull polish which makes scuffing less visible.
  3. No skidding: Though the mat allows the casters to roll easily, it also has enough grips to avoid skidding.
  4. Easy to clean: The chair mat is easy to clean with a damp cloth.



6. Azadx Office Chair Mat 30″ – Best Overall 

When looking for a long-lasting, high-quality chair mat, your eyes can’t miss this one from Azadx. It’s a smaller version of the one mentioned above. Therefore, it’s ideal for smaller offices with hard flooring.


The floor mat is easy to unroll under moderate room temperatures. All the same, you need to place some weight for it to go completely flat.

It has a smooth side and a grinding side. The soft side lies flat on the floor and holds everything into place. On the other hand, the grinding side allows easy rolling with maximum control.

The transparent chair mat allows you to see the beautiful wooden floor and keeps it free from scratching and scuffing.

In addition to the high quality of this chair mat, the price is budget-friendly, even for those who are starting in life. This chair mat is perfect for your small office, whether you’re a professional or a student.

Here Are Some Things You’ll Love

  1. Easy to roll: The grinding side makes rolling easy on your legs and doesn’t cause skids.
  2. It doesn’t curl: When rolling around in your chair, the mat stays in place and doesn’t curl or bunch up.
  3. Transparent: The mat’s surface is clear to ensure that you still get the sheen from your hardwood floor.
  4. Water-resistant: In case of spills, as they sometimes happen, your mat won’t be affected. A wet piece of cloth will clean without much to worry about.



7. DELAM Office Chair Mat – Best for Gaming

DELAM offers one of the best office chair mats for hardwood floors, ideal for heavy-duty use. This mat provides a 0.16 thickness which ensures that your floor is safe. Despite the thickness, your chair will roll easily without causing leg fatigue.


This chair mat is suitable for use on all hard floors. Therefore, if you’ve been searching for the best chair mat for hardwood floors, DELAM has it ready.

First, the mat protects your floor from abrasion by caster wheels. It also reduces the noise produced by wheels while rolling on wood.

On the other hand, the mat reduces the wear and tear on your wheels.

The mat will stay in place without slipping or curling as you push the chair around. It also allows the wheel to roll easily without skidding or getting stuck.

When you need to move house or office, the mat is easy to roll, and it won’t leave any residue on the floor when removed.

The mat comes with a 6-month warranty, replacement, or refund service. Therefore, you will get the best value for your money.

 Here Are Some Things You’ll Love

  1. The fabric is soft: The DELAM mat feels like a low pile carpet under your chair and feet.
  2. Corners stay flat: This mat stays flat, unlike some mats whose corners often curl up.
  3. It’s ergonomic: The chair mat is comfy for your legs even with long hours of desk work.
  4. Odorless: This floor mat is odorless and contains no toxins. Therefore, it’s safe even for those with sensitive breathing systems.



What to Consider When Choosing the Best Hardwood Floor Protector for Office Chair

The best hardwood chair mat is durable and easy to clean. It should also hold the weight of the chair and the person sitting in it. There are many different types of hardwood floor protectors on the market, so you need to find a chair mat that best fits your needs.

In that case, here’re a few things to consider when looking for the best mat for your office.

You need to consider how big or small your office is. Actually, you need to choose a mat that fits your working area.

Essentially, you need to ensure that the mat isn’t too big or small than the area around your desk. It shouldn’t extend to the other furniture in the room. 

When looking for the best office chair mat for hardwood floors, you need to ensure that the material is safe for your health

Technically, an ideal mat should be odorless and toxin-free. In addition, it should be durable and hold in to place without curling as the chair rolls.

An excellent chair mat should have an excellent grip to keep them lying flat on the floor. Again, the chair should have an upper surface that allows casters to roll easily.

Before you settle on a particular mat, you need to ensure that the shape rhymes with that of your room. 

For example, a square or round mat is best for a small office. On the other hand, a large rectangular mat is best suited for a standard work table.


What Is The Difference Between The Top And Bottom Sides Of The Chair Mat?

The top side of the chair mat is generally made of a harder material, such as PVC, which can withstand heavy use and protect your floor. 
However, the bottom side is usually made of a softer material, such as vinyl, which helps grip the floor surface and keep the mat in place.

What Is The Difference Between A Beveled-Edge Mat And Straight-Edge Mat?

A beveled-edge mat has its edges cut at an angle, usually 45 degrees, to create a slanted edge. This creates a clean, finished look when framing a piece of art. A straight-edge mat has all four edges cut straight across, creating 90-degree angles.

What Is The Difference Between PVC (Polyvinyl-Chloride), Polycarbonate, And Polyethylene Mats?

PVC is a synthetic plastic polymer made from petroleum. It’s sturdy and long-lasting, making it a popular choice for floor mats. 
On the other hand, polycarbonate is a clear, shatter-resistant plastic. Actually, it often makes mats because it’s lightweight and easy to clean. 
Finally, polyethylene is a soft, flexible plastic. It’s, therefore, ideal for making mats because it’s comfortable and has a low risk of injury.

Are Chair Mats Bad For Hardwood Floors?

No, chair mats aren’t bad for hardwood floors. In fact, they help protect your floor from scratches and scuffs caused by chair legs.

Do You Need A Chair Mat For Hardwood Floors?

Yes, a chair mat is necessary for hardwood floors because it protects the floor from scratches, scuffs, and other damage that chairs can cause.

Final Word

In conclusion, the best office chair mat for hardwood floors is a durable material that is easy to clean and has a non-slip surface. 

A good-quality office chair mat will protect your hardwood floors from scratches, dents, and wear. 

In addition, it will make it easier for you to move your chair around, and it will provide a bit of insulation against noise.

With so many options available, choosing the best mat could be tricky. However, I have reviewed some of the best mats to help you find the rug that will best suit your needs.

Pick one from the list above and place your order today to enhance your office experience.


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