6 Best Office Chair For Shoulder Pain (2022 Top Picks)

by Andrew Smith| Last Updated: May 9, 2022

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Best Office Chair For Shoulder Pain

Have you been wondering how to get the best office chair for shoulder pain? Well, worry no more.  

This review and guide feature the best ergonomic office chair for your shoulder pain. Durament ergonomic, Serta health and wellness ergonomic, among others, are suitable for shoulder pains. So, why should you consider buying these chairs?

You need a chair that can tilt to 360 degrees to give the best sitting position. Moreover, the best office chair for your shoulder and neck pain should have a broad sitting base with a high-density cushion and a good arm and neck rest. The shoulder neck chairs featured below possess these features. 

So, read on to find the best office chair to relieve your shoulder pains. NOW!

6 Best Office Chair For Shoulder Pain (Editor’s Top Picks)

1. Duramont Ergonomic Office Chair

This adjustable office chair is the best for your nagging shoulder pain because of its five main features. It is adjustable with lumbar support, rollerblade wheels,  a high back, a nice armrest, and breathable mesh. 


  • Item dimension: 26 x 23.6 x 42 Inches
  • Recommended uses: Office
  • Type of room: Office
  • Color: Black
  • Where to use: Indoor

What I Like

  • Highly adjustable than any other in its class: unlike other office chairs in the market that can only be adjusted either too high or low, the Duramont ergonomic office chair allows you To adjust it to any degree you like. That means you sit in a position that favors your shoulders well.
  • Breathable mesh: The chair has a breathable mesh that is comfortable for your back. Moreover, it also aerates your back while working. Hence you don’t become sweaty and can sit for long hours.
  • Back support can be adjusted fully: This chair is the best chair for shoulder pain because it has a reclining feature that allows you to recline the backrest to down or entirely up. Also, the lumbar support is entirely adjustable, going in, out, upwards, and downward. Finding a favorable position for your neck shouldn’t be troublesome.
  • Easy installation: This chair comes with its installation menu. So, you can connect the eight steps with a lot of ease and then adjust them to your favorite position. Lowering or raising the chair is easy because the pneumatic control enables you to do so.
  • High quality with a 5-year warranty: The chair weighs 330  LBS and is made from high materials. The cushion is soft, and the armrest is sturdy. Besides, the pneumatic control enables you to move around your office. Again, you have a five-year warranty in case a problem occurs. To top it all off, if you don’t like it in 90 days, you can return it to the supplier. 

What I don’t like

  • The chair weighs about 330 LBS, making it a bit heavy
  • Expensive — not everybody can afford it
  • It takes up to 40 minutes to connect it

What Customers Are Saying About It

Most customers gave it a five-star rate and agreed that it is the best chair for neck and shoulder pain. Also, they loved that it is of high quality and easy to adjust to any sitting position.
Unfortunately, some found the chair expensive and time-consuming to assemble.


Duramont ergonomic office chair is the best for back and shoulder pain. It is a chair that you will never regret purchasing. It is flexible and has high comfort. Its wheels allow you to work comfortably and enjoy your work.

2. Serta Air Health And Wellness Executive Office Chair

This executive chair has a high back and is ergonomic for lumbar support. It is light gray and boasts the task swivels with bonded leather, making it the best chair for shoulder pain. 


  • Item dimensions: 30.25 x 25.75 x 45.75 inches
  • Item use: Office
  • Item base movement: Swivel
  • Room type: Office
  • Color: Light gray

Looking for an shoulder pain chair to help you work for long hours? Then the Serta air and wellness executive office chair is the right one for you. Here’s why. 

What I Like

  • The ability to roll smoothly: Its ability to roll makes it easy to move around in the office without any damage to the floor.
  • Air lumber technology: The cushions pivot when you want to move them to provide the best posture for you. 
  • High comfort and professionalism: This chair has layered body pillows, and the arms are padded for added comfort.
  • Adjustable: The chair is easy to adjust, and the side seat cable actuated levers offer any height desired.

What I don’t like

  •  Doesn’t favor people with athletic thighs.
  • The back is short and has no headrest.

What The Customers Are Saying About It 

Most customers found it easy to assemble using the given simple instructions. They were also satisfied with the chair’s ability to tilt to any desired position. Also, they found the seat comfortable, and the casters moved well on the carpet. However, some clients complained that the seat cushion needed to be changed after some time because it started wearing out.


The Serta air health and healthiness executive has a four-star rating. It rolls well and is comfortable to sit on while at work. So,  if you are looking for the best chair for neck and shoulder pain, don’t search anymore, simply buy this one ASAP

3. Gabrylly Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

Gabrylly ergonomic mesh office chair is a high back office chair with neck support. You can tilt it, and the PU wheels will enable you to move around your office. Moreover, the chair offers lumbar support. Indeed, this is a swivel computer chair.


  • Item Dimensions: 22 x 25.2 x 45.3 Inches
  • Room type: Office
  • Where to use: Office
  • Color: Black
  • Product base movement:

Your desire to get the best office chair for back and shoulder pain may be a thing of the past. Reason? This chair gives all the solutions to that detail. Read on.

What I like

  • Easy installation guide and warranty: The chair has a warranty of two years. Moreover, the installation is simplified, taking only 15 to 20 minutes. Again the excellent framework gives it a stylish look, and the wheels work right for your wooden floor.
  • Breathable mesh chair:  Gabrylly Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair’s breathable seat and back give you enough aeration at work. So, you work for many hours without sweating. 
  • Adjustable armrest: The black buttons on this chair allow you to move the armrest above or below the working table.
  • Large sitting base: The chair has a broad sitting base that can allow different body sizes to sit on. Also, you can recline the seat’s high back at any angle. 
  • Ergonomic: This chair offers head, back, hips, arm, and lumbar support. It’s, therefore, suitable for sitting for long hours because it’s easy to adjust its backrest, headrest, and armrest. However, it’s the best for tall people.

What I don’t like

  • The seat is specifically for tall people.

What The Customers Are Saying About It

To most buyers, the chair is excellent, mainly because of its high comfort and head support. Some appreciated the chair because it solved their shoulder issues and decreased it as thereby becoming the best office chair for shoulder blade pain. 


The seat gives value for every penny you spend. The comfort therein is just an added joy, and the performance is marvelous. 

4. XUER Ergonomic Office Chair

When you think of neck and shoulder support for office, think of XUER ergonomic chair. The chair is grey, gives lumbar support, and has a 3D adjustable armrest. Again it is good gaming, home, and office chair.


  • Item color: Grey
  • Product use: Office, gaming
  • Items base movement: Swivel
  • Product dimensions: 16.92 x 27. 16 x 45. 27 inches.

Besides being a gaming and office chair, it is also the best chair for shoulder blade pain. Continue reading to find out more.

What I Like

  • High quality: The Xeur ergonomic office chair is made of a  high-quality mesh material,  allowing free air circulation. You don’t have to worry about hot seasons anymore. Moreover, the caster wheels allow it to move freely on your wooden floor without messing it.
  • Solid base: The base of the seat is made of solid materials. For example, steel and black nylon and all materials have passed the American test. Moreover, people of different weights can sit on it for a long time without any problem.
  • Easy to adjust and multifunction: The 3D PU leather enables you to adjust your armrest easily. Again its high back and the headrest are easily adjustable, allowing you to work in your preferred position without much ado.  
  • Guaranteed ergonomic support: The chair can support your waist and back simultaneously because it has a double back structure. The lumbar support is perfect even if you work or game for long hours. 

What I Don’t Like

  • Although the chair is friendly, comfortable, pleasant, and durable, it’s not everyone can afford it.

What The Customers Are Saying

Many people agreed that they got it all in this chair, primarily because of the double back structure. The comfort was perfect, and the durability was a tick. Also, they found the high back, so preasing and generally were happy about the chair. Unfortunately, some didn’t like that the chair was so expensive.


If you are thinking of buying the best ergonomic office chair on the market, then go for XUER ergonomic. Its comfort is perfect, and the double back structure says it all. The warranty, on the other hand, assures you that you will not lose your money. 

5. Homall Gaming Chair Office Chair High Back Computer Chair

This is an executive computer chair with swivel tasks. It is dark black and provides lumbar support. Moreover, PU leather makes it a high-quality one. Besides being an adjustable ergonomic chair, it is also the best for a computer table. 


  • Room type: Office
  • Item color: Dark black
  • Item dimensions: 19.8 x 20.5 x 47.8 inches
  • Recommended use: Office gaming
  • Base movement: Swivel

Every client needs a chair that suits their personal needs. I call Homall gaming and office chair the best desk chair for shoulder pain. Here’s why. It’s a chair of high comfort and has helped many forget their neck and shoulder pains.

What I Like

  • Perfect material: The chair comes in PU leather that is skin-friendly and resistant to wear and tear. Again the foam is high density with an elasticity ability and is very comfortable. 
  • Multipurpose: You can use it in your office when gaming, relaxing, or even to add elegancy to your home.
  • Multi-function: The chair can hold a weight of up to 300 pounds, adjust up to a maximum of 360 degrees, and rock well to remain in the set position. Moreover, its wheels roll well and move in any direction you direct them.
  • Has upgraded configuration: It has silent rollers and tested by class 1000 mile rolling. Again, the durability of the chair is excellent, and the lumbar support is perfect.
  • Dimensions: The high back and broad sitting base make it unique because it provides the best comfort.

What I Don’t Like

  • If you are over six feet tall, the chair may not be the best for you.
  • It’s too heavy

What The Customers Are Saying

Most customers termed it as the best office chair for neck pain due to its performance which is outstanding and very easy to install. However, some complained that the chair wasn’t appropriate for tall people.


End your search now! Homall gaming chair office chair high back computer chair solves your need for the best gaming and computer needs. It’s cost-effective, and most customers love it. 

6. Sihoo Ergonomic Office Chair

SIHOO ergonomic office chair is a computer desk chair with lumbar support. It is comfortable and has a thick cushion, a high back, and an adjustable headrest for extra comfort. Moreover, it has a PU armrest. 


  • Item dimensions: 25.59 x 23.62 x 51. 2 Inches
  • Recommended use: Office
  • Color: Black
  • Item base movement: Glide
  • Room type: Office

SIHOO ergonomic office chair is one of the best-rated chairs due to its many unique features. For example, you can adjust it to diverse dimensions, the padding is good, and it’s easy to assemble. 

What I Love About It

  • Different adjustments: You can adjust to five different positions with this chair. That is, you can adjust the headrest, armrest, back, or even tilt it to your most comfortable position as you work on your computer. As a result, you work for long hours with no problem.
  • Mesh back: The mesh back is flexible though patternless. It allows fresh air to pass through, giving you a nice cooling effect. Consequently, you work without feeling sweaty and with a lot of comfort.
  • Easy to assemble and high quality: The seat has a simple instruction guide. Anybody can install it. Again, the arms surfaces are made of PU. What’s more? Heavy people can rest assured that it will work perfectly because the seat can hold 150kgs. Sihoo Ergonomic Office Chair was tested and passed the BIFIMA and 1136kg static pressure tests.
  • Perfectly padded: You can only sit in the center of the seat because it is W-shaped. Thankfully, the seat front has been modified to ensure that prolonged sitting will not exert pressure on your legs. Topping it all is the high-density cushion that gives you the much-needed comfort.
  • Three years warranty: The warranty states that if your chair has any problem before three years are over, the manufacturer can give you another one at zero profit rate.

What I  Don’t Like

  • This item requires a converter or an adopter for it to work appropriately.
  • The mesh material is just plain with no pattern on it.

What The Customers Are Saying

To many, this seat was good news.  They loved the w-shaped sitting base and its modified front. The high back and simple installation guide made their work easy and termed it as a good office chair or shoulder pain chair. 


If you want to do justice to your money,  then go for SIHOO ergonomic office chair. It is a chair that doesn’t disappoint at all.

Most Important Things To Look For In An Office Chair For Shoulder Pain

You now have a detailed guide on how to get the best office chair for shoulder pain. You probably are now wondering about the most important things to look for in such a chair. Don’t worry. Read on.

  • Height: Before purchasing your office chair for shoulder pain, consider your body height. Buy a chair that is not too high or too low for your knees when you sit.  A good office chair will bend your knees at an angle of 90 degrees, ensuring that your feet are resting comfortably on the floor.
  • Space: Your office chair dimension should match your office’s available space. Remember, you may want to tilt it to 360 degrees and move around the office.
  • Good back and headrest: Buy a seat with a good tilting angle and easy to adjust. Again, the rock on your office chair should be tight so as to remain in the same position to help you avoid having lower back and hip joint pains. 
  • Durability: A good office chair for shoulder pain must be high-quality materials to have a prolonged life. The cushion and armrest should be of high density. Moreover, if the seat is made of breathable material, ensure it is a strong material.

What Impact Does an Office Chair Have on Shoulder Pain?

An office chair can either positively or negatively impact shoulder pain. 

  • Positive: If you have a good office chair with excellent inclining ability, a comfortable broad sitting base, and a high back, your shoulder pain should go away.
  • Negative: Sitting for long hours ends up exhausting your muscles. You need to stand sometimes to relax, and most of all, make sure you have the right ergonomic office chair.


What Are Office Chairs For Shoulder Pain?

Office chairs for shoulder pains are the ergonomic office chairs that help relieve your shoulder pain when you sit for long hours. They have a high back, headrest, and good sitting base with high-density foam. Also, they have an excellent tilting ability and adjustable armrest. 

The seat’s durability shouldn’t be left behind as every chair needs to have long-lasting materials.


Having trouble with your back or neck when you sit at your computer table is discouraging. Again it is even challenging when you don’t know the best office chair for shoulder pain. 

Fortunately, you now have all the information to get the best ergonomic chair.

Your shoulder and back pain should be a one-time thing after your purchase.

Remember your height and weight before purchasing the best office chair for your shoulder pain.  But in case you need the top-rated, go for the Duramont ergonomic office chair.