10 Best Office Chair for Hemorrhoids That Win Customers

by Andrew Smith| Last Updated: December 20, 2021

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Best Office Chair for Hemorrhoids

You’ve got to agree with me that most people find hemorrhoids embarrassing. So, it becomes hard to seek help and treatment like getting the best office chair for hemorrhoids.

But, you are not alone. While it’s a sensitive subject, the estimates are pretty straightforward. 3 or 4 adults are likely to have hemorrhoids at some point in their lives.

Hemorrhoids enable poor work productivity because of irritating symptoms from prolonged sitting.

Because I have your best interest at heart, I will cover ten winning options that many customers prefer. Additionally, I have also provided a buying guide to help you make a favorable purchase.

Don’t miss out on a good choice. Read on.

The 10 Best Office Chair for Hemorrhoids (Top Picks)

1. Duramont Ergonomic Office Chair

For people with hemorrhoids, the best office chair to buy is the Duramont. It has breathable mesh, adjustments, lumbar support, and high comfort.


  • Furniture base movement– Swivel
  • Color– Black
  • Material-Mesh
  • Item dimensions– ‎ ‎23.6 x 26 x 42 inches
  • Item weight– ‎44.6 pounds 

I found Duramont to be more than a chair but a gift to office workers from my research. It prevents or relieves hemorrhoids offering much more than adjustability and comfort. See more below;

What I Like

  • Adjustability: This chair for hemorrhoids will be easy to find proper body posture. It is adjustable on the lumbar support, depth, height, headrest, angle tilt tension, and armrests.
  • Breathable mesh: Contrary to what many people think, this mesh upholstery is comfortable. It offers excellent support and breathability for cool airflow avoiding sweat and odor. Still, it’s hard to get stains and spills on the mesh; thus, it is easy to maintain.
  • Comfortable design: Both the high back and headrest design provide enough support for your back, neck, and head. The back support also includes a recline function allowing you to sit upright or tilt back. Moreover, the soft w-shaped padded seat area ensures people with hemorrhoids don’t exert pressure on the butt and coccyx areas.

What I Don’t Like

  • These caster wheels don’t work on carpet floors: Pushing the wheels across the carpeted floor is hard. 

What the Customers Are Saying About It

I’d recommend this for everybody to prevent negative extended sitting effects like hemorrhoids. Many customers appreciated its high-quality build, adjustability, comfort, and ease of installation.


You deserve Duramont! Indeed, Duramont ensures you enjoy every moment in your workstation. Better still, it comes with a reasonable price tag making it a significant win for desk workers.

2. Steelcase Series 1 Office Chair

What you expect is what you get with Steelcase Series 1. It comes with intuitive adjustments, lightweight, high-quality build, and fabric upholstery.


  • Furniture base movement– Swivel
  • Color– Concord
  • Material-Textile
  • Item dimensions– ‎23.75 x 27 x 41.25 inches
  • Item weight– 37.3 pounds 

A high price tag requires a reasonable justification. Steelcase Series 1 ensures you get innovative technology and ergonomic features. What’s more?

What I Like

  • Innovative build: The LiveBack technology comes with backrest flexors that provide inherent support. So, it enables good posture alignment and spinal movements. Also, it ensures even weight distribution limiting pain in the coccyx.
  • 4D adjustable armrests: 4D armrests move, matching the height, width, and depth. Better still, they have soft arm caps for comfort and support in any position, upright or recline.
  • Lightweight and slim profile: Steelcase is lightweight. Better yet, it has a slim profile that suits limited space workstations. Talking of weight, this best chair for piles provides adequate backrest tension. 

What I Don’t Like

  • Flimsy armrests: Because of being movable in any direction, they tend to feel fragile.

What the Customers Are Saying About It

According to most customers, Series 1 has excellent lumbar support and adjustability. Besides, the chair is super light, giving no struggle in getting it anywhere. Even though the arms felt flimsy, most customers were happy with the 4D adjustments.


If you want a chair that shows up at the top of many lists, this is it. This hemorrhoid chair relieves the constant pain. Better still, it’s purple; who doesn’t love purple?

3. Serta AIR Executive Office Chair

The Serta AIR desk chair is ideal for your comfort and health needs during long working hours. It features bonded leather, lumbar support, a high back, and generous padding as a seat for hemorrhoids.


  • Furniture base movement– Swivel
  • Color– Light Grey
  • Material-Bonded Leather
  • Item dimensions– ‎ 29.75 x 25.75 x 42.75 inches
  • Item weight– 38.9 pounds 

Nothing says executive like a bonded leather office chair! Besides, the generous padding on Serta AIR is reliable for all-time comfort. There’s more;

What I Like

  • Comfortable: This hemorrhoid chair has a mesh backrest to make it breathable. These small mesh pockets on the mid-section of the chair enhance the proper flow of air, sweat, and body heat. 
  • Quality materials: For starters, bonded leather adds elegance and durability to your workstation. Serta has thick-layered cushions for reducing pressure in the coccyx from prolonged sitting.
  • Air lumbar technology: Most desk chairs still use lumbar support. But, Serta lumbar support adapts to individual body shapes and movements. The responsive cushioning also aligns your spine preventing back pain.

What I Don’t Like

  • Inadequate adjustability: The armrests and seat depth are not adjustable.

What the Customers Are Saying About It

Many customers agreed that the high comfort level from the deep-layered pillows of Serta AIR is perfect. Moreover, the construction made the users confident of the durability.


You need a chair that can always stay comfortable even with hemorrhoids, and Serta AIR is that chair. It’s soft, sturdy, and has the greatest support. Trust me; you won’t go wrong with this choice.

4. La-Z-Boy Delano Executive Office Chair

If you have a thing for executive leather office chairs to ease hemorrhoids, this is it. La-Z-Boy Delano features bonded leather, high back, lumbar support, and adjustability.


  • Furniture base movement– Swivel
  • Color- Brown
  • Material-Bonded Leather
  • Item dimensions– 32.2 x 27.5 x 45 inches
  • Item weight– 60.4 pounds 

The best chair for piles has premium executive looks that will facelift your workstation. See more benefits of Delano below;

What I Like

  • Comfortable: Delano’s ComfortCore comprises layers of memory foam. This provides gentle firmness and better body contour compared to high-density foam. In the end, the user experiences reduced pressure in the hips, coccyx, and spine during prolonged sitting.
  • Well-built: Bonded leather and rich mahogany wood provide a lavish look that makes an excellent addition to your space. Still, bonded leather is durable and has a smooth texture that is effortless to maintain due to the water and spill resistance.
  • Adjustability: Finding the correct body posture is crucial. La-Z-Boy Delano comes with suitable levers that change the height, recline and tilt for optimal alignment.

What I Don’t Like

  • Tilts and creaks: The chair starts to tilt and creak after short use due to the plastic base.

What the Customers Are Saying About It

Buyers expressed their satisfaction in the aesthetics, memory foam comfort, and convenient adjustments. But, others complained of the easy breakages in parts like the wooden legs and plastic base.


‘Hey, look at me I’m fancy,’ it says. This is an appealing chair from the wood and bonded leather finish. Better still, it feels and looks comfortable hence worth your money.

5. Modway Articulate Office Chair

Thanks to its unique design, Modway also has the best features for hemorrhoid relief. It takes pride in mesh upholstery, adjustable settings, padded cushion, and lumbar support.



  • Furniture base movement– Swivel
  • Color– Black
  • Material– Engineered Wood, Nylon, Polypropylene, Iron
  • Item dimensions– 26 x 26.5 x 39 inches
  • Item weight– 36 pounds 

With Modway, rest assured of productivity and pain, itch, and irritation from hemorrhoids. What’s more?

What I Like

  • Adjustable: Articulate features adjustable height, armrests, tilt and lock mechanism, and 360-degree swivel. Thus, it will be easy to find and enjoy your preferable position.
  • Ergonomic: This seat for hemorrhoids is ergonomic due to its lumbar support, breathable mesh back, and a 6-inch padded mesh cushion seat. In the end, you get a good sitting posture ensuring no excess pressure or pain.
  • Comfort: The mesh back allows enough airflow, preventing excessive sweat, heat, and odor. Also, the padded seat cushion provides your butt with a soft surface area that will not cause pain in the coccyx.

What I Don’t Like

  • Poor lift system: The lift system doesn’t lock it in a high position as you want but drops after sitting.

What the Customers Are Saying About It

A good number of customers were happy with the adjustable lumbar support of Modway. Better yet, the construction seems sturdy that lasted one customer over 14 months of use.


The truth is, Modway Articulate provides adequate lumbar support than most low-priced chairs. Don’t even think twice about placing your order now.

Are you on a budget? Let’s check this office chair according to your budget.

6. AmazonCommercial Executive Chair

Don’t give hemorrhoids a chance to ruin your work life. AmazonCommercial executive chair has faux leather, flip-up arms, high back, and lumbar support.


  • Furniture base movement– Swivel
  • Color– Cream/Ivory
  • Material– Faux Leather, Leather
  • Item dimensions– 30.75 x 28.5 x 43.75 inches
  • Item weight– 42.8 pounds

As the best chair for hemorrhoids, it provides many ergonomic features that support a healthy posture and comfort. See more benefits below;

What I like

  • Ergonomic: Ergonomic and lumbar support promote healthy body alignment, comfort, and adaptability.
  • Sturdy: Faux leather is easy to maintain, stain-resistant, and withstands prolonged use. Furthermore, the structure is also sturdy since it can support 275 pounds of weight.
  • Adjustability: The adjustments include height, armrests, headrest, tilt, and lumbar. So, it is easy to change this hemorrhoid chair to match your needs and preferences.

What I Don’t Like

  • No high back support: You will have to lean back further to support the upper back.

What the Customers Are Saying About It

There were complaints of lack of high back support. But most customers were happy with the effortless assembly, aesthetics, comfort, and adjustability. So, this chair made a better impression on the majority.


Do you have a limited workspace? Worry not because AmazonCommercial executive chair also features flip-up armrests that are space-saving. This, together with all the other benefits, makes it an excellent deal. Get yours now.

Are you still looking for the best of the best? Check out more options below.

7. SIDIZ T50 Home Office Chair

SIDIZ is a competitive office seat for hemorrhoids, with premium features. It consists of adequate lumbar support, ventilated mesh back, and adjustments.


  • Furniture base movement– Swivel
  • Color– Fabric Grey
  • Material– Mesh, fabric, plastic, aluminum, steel
  • Item dimensions– 27 x 27 x 42 inches
  • Item weight– 49 pounds

Lengthy sitting with hemorrhoids can be very uncomfortable. Luckily, SIDIZ is one of the top options to select. Why is that?

What I Like

  • Straightforward adjustments: All the levers are convenient for your hands to reach. This way, you can easily change the height, depth, forward tilt, headrest and armrest to suit your preferences.
  • Ergonomic: SIDIZ consists of an S-curve design that works best to support the spine. Besides, it also provides good lumbar and back support to promote a healthy spine and good posture.
  • Sturdy build quality: Even though it is heavy, the reason is worthwhile. The construction features solid materials that enhance durability and strength throughout.

What I Don’t Like

  • Noisy: It produces a clicking noise every time you use the tilt lever.

What the Customers Are Saying About It

According to many reviews, customers agree that SIDIZ is a good-looking chair with lots of impressive features. Additionally, very few customers found any issues with this chair even after long-term use.


With SIDIZ, everything works as it should. For the better part of use, you will not feel disappointed with any feature. Hence, it provides ultimate satisfaction for your preferences.

8. DRAGONN by VIVO Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

Usually, a unique office chair comes with impressive features. Thus, DRAGGON consists of thick cushions, an angled seat, and an adjustable stool.


  • Furniture base movement– Rolling casters
  • Color– Black
  • Material- Metal base and leather
  • Item dimensions– 27.3 x 19.1 x 8.5 inches
  • Item weight– 18.92 pounds

DRAGGON is a kneeling chair that offers different sitting positions. Yet, it has more benefits like;

What I Like

  • Ergonomic: Ergonomic kneeling chair has good back support and a 3-inch thick mesh cushion for optimal comfort and support. Moreover, it has rolling casters that help you move across the floor.
  • Better posture: As the best chair for piles, its design allows you to change positions. The weight will be even on your legs and butt with an upright back while aligning your spine.
  • Heavy duty: The solid metal base lasts you longer than you expect. Still, it supports up to 250 pounds of the user’s weight.
  • Adjustable: DRAGGON comes with adjustable height ranging from 21-31inches for your preference.

What I Don’t Like

  • Hard to use first: First-time users feel uncomfortable on this kneeling chair. 

What the Customers Are Saying About It

Most people with hemorrhoids felt satisfied with the variety of positions DRAGGON offered. Even though it needed time to get used to, distributing your weight eased all the pain from the butt and back.


I decided to bring this unique chair onboard due to its impressive features and several sitting positions. Besides, kneeling with back support is ideal for an office setup.

9. Donut Pillow Tailbone Hemorrhoid Cushion

When it’s hard to get a new chair, you can add the Donut Pillow to your chair for modified comfort. Its thick foam eases hemorrhoids, prostate, sores, postnatal, coccyx, sciatica, and even pregnancy.


  • Color– Black
  • Material– Foam
  • Item dimensions- 17.5 x 13.8 x 2.75 inches
  • Item weight– 0.94 pounds

The best cushion for hemorrhoids like Donut Pillow saves you from buying a new chair. Read on more benefits below;

What I Like

  • Orthopedic: It promotes blood circulation, reduces lower back pain and spine alignment. (Look at this: Best office chair for lower back and hip pain)
  • Quality foam construction: The molded foam maintains its shape even after prolonged use. This way, you can be sure of the durability.
  • Portable: With 0.94 pounds, it is lightweight to carry wherever. So, you can use it in your office, car, and home. It also has a large surface area.
  • Effortless maintenance: The cover is removable and washable by machine. So, it becomes easy to ensure it stays fresh throughout.

What I Don’t Like

  • It feels firm: Firm surfaces for extended sitting exert pressure on the tailbone.

What the Customers Are Saying About It

Many customers enjoyed the pain-free experience of this donut cushion. Still, it is very convenient for all customers to sit wherever.


Nothing beats the feeling of having not to worry about hemorrhoids acting up when you sit down. In case you didn’t know about Donut Pillow, here’s your chance to buy and enjoy the convenient benefits.

10. H. Charcoal Donut Pillow for Tailbone Pain

Experience the difference of comfortable sitting by using H. Charcoal Donut Pillow. The orthopedic gel-memory foam relieves coccyx, pregnancy, postpartum surgery, and sciatica.


  • Color– Charcoal
  • Material– Memory Foam
  • Item dimensions– 16.5 x 13.5 x 3 inches
  • Item weight– 2.6 pounds

H. Charcoal Donut Pillow eliminates soreness and discomfort associated with prolonged sitting. What’s more?

What I Like

  • Firmness variety: It comes soft, medium, and firm. Thus, it will be easy to adhere to your health expert’s recommendation for lasting relief for soreness.
  • Soothing relief: Hydro Allieve cooling gel cools your butt, especially during extended sitting. So, it offers comfort to the bedsores, butt ulcers, prostate, and hemorrhoids.
  • Convenient: First of all, both men and women can use H. Charcoal Donut Pillow for added sitting comfort. Also, it is portable to use on the office chair, car seat, and wheelchair seat.

What I Don’t Like

  • Causes leg numbness: The excess pressure on the legs cuts out blood circulation, causing numbness.

What the Customers Are Saying About It

Most reviews on H. Charcoal Donut Pillow showed most customers’ joy after finding instant relief from several lower body pains. People recovering from surgery also had a quick and smooth recovery.


This is the one thing that you need to sit on if you work for prolonged hours. For a reasonable cost, you find your desired comfort. Go on and place your order immediately.

What Are Hemorrhoids?

According to the health experts at Harvard Medical School, everyone suffers from piles or hemorrhoids. These are pillow-like masses of veins that rest under the mucous membranes covering the bottom area of the anus and rectum.

So, hemorrhoids develop from swollen and enlarged veins on the outer part of the anus or around the lower rectum. The rectum is the part at the end of the bowel leading to the anus, an opening where feces leave the body. What’s more?

Hemorrhoids come in two types, internal and external hemorrhoids. The internal hemorrhoids develop in the lower rectum. Usually, this type of hemorrhoid is painless, even during bleeding. It leaves stains of bright red blood on the tissue paper or trickling in the toilet bowl. Nonetheless, internal hemorrhoids may extend past the anus, creating lots of possible complications.

Conversely, external hemorrhoids cause a lot of discomfort due to the irritation of the overlying skin. You will feel severe pain, especially when a blood clot forms in external hemorrhoid, creating a lump around the anus. When the clot dissolves, it leaves a skin tag that tends to itch or irritate, especially prolonged sitting.

Furthermore, protruding hemorrhoids store thin mucus and tiny stool particles, irritating. Bear in mind that relieving the itch by constant wiping will only worsen the problem. But, what causes hemorrhoids?

There are several causes of hemorrhoids. The most common are: 

  • Straining during bowel movements
  • Being overweight
  • Increasing pregnancy pressure
  • Lifting heavy items

What to Look For In Choosing the Best Office Chair for Hemorrhoids

When you are looking for an office chair, the options are endless. Yet, the case is different when you want to buy the best chair for piles.

Let me break down what you need to be keen on before buying.


Usually, most manufacturers use this term to persuade customers to buy their chairs. But, high-quality brands pay more attention to ergonomics. Hence, this promotes correct sitting posture and is well-fitting to the body.

The adjustability, innovative style, and materials all fall under ergonomics. A feature like synchro-tilt supports a healthy posture in a reclined position. So, when you recline, the seat pan lifts a bit, making you remain in a 90-degree upright posture.

Due to the several ergonomic features, it would be best to know how each one works to get a favorable choice for your health.

Seat Comfort

The main difference in most office chairs is seat comfort, especially for people with hemorrhoids. Most chairs have many layers of padding that offer form-hugging support. This reduces spinal compression and coccyx pressure.

So when your rectum is in pain, the tailbone area needs as little pressure as possible. Mesh chairs are also very comfortable because the textile stretches out. Better still, it relieves stress on the pressure points, like a shock absorber.

The waterfall edge relieves pressure on the thighs and improves blood flow to the legs.

Also Read: 10 Best Office Chair for Tailbone Pain in 2022


Hemorrhoids make you adopt a wrong sitting posture, leading to severe health problems. An adjustable seat for hemorrhoids prevents pain hence boosting productivity.

The adjustable features include; height, armrests, lumbar support, depth, tilt-tension, headrest, and synchro-tilt.

Also, the seat height ensures your head is at a good level with the computer screen to avoid straining your neck. Still, the seat depth slides forward to shift the weight and pressure from the coccyx.

Back-related adjustments help to prevent back problems and promote good sitting posture.

Build Quality

The quality of the structure is essential when buying a hemorrhoid chair. With an excellent build quality, rest assured the chair will stand the test of time. Besides, there’s no way your boss will keep buying you a chair every month!

Thus, pay attention to good quality. Steel, hardwood, and aluminum are perfect materials for the base and frame. Without a doubt, high-quality materials of construction provide greater weight capacity and stability.

Upholstery is also a sensitive issue to decide on. PU leather gets scratches, but the fabric is vulnerable to discolorations. But, genuine and bonded leather is tough and durable due to its high quality. If you prefer getting a fabric office chair, consider the ones with many layers.


What Is the Best Sitting Position for Hemorrhoids?

With hemorrhoids, it would be best not to exert pressure on your tailbone while sitting. So, you should sit, leaning forward to spread the weight on the lower body, hips, and thighs. You can also use a doughnut-shaped seat cushion to prevent direct contact with a flat surface.

How Do People With Hemorrhoids Sit In Office Chairs?

Sitting on a firm seat for an extended period is likely to worsen the hemorrhoids. So, you should consider softer padding like the best cushion for hemorrhoids. Also, raise your legs to a half-squatting position using an ergonomic footrest or a pile of books. This way, you reduce pressure on your anal region that may cause hemorrhoids. Moreover, take frequent breaks if your job involves sitting for long hours. This allows the hemorrhoids to shrink back and not cause further irritation.

Can Desk Chairs Cause Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids result from swollen blood vessels in the anus. But, the constant pressure from prolonged sitting can intensify the hemorrhoids. But the best seat for hemorrhoids with support cushions helps reduce the risks.

Are Kneeling Chairs Good For Hemorrhoids?

The seat pad goes down about 60 or 70 degrees. This opens your hips and causes you to lean forward a bit or sit upright. As a result, the pain and pressure move from your tailbone to your shins and legs, making you feel less pain when you sit. Kneeling also promotes a good posture by aligning your neck, back, and shoulders.


Sitting for extended periods is among the significant or worsening causes of hemorrhoids. Nonetheless, most people have jobs that involve sitting for most of their day.

I hope my guide above is insightful to help you get the best office chair for hemorrhoids if this is you. Don’t shrink and shy away in pain, but make your workstation comfortable now!