8 Best Office Chair for Carpet (2022 – Top Picks)

by Andrew Smith| Last Updated: November 23, 2021

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Office chair for hardwood floors

Your office floor carpet helps you enhance the look of your office space. Although it may seem subtle, the carpet contributes to the feel and look of the office interior design.

Most of the office chairs use roller caster wheels which may scratch your carpet and floor. That is why you also need the best office chair for carpet so that you can take care of the carpet.

For example, some roller caster wheels may not roll smoothly on your office carpet. You need a chair with wheels that glide quietly and smoothly on your carpet. In this review, I have the 8 best office chairs for hardwood floors and carpet.

Let’s get to it.

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8 Best Office Chair for Carpet to Buy in 2021

Let’s have a quick look at the list of 8 best office chair that rolls on the carpet,

Now, The following is an in-depth review of our top picks.

1. Gabrylly Mesh High Back Ergonomic Office Chair – Best Overall Chair

The Gabrylly Mesh High Back Ergonomic Office Chair has a particular highlight of flip-up arms. It possesses other adjustability options present in a standard ergonomic chair. Its breathable mesh back offers lumbar support that perfectly fits your body. Also, the PU mute caster wheels protect your carpet and wooden floor from damage.


What the users of this chair appreciate most are the foldable armrests. This is because you can press on the buttons on the arms to change their height to suit your comfort. You can also fold the arms completely to create more seating space or to keep the chair tucked away in a corner or under your work desk.

What I Like

What I Don’t Like

What Other Reviewers Say

The users of this chair say that it is an excellent solid chair for its price tag. Some users, however, feel that the back and headrest do not fit the much taller folk. 


There are several good reasons why the Gabrylly Ergonomic High Back Mesh Office Chair is a top pick for the best office chair for carpet. It is rare to find a chair with outstanding ergonomic features for a fair price. Top-notch materials make the chair. Not to mention, it has excellent quality wheels.

2. Hbada Friendly Mesh White Ergonomic Chair – Best Desk Chair for Carpet

Hbada in English means black and white tone. The manufacturer supplies office furniture in a black and white tone design. Hbada specializes in minimalist, environmentally-friendly, comfortable, and stylish ergonomic chairs. Also, its caster wheels allow easy movement, and their materials keep your office carpet from destruction. Those aspects make it the best desk chair for carpet.


Your performance at work greatly depends on how well you feel. Thus, there’s a close association between your sitting position and overall output. This office chair helps you reduce neck pain, spinal pressure, as well as help you maintain the correct posture. Also, the chair has a headrest, armrests, and excellent lumbar support.

What I Like

What I Don’t Like

Or a problem with the mechanism? Want to learn how to fix an office chair that leans back, Here you go.

What Other Reviewers Say

The users of this chair agree that hands down, it is the best chair for its price range. It has excellent ergonomic features. However, some users say that the chair quality depreciates with long-term use.


Not only will you make your office setup beautiful with this chair, but you will also get value and comfort for your money. With the chair’s quality of caster wheels, you are sure to keep your carpet intact.

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3. AmazonBasics Bonded Leather High Back Executive Office Chair – Best Bonded Leather Chair

This is the chair every executive office needs. Also, this classy and beautiful AmazonBasics chair comes with exciting features. The chair not only supports your back, but it supports your entire body. Consequently, the bonded leather used to cover the chair makes it a more durable material than vinyl.

No products found.


The chair has a maximum weight capacity of 500 pounds. It also has five roller caster wheels that allow for ease of movement. The wheels glide smoothly over your carpet to ensure that they do not damage it.

What I Like

What I Don’t Like

What Other Reviewers Say

Most of the users of this chair agree that the chair exceeds expectations. Some users say that the chair comes with some scratches and some of its parts missing.


This chair is the perfect combination of comfort and style. Its casters do not damage the office carpet and allow you to grab your coffee and glide back smoothly.

4. Office Chair with Ergonomic Lumbar Support – Best Modern Executive Chair

This mesh back chair provides the hard-working professional with exceptional support in the office. The mesh back allows free circulation of air. Also, the padded armrests relieve pressure from your neck and shoulders. It’s 5 hooded dual-caster wheels help you smoothly glide the floor as you perform your tasks without exertion.


What I Like

What I Don’t Like

What Other Reviewers Say

The chair users feel that you get more than what you paid for from the chair. Other users complain that the chair has low-quality material, which interferes with the chair’s longevity.


Overall, the Steelcase Graphite Gesture Chair is a solid choice for the carpet save for the few issues here and there. Its design saves on space while offering you great ergonomic features.

5. Steelcase Graphite Gesture Chair – Best Fabric Chair

The Steelcase Graphite Gesture Chair design provides you with support and comfort in a wide range of postures. Also, the chair is a highly ergonomic chair that fits all kinds of work environments. Its wheels are the best for carpet flooring.


While testing some of the leading chairs in the market, this chair outranked many of them. It had a 90% success rate. The chair offers all-day comfort and back support. Furthermore, its wheels are suitable for carpet flooring.

What I Like

What I Don’t Like

What Other Reviewers Say

The users of this chair strongly recommend the chair for its ergonomic features. Also, the chair rolls smoothly on the carpet without any noise. However, some users feel that the chair squeaks and wobbles like any other cheap chair.


Overall, this is an excellent choice for a chair for carpet. The chair is well built and has plenty of adjustability options. The chair comes when it’s already assembled. That’s a huge plus.

6. La-Z-Boy Delano High Back Ergonomic Bonded Leather Chair – Best for Back Pain

When it comes to a chair that offers you great comfort, the La-Z-Boy Delano is undefeated. To enhance its seating experience, the chair uses layers of padding all over the chair. The Delano chair also uses the recommended PU dual-wheel casters. Therefore, you can use the chair in all flooring types.


What I Like

What I Don’t Like

What Other Reviewers Say

The users of this chair say that it is comfortable and easy to assemble. However, some of the users say that some of the chair parts have poor quality.


The La-Z-Boy Delano High Back Ergonomic Bonded Leather Chair provides you with a great aesthetic appeal. Its rich mahogany base and arms enhance the aesthetics of your office. All these factors combine to make it the perfect chair for carpet.

7. NOUHAUS 3D Lumbar Support Ergonomic Computer Chair – Best Mesh Chair

The NOUHAUS 3D Lumbar Support Ergonomic Mesh Computer Chair is the quintessential chair that checks all my boxes regarding floor safety and ergonomics. Additionally, what catches your attention is the free set of roller caster wheels that come with the chair. The computer chair for carpet has smooth rolling and high-quality wheels. 


What I Like

What I Don’t Like

What Other Reviewers Say

Most of the users of this Nouhaus Ergo3d ergonomic office chair admit that it is a great choice. However, some users complain that the chair lacks padding between the frame and the mesh.


Getting this excellent ergonomic chair option for your office carpet is a bargain. What about its overall design? NOUHAUS Ergo3D Ergonomic Office Chair is essentially one of Amazon’s favorites because of its ElastoMesh material that keeps you cool and comfortable all day long.

8. Duramont High Back Ergonomic Office Chair – Best Chair under $300

The Duramont High Back Ergonomic Office Chair offers some of the most impressive ergonomic features, given its price range. This office chair also features a mesh back that allows unrestricted airflow. Also, the chair has soft, thick cushioning for the seat, which relieves tension and enhances comfort. As for the wheels, this chair features rollerblade caster wheels designed for all types of floors.


This chair’s rollerblade caster wheels fit all types of flooring. This includes carpet, hardwood, concrete, and parquet. Also, the wheels glide smoothly in the office without making any squeaky noises. They prevent scratches and marks from getting to your floor and carpet.

What I Like

What I Don’t Like

What Other Reviewers Say

Most of the users of this chair marvel at this chair’s engineering. The chair boasts adjustability and ergonomic features. However, some users say that some of the chairs are poorly constructed.


When deciding between chairs, lumbar support is a critical factor when making a choice. This Duramont chair offers its users adjustable seat depth and height. And the best part? Its rollerblade casters suit all types of flooring. 

How to Choose the Best Office Chair for Carpet and Hardwood Floors

It would be best to keep in mind these factors before you purchase an office chair for hardwood floors and carpet. First, you need to ensure that the chair has the desired ergonomics. Also, you need to keep in mind the durability, casters, price, and comfort. Here’s a buyer’s guide to finding the perfect office chair for carpet and hardwood floors.

1. Casters

If you are concerned about maintaining the quality of your carpet and floor, it is crucial to get an office chair with good quality casters. So, if you have a carpet, it is best to get softer casters. Look for those made from polyurethane or rubber. Most of the caster wheels in the review feature a dual-wheel design or single rollerblade design with a polyurethane cover. Thus, it helps the wheel from scratching your carpet or hardwood floor.

If you have hardwood floors, avoid casters made from metal, plastics, or hard nylon. Also, keep in mind that dragging the chair can leave scratches and marks over time.

2. Build Quality

Although you may want to get the cheapest chair on most occasions, it is best to find out how long a chair can last you. You can look at the warranty period the manufacturer states to get an idea of how long the chair will last you. Also, several factors determine an office chair’s build quality.

First, ensure that the chair features a steel or aluminum frame. These frames last for more than a decade. Look at the material used to make the chair. For example, bonded leather is better than PU leather. When using fabric upholstery, the strongest of them is vinyl, mesh, or woven material.

Lastly, one of the most vulnerable aspects of an office chair is cushioning. Memory foams are the most elastic and durable of all forms of cushioning.

3. Ergonomics

With chair manufacturers looking to persuade buyers, the term ergonomics is loosely thrown around by all means. But, only very few manufacturers invest their money, time, and resources in good ergonomic features. For example, the Herman Miller chair saw over thirty expert physicians in ergonomics, vision, and physical therapy come together with the best chair features.

Ensure you look for ergonomic features that help increase blood flow while sitting and also correct the posture. The Steelcase Leap adapts and mimics your micro-movements by using 3D LiveBack technology. The Embody aligns to your spine using a BackFit adjustment.

So, ensure that the chair you select gives you your most desired ergonomic features.

4. Adjustability

Adjustability allows you a healthy posture while working. You do not want to recline your back or tilt your head while working on your computer. Hence, some of the most common office chair adjustability features include tilt tension, seat height, headrests, backrest recline, and lumbar support.

5. Weight Capacity

Ensure that the office chair you have in mind can carry your weight. Keep in mind that chairs have a wider frame and are stronger for tall and big people. For example, the Steelcase Leap supports 400 pounds, and the La-Z-Boy Delano supports 350 pounds.

6. Comfort

You have to be fully supported and sit in a healthy position to consider yourself comfortable. However, sitting for long hours in an uncomfortable chair can be pretty rigid. That is why some manufacturers go the extra mile and have layers of cushioning and padding. Get yourself a chair with thick cushioning. Ideally, it should be 2-3 inches of padding from the seat.

7. Price

At all times, your budget will play a pivotal role in determining the chair you choose to buy. The list above has chairs with different price ranges so that you can pick one that fits your ergonomic requirements.

What Are the Benefits of Using an Office Chair on Carpet?

Using an office chair on the carpet not only adds an aesthetic appeal to your office, but the carpet also provides a slew of practical advantages. So, here are the 5 benefits of using an office chair on carpet:

1. Protecting the floor beneath the chair

On average, office workers will move their chairs up to 300 times in their eight-hour workday. With repeated movement, the floor beneath the chair is degraded and tarnished. Therefore, the carpet helps you protect the floor from abrasion. Here we have a detailed guide on how to protect carpet from the office chair. Read on.

2. Protects your body

The carpet helps you move freely and easily and protects you from an injury caused by the lack of movement of the chair.

3. It helps you to multitask

Your ability to shift your chair to a different section of your work desk is critical in helping you multitask. Movement is an essential component of any office environment. As such, an office carpet provides the leverage you need to adjust, move, and shift the chair as and when required.

4. Increases the aesthetics and the ambiance of the office

High-end office carpets increase ambiance levels. Thus, not only does a carpet increase the office aesthetics, but it also creates an aura of organization and cleanliness. It also increases productivity and efficiency by making the office feel tidy and organized.

5. Increases your safety

While the office carpet may not be a silver bullet, it does increase your safety by providing you with an easy way to adjust, move, and shift your chair.


Is it true that office chairs ruin hardwood floors?

If the wheels of an office chair come from nylon or hard plastic, they can easily ruin the hardwood floor over time. So, I recommend the use of neoprene, rubber, or urethane caster wheels. These are less likely to spoil the floor.

How to protect hardwood floors and carpets from office chairs?

You can protect hardwood floors and carpets from office chairs by using chairs with caster wheels made from material that does not cause scratches.    

Will a rug protect a hardwood floor from an office chair?

A rug is a convenient way to protect your hardwood floor from scratches. 

So, even though wheel casters protect floors, a wooden floor may be susceptible to scratches and chipping. A rug will protect the floor by preventing direct contact between the chair and the floor.

Does an office chair work on a carpet?

Yes, an office chair can move on the carpet. Also, keep in mind that the dual-wheel casters roll better on the carpet due to their improved strength. You may also want to consider adding a chair mat to prevent the office chair from damaging the carpet.


There you have it, the best picks. I spent countless hours researching and testing the chairs to provide you with the best choices to protect your carpet and wooden floor. Smooth chair wheels guarantee office bliss. That said, here’s our best pick:

The best office chair for carpet is the NOUHAUS Ergo3D Ergonomic Office Chair. This chair combines high-quality materials and the best ergonomic features. Also, the wheels guarantee safety for all types of floors.

Ensure you find the perfect balance between function and form. After all, it is all about finding the right office chair for your carpet.


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