8 Best Heavy Duty Office Chair of 2022

by Andrew Smith| Last Updated: May 6, 2022

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Best Heavy Duty Office Chair

As a heavy person, shopping for the best heavy duty office chair can be tricky. Most chairs either don’t fit you right or are just not comfortable enough.

Imagine having to sit on an uncomfortable office chair for eight hours. It’s a nightmare, right?

However, I’m here to make your search for a heavy duty chair fun and more straightforward.

I’ve compiled several of the best chairs to ensure that your sitting experience is perfect.  Also, I’ve made sure that the chairs offer safety and are long-lasting.

Stick till the end and see what they are ready to deliver.

What Is Heavy Duty Office Chair?

If you’re a vast person looking for a heavy duty office chair, you’d expect it to be strong, durable, and more significant.

So, a heavy duty office chair is a more robust, more extensive, and durable chair. It best suits people of enormous sizes who get uncomfortable in average-sized chairs.

Also, a heavy duty office chair is designed to meet your comfort, convenience, and movement needs.

8 Best Heavy Duty Office Chair (Editor’s Top Picks)

1. Amazon Basics Executive Home Office Desk Chair- Most Easy To Assemble

This executive leather office desk chair is simple,  stylish, and falls in the affordable category. It also offers a  360 degrees swivel and features a 5-point base with rolling wheels.


  • Color: Brown
  • Furniture base movement: Swivel
  • Product dimensions: 29.1*26.2*45.5 inches
  • Item weight: 35.7 pounds

Are you looking for a comfortable, stylish, heavy-duty desk chair? Look no further because this chair got you covered. Check out more of its amazing features below.

What I Like

  • Comfort: This chair ensures all-day comfort with its high back and firm padding. Also, it’s designed with a butterfly seat plate and curved contours to give your back excellent support and comfort.
  • Adjustability:  Amazon Basics Executive heavy duty office chair features a pneumatic control lever for adjusting the seat’s angle and height. Moreover, it offers a tilt-tension knob for adjusting the chair’s rocking motion.
  • Additional features: The chair has a bonded leather upholstery with satin-gold finished accents to give your room an attractive look. Also, it offers a 360 degrees swivel to change positions with ease. Additionally, it has smooth-rolling casters for easy mobility.

What I Don’t Like

  • Squeaking: This chair makes some odd noises that can be annoying.

What The Customers Are Saying About It

A more significant percentage of the customers were happy with the purchase. Nonetheless, some complained that the seat wore out after some time. The leather material peeled off, which was a deal-breaker to most customers.


You need such a chair to help you enjoy long sitting hours and keep you smiling in the office. Also, you don’t have to lose an arm and a leg to get this best budget heavy duty office chair 

2. KBEST High Back Big & Tall 400lb Office Chair- Most Convenient

This big and tall office chair is one of a kind. It offers a 360 degrees swivel, rocks back and forth, and is stylish.


  • Material: Faux leather
  • Furniture base movement: Swivel
  • Color: Black
  • Product dimensions: 32.3*27.6*48.8 inches
  • Item weight: 39.9 pounds

You can now stop worrying if you’re a big person as this chair is designed to withstand heavyweights. It favors tall people. Therefore, if you’re tall, you’ll definitely love the comfort and the features it has. See more below.

What I Like

  • Size: This chair is designed for big and tall people. It’s made with a solid metal base that can hold up to 400 lbs. Also, it’s stable and sturdy to give you a better experience.
  • Materials: This heavy duty ergonomic office chair is designed with style and comfort. Its soft leather material keeps your skin comfortable while letting it breathe. Also, The seat and back of this chair have paddings with high-density foam.
  • Rocking and adjustment: You can rock to relax with the KBEST chair from 90-110 degrees. The chair allows you to adjust the flexibility of rocking back in your chair. Also, it provides an adjustable height lever to help you find the perfect seated position. Moreover, the chair offers a long stem with a knob to decrease or increase the tilt tension.
  • Comfort and support: The KBEST chair has adjustable lumbar support with a controlled lumbar knob. The knob helps you to increase or decrease the pressure in your back. It also has a double padded seat to give you ultimate comfort and a waterfall seat edge to promote leg circulation.
  • Swivel and nylon casters: This chair allows for a 360 degrees swivel which is convenient for multitasking. Also, it has smooth nylon casters that are friendly to your floor.

What I Don’t Like

  • Seat depth: At full height, the seat depth can make your feet dangle, whether you’re tall or short.

What The Customers Are Saying About It

The size of the chair made many big and tall customers happy. They appreciated the seat depth and the seat height too. Also, many customers acknowledged the sturdiness and comfort of the chair.


If you don’t want breakdowns in the office and muscle pains after work, invest in the best heavy duty office chair. This chair will pamper your body and leave you with no regrets. Get yours now and upgrade your work experience!

3. Big And Tall Office Chair 400lbs Desk Chair- Best Support

Are you a big and tall person? This chair is for you. Aside from being easy to move and install, it also has adjustable back support and armrests.


  • Furniture base movement: Swivel
  • Color: Black
  • Product dimensions: 25*29*43 inches
  • Manufacturer: BestOffice
  • Item weight: 39 pounds

You can also use this heavy duty mesh office chair in the study and meeting rooms.  Moreover, its design and color can blend with most room themes and decors. This chair has a lot more to offer. Check what I liked below. 

What I Like

  • Easy to assemble: Big and Tall heavy-duty computer chair comes with all hardware and necessary tools. Completing it is easy and takes approximately 10-30 minutes.
  • Best for big and tall people: This chair can withstand heavyweights like most heavy duty office chairs 400 lbs. It’s extra thickly cushioned to provide you with maximum comfort. It’s also designed with a heavy-duty metal base that helps it withstand heavyweights.
  • Easy to move: It offers a 360 degrees swivel and nylon rolling casters for excellent mobility. Also, you can adjust the chair’s height to suit your needs.
  • Adjustable back support and armrest: You can easily adjust this chair’s height and back support for your comfort needs. The chair also has well-padded armrests for best comfort.

What I Don’t Like

  • Assembling: It may be hard to assemble this chair for someone who has never built a chair before. So. I’d recommend two people doing it.

What The Customers Are Saying About It

Most significant and tall customers working from home and longer hours found this chair a perfect deal. Its sturdiness and comfort were also an advantage they loved. However, some customers noted that the wheels were not suitable for the carpet.


See, what you pay is what you get. Although there are cheap yet nice chairs in the market, most of them aren’t satisfying. This one, though, deserves to be called the best heavy duty ergonomic office chair. Want to feel what I mean? Buy one now!

4. Serta Big & Tall Executive Office Chair- Best Value

The Serta office chair is light compared to many office chairs. It features an ergonomic design, upholstered armrests, and reclines up to 122 degrees.



  • Product dimensions: 30.5*28*45.75 inches
  • Color: Black
  • Furniture base movement: Swivel
  • Item weight: 1 pound

Serta Big & Tall executive office chair is your best choice if you’re looking for a comfortable chair with an easy-to-clean material. Also, it favors you if you hate to lift heavy weights as it’s lightweight. More so, It’s designed to be a convenient chair.

What I Like

  • Comfort: The Serta big & tall executive, heavy duty office chair is designed with thick, molded foam armrests to reduce pressure on elbows and forearms.

Also, the headrest is deep and cushioned to give you maximum support and comfort.

  • Recline: To find a comfortable position, you can recline up to 122 degrees with this chair.
  • Big and tall: It’s designed to hold up to 350 pounds and has a large sitting area. 

It’s also designed to fit taller people who get uncomfortable on average chairs.

  • Kneck support: The Serta chair has an elevated headrest to give the neck perfect support for taller fellows.
  • Smooth-rolling: Moving around with this chair is made easier with its dual-wheel designer casters.

What I Don’t Like

  • Chocking: This chair has some small parts that may choke children. For that reason, it’s not safe for children below three years. Otherwise,  keep an eye on your kids to be sure they’re safe. 

What The Customers Are Saying About It

From most reviews, the customers couldn’t help but praise the chair. The comfort offered by the chair is what they liked most. See what one customer had to say, “… Buy with confidence. It can support the weight it claims and will stand the test of time. If this chair does come to its end of life, I will buy the same one again.”


This big and tall office chair is proof that not all cheap chairs compromise comfort and convenience. You can consider buying it if you live a budget life and still have a better work experience.

5.  Bowthy Big And Tall Office Chair 400lbs- Most Comfortable

The Bowthy big and tall office chair falls in the long-lasting category. It features a 360 degrees swivel, 90-120 degrees tilting, and an adjustable height.


  • Color: Black
  • Furniture base movement: Swivel
  • Product dimensions(D*W*H): 27.1* 27.1*49.2
  • Maximum load: 400 lbs
  • Material: PU leather
  • Item weight: 59.9 pounds

Are you ready to enjoy the comfort this best heavy duty home office chair offers? All you need is enough space as it occupies a huge area. Thankfully, its leather material is also easy to clean.

What I Like

  • Easy to assemble: This chair is easy to put together, although big and heavy-duty. It comes with instructions and assembly tools plus, screws.
  • Adjustable lumbar support and high back: The chair’s backrest is taller and broader than other chairs. Moreover, the lumbar support is adjustable to give you great comfort.
  • Design: If you are a big person, don’t worry. This chair has a heavy duty design and can withstand up to 400 lbs. Also, it has a thick and soft seat cushion to give your butt the best experience.
  • Tilting and swivel: You can change positions with the Bowthy chair due to the 360 degrees swivel feature. You can also tilt from 90-120 degrees.

What I Don’t Like

  • Area of the legs: The leather material gets wrinkles in the area of the legs in only a few days of use.

What The Customers Are Saying About It

Many customers agreed that this office chair is the best solution for back and knee pains. Also, they said that the chair was comfortable and would be a good deal for long sitting hours. One customer said that the chair was too pleasing and that he could fall asleep in it.


Are you tired of body aches now and then? Go ahead and purchase this chair. Your whole body will love the experience, and your butt will love it better—order with confidence.

6. Flash Furniture HERCULES Series Big & Tall 500 lb- Best Heavy Duty

Are you heavier than 400 lb? Flash furniture is broad and robust enough to hold up to 500 lbs. It features black soft leather upholstery and a stylish look.


  • Furniture base movement: Swivel
  • Color: Black
  • Item weight: 60.3 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 33*30*52 inches

What I Like

  • Headrest: The chair provides a headrest that helps take off the pressure from the kneck. You can adjust the chair’s height to lean on it for ultimate comfort.
  • Comfort: This heavy duty mesh office chair features thick plush paddings to ensure comfort throughout your sitting hours. Also, its armrests are well padded to give your arms a better experience.
  • Seat and base: The chair has a thick foam padded waterfall front seat edge that removes pressure and increases circulation in the lower legs. Its chrome base adds a stylish look to the office space.
  • Controls: The Flash chairs provide a pneumatic adjustment lever to adjust the seat to your desired height. Moreover, it has a tilt lock mechanism that offers a comfortable rocking/reclining motion.

What I Don’t Like

  • Assembling: Assembling the chair isn’t so easy, especially the arms.

What The Customers Are Saying About It

There was little to complain about this chair from the customers. The big guys couldn’t be happier as the chair didn’t look small or short for them. Most buyers would repurchase this chair.


If you spend more hours in your chair than in your bed, ensure that the chair is most comfortable. That’s why you need this extra heavy duty office chair to take care of your back, kneck, butt, and arms. Undeniably, this chair is among the best heavy duty chairs 500 lbs. 

7. ANACCI Office Chair- Most Ergonomic

Let’s appreciate the five years warranty offered by this heavy duty ergonomic office chair. Aside from its ability to hold 300 lbs, it features a breathable mesh fabric and a rocking function.


  • Color: Black
  • Material: Wood
  • Furniture base movement: Swivel
  • Item weight: 24.9 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 19.3*19*19 inches

Better still, ANACCI Office Chair features a breathable and supportive back. Moreover, its price is pocket-friendly and serves for a long time. Plus, its features, for example, the backrest and swivel make it an ergonomic chair. 

What I Don’t Like  

  • Swivel: It swivels to ease mobility. It also features silent wheels that can be used on different floors and carpets without damage.
  • Backrest: The chair’s backrest can rock from 90-110 degrees. Also, you can adjust the height to find the perfect sitting position. In addition, the backrest is breathable to help maintain even body temperatures.
  • Thickness: ANACCI Office heavy duty computer chair is thickly padded. The padding ensures that the chair is comfortable and firm.
  • Base: The chair’s base is solid and durable. This way, it can hold up to 300 lbs.

What I Don’t Like

  • Backrest: The backrest has no padding, making it a bit uncomfortable.

What The Customers Are Saying About It

Generally, the customers loved the chair. They acknowledged it as a simple chair that gets the job well done. The breathable back was an added advantage to some customers. However, some customers complained that the chair was noisy, although that wasn’t a deal-breaker.


Are you looking for an excellent looking mesh back chair that’s affordable and long-lasting? This chair is for you. It’ll make you more productive in the office and increase your love for sitting.

8. Gabrylly Ergonomic Office Chair- Best Overall

This heavy-duty office chair features a tilt function, breathable mesh, adjustable armrest, and headrest.


  • Color: Grey
  • Material: Wood
  • Maximum weight: 300 pounds
  • Item weight: 50.9 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 29.5*40.9*51.2 inches

Suppose you like the breathable mesh type of chair; this chair is your best choice. Also, if you don’t mind your office chair being on the heavy side, your search might just end here. 

The adjustable armrests and headrest as well as lumbar support are some of the features that make this a must-have for those looking for an ergonomic chair.

What I Like

  • Size: The Gabrylly ergonomic heavy duty ergonomic office chair is designed to fit more significant people due to its larger seat and back. It has a waterfall-shaped cushion that reduces the pressure on the buttocks and thighs. The pillow also ensures that the seat’s edge doesn’t cut off circulation in your thighs.
  • Lumbar support: The chair is designed with a double-back structure that nicely supports your upper back and waist. So, you can work for longer hours without back pains.
  • Adjustable armrest and headrest: This office chair allows you to adjust the arms up and down or front and back for work convenience. Also, it enables you to adjust the height and angle of the headrest, so you are comfortable throughout your working hours.
  • Breathable mesh and tilt function: The chair is made of a breathable mesh material that prevents you from sweating. You can also change the chair’s back tilt to three different positions to find your comfortable spot.

What I Don’t Like

  • Lumbar: The lumbar area isn’t out enough to support your back. So, you might have to put some cushions on the spot to make it come out further for better comfort.

What The Customers Are Saying About It

Customers were happy with almost everything about this chair. They agreed on the chair’s comfort and liked that it’s a breathable type. Most of the customers would rebuy it.


Isn’t comfort the number one thing to look out for when getting an office chair? Consider this ergonomic chair and get value for your money. 

Things To Consider When Choosing The Best Heavy Duty Ergonomic Office Chair

Choosing the right heavy-duty ergonomic office chair can be a great way to boost your productivity in the office.

So, what are the things to consider before buying it? Let’s dive into the factors.


The best heavy-duty ergonomic office chairs should have a high, wide enough backrest and can be adjusted.

Also, the backrest should have the ability to support your back perfectly to prevent unnecessary back pains.

The best chair should have a backrest that follows your spine’s natural curve to give you an excellent sitting experience.


When buying an ergonomic office chair, check that it encourages movements. Ensure that you can adjust the chair to find your preferred positions.

Also, ensure that the chair can swivel so that you can quickly move around. This way, you are increasing your productivity.

Headrest and lumbar support

A heavy duty ergonomic office chair should provide a headrest. A headrest allows you to relax your head when you lean back.

It also helps to release the pressure from the shoulders. So, you don’t have to worry about neck and shoulder pains even after long sitting hours.

 As for lumbar support, the chair should offer an adjusting option to allow you to find a suitable position.

Also, ensure that it’s firm enough.


Before purchasing a heavy duty ergonomic office chair, it’s essential to ensure that it offers armrests. The armrests are ideal for reducing pressure and tension in the arms and shoulders. Also, go for a chair whose components can be adjusted to best suit your needs.


Choosing the best heavy duty office chair can be a challenging task. There are so many different types of office chairs in the market, hence making it harder to choose.

Nonetheless, if you already know what you want from a chair, it’ll be easier to find your suit.

I’m sure you can’t lack a fit in the above top selection if you’re a tall and big person.

I hope you can now stop searching for an office chair.

If I were to buy one, I’d choose the Gabrylly Ergonomic Office Chair or the  ANACCI Office Chair. Which chair do you prefer?