7 Best Drafting Chairs Without Wheels In 2022

by Andrew Smith| Last Updated: December 30, 2021

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Best Drafting Chairs Without Wheels To Use Daily

Are you a professional that uses a higher working surface? Professionals like lab technicians, engineers, and artists use elevated working surfaces. This also demands for a chair that supports these tall heights to keep them comfortable while working.

The best drafting chairs without wheels offer comfortable seating with easy height adjustments. The chairs are stable because they lack wheels thus remain safe when in use.

Artists and other professionals can stay focused and create perfect drawings without wheel movements affecting them. However, this does not mean you can’t turn your body around. The chair bases rotate 360-degrees for convenient table access.

I’ve researched hundreds of best drafting chairs and come up with an exclusive review. Read through carefully and choose a suitable chair for your drawing needs.

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The 7 Best Drafting Chairs Without Wheels

1. Drafting Chair with Back Cushion & Wheels: Best Overall

The SHPEHP drafting chair is a unique design chair with thick seat padding. It also features ergonomic back support for extended sitting hours.

The stool looks stylish with polished aluminum and a smooth leather finish. It also adjusts in height for optimal comfort.


The drafting stool is easy to assemble in minutes. It’s a compact chair, thus taking minimal office space. 

The chair offers comfortable sitting because of the ergonomic back and thick seat padding. I liked it since it left a valuable impression in my office.

I like the chair more because of the reasons below.

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What I Like

What I Don’t Like

What The Customers Are Saying About It

One customer noted that even though the chair lacks wheels, she still has table access from different sides due to the 360- degree rotation. Another one pointed out that the chair’s aluminum polish looks very attractive and hence adds decor to her office.


This drafting stool without wheels supports longer sitting hours without back pain and fatigue. If you want a decent chair with superior support, then order it today!

2. Performance Tool W85011 Adjustable Height Bar Stool: Runner up

The Performance Tool stool is an extra-wide chair with a durable crinkle finish. The chair design withstands tough working environments, thus suitable for mechanics, carpenters, and shop workers.

It also boasts easy seat height adjustments and a padded foam seat.


This is a pneumatic heavy duty drafting chair with seat height adjustment. It’s one of the sturdiest chairs, with a 5-point frame for heavy-duty use. 

Additionally, the chair accommodates any backside because of the thick padding. 

What I Like

 What I Don’t Like

What Are Customers Saying About It

“This chair is exactly what my husband wanted for playing guitar because it fits in almost every space. Plus, assembling takes seconds to allow him to plan his session much faster,” said a customer.

Michael Patin said that he likes the solid steel leg tubes which make it easy to carry around, maneuver in tiny spaces and even achieve stability while sitting.


The Performance Tool chair is a perfect stool without wheels for tough working environments. You can be sure of long-lasting use and great value for money. Order it today and enjoy superior support!

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3. RANZHIX Black Adjustable Work Stool: Most Versatile Chair

The RANZHIX stool chair is a versatile choice for office, home, spa, and shop desk. It’s a premium stool with a sturdy base and adjustable seat height. The chair also features significant looks and is a suitable choice for most applications.


The manufacturers of the chair designed it to suit wide applications. It features a sturdy base, a wide padded seat and can support up to 300lbs. 

There are many things I love about this chair, including its simple design.

What I Like

What I Don’t Like:

What Are Customers Saying About It

Liz says that she uses the chair as a vanity stool and it’s a perfect size that suits her purpose. She also praised the cheap pricing and noted that it’s a great value for money.

“This is my second chair and I’m using it in a deer blind. It works great for my use,” another customer noted.


Overall, the stool is versatile and works in most applications. Despite a few height issues, the chair makes an excellent choice for multi-purpose use.

4. FURWOO Round Thick PU Leather Counter Stool: Best Durable

The FURWOO is a great size counter stool with a maximum load capacity of 220lbs. It’s a height-adjustable seat stool with a 360-degree swivel.

The chair features an anti-slip ring base, hence stable. It’s also easy to assemble in a few steps.


Artists and engineers require a chair that is stable for precise drawings. And, this is exactly what the FURWOO stool delivers. It adjusts to ensure the perfect working height.

It also features a stable and anti-slip ring base. There are a few things I found thrilling about this chair.

What I Like

What I Don’t Like

What Are Customers Saying About It

“For the money, don’t think you can beat this little stool…. Love it and use it in my garage at a work table. I’d say it’s a very solid value,” says a customer.

Still, another buyer said that the chair is easy to assemble and saves time. So, you’ll need 10 minutes to have it ready for use.


Finally, you’ve found an adjustable stool without wheels to suit a wide range of applications. I don’t think there is a better stool that can beat this for the money. Order it now!

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5. Flash Furniture Vibrant Orange And Chrome Drafting Stool: Classic Chair

The Flash Furniture stool is a vibrant addition to any office, coming in a wide array of colors. It’s a fun and colorful stool that gives you a break from serious sitting.

The stool base features heavy-duty chrome hence durable. It also features a pneumatic adjusting lever for custom height sitting.



If you’re looking for some casual sitting experience, the Flash Furniture stool is a perfect choice! It’s a comfortable yet stylish stool with a molded seat. 

Those who use the chair say that it meets and exceeds their expectations. Here are more features of the stool.

What I Like

What I Don’t Like

What Are Customers Saying About It

“I am disabled and use it in the kitchen to do everything, scooting with ease between the sink, stove, refrigerator to the table where I eat comfortably sitting on it.” A customer noted.

Another customer says that she has been using the stool in her vet shop for years and she likes how sturdy it is and the space-saving design, which makes it ideal for her small office.


Listen, folks, this is a very cheap chair and one that should not pass you. It’s a perfect height adjustable stool without wheels for casual sitting.

6. MEEDEN Wooded Drafting Stool:  Best Portable

MEEDEN is a wood stool bar with a simple design. It’s a compact stool, therefore, suitable for offices with tight spaces. It also adjusts in height from18.9 inches to 25.6 inches.

Moreover, it assembles quickly with no expert help.


This is a perfect stool for draftsmen, instructors, painters, and illustrators. It’s a stool specifically designed to support multiple working angles. 

Furthermore, the stool is built to last with solid wood beech materials. One thing I liked about the stool is the simple design yet sturdy to hold heavy weight.

What I Like

What I Don’t Like

What Are Customers Saying About It

“The chair has a clever construction design and all assembly parts are metal to metal which minimizes screws into the joints,” a buyer noted.

Terri said that the chair is a bit weak, but she loves the final finish. She can adjust the chair and use it everywhere. She says that if you want to save space, buy this chair.


If you’re looking for a drafting stool with no wheels, then consider this one. It’s a simple stool and a perfect choice for tight spaces. While it’s not the strongest on our list, it does enhance your office décor with natural wood finishing.

7. Brage Living Chadwick Adjustable Height Counter Stool: Best Adjustable 

The Brage Living Chadwick stool is a fashionable modern and contemporary drafting chair with generous padding. It’s a sleek chair to add to any office space.

The chair is durable, easy to clean, and height-adjustable for custom seating. It also features a T-shaped footrest for optimal foot relaxation and support.


The Chadwick is an exceptionally comfortable stool and a perfect addition to any living space. It’s a chair that ticks every box from the rubber footing ring to the thickly padded seat and backrest. 

It’s a quality chair that communicates vibrancy and elegance to your guests.

And, that’s not all.

What I Like

What I Don’t Like

What Are Customers Saying About It

Sillybus says that the chair is very comfortable and elegant. It beats other bar stools and dining chairs. He loves the good lumbar support that most chairs lack.

Apart from a few assembly challenges, most customers highly recommend the chair and say they’ll buy it again because it’s good for compact spaces.


Overall, the Brage Living Chadwick is a beautiful, comfortable, and valuable drafting chair. It’s an absolutely gorgeous chair that leaves your office stunning.

If you want a functional yet comfortable drafting office chair, then consider it right away.

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How to Choose the Best Drafting Chair No Wheels?  

When choosing a drafting chair without wheels, there are several factors to consider. These factors help you choose a suitable chair that suits your needs. They include:

Height Adjustment

The seat’s height should be adjustable so that you can adjust it according to your preference and comfort level. 

This is very important because if not adjusted properly, then you’ll have difficulty sitting in the chair for long periods. 

If this happens, you may experience back pain or other health problems. So make sure that the height adjustment feature on the chair is easy to use.

Comfort Level

You need to ensure that the chair has enough padding around its edges as well as comfortable cushions. It’s also advisable to check whether the chair comes with armrests or not. 

Armrests provide additional support when working at a desk. Also, they help prevent fatigue from developing over time.

Weight Capacity

Make sure that the weight capacity of the chair matches up with what you plan to do while using it.

Material Used

Some chairs come with metal frames, whereas others are made out of wood. Metal frames tend to last longer than wooden ones. However, some people prefer wooden furniture because of its natural beauty.

Assembly Required

Most manufacturers offer assembly instructions online, therefore, making things easier for customers who want to assemble them. 

But you could also ask someone else to assist you.

Size of Seat

When buying a drafting chair, make sure that the size of the seat fits comfortably within your body. A good rule of thumb is to measure yourself against the width of the seat before purchasing one.


Well, that’s it! Your search for the best drafting chairs without wheels ends right here. I must admit the research wasn’t an easy one because of the several choices on the market.

However, my vast experience in picking a suitable chair for specific tasks helped. I’m not saying every chair on the list works for everyone. However, I’m pretty sure you’ve found a perfect pick for your needs.

What you need is a chair that accommodates your weight, fits your body size, and adjusts the seat height for custom sitting.


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