7 Best Chair And a Half Recliner You’ll Love to Buy in 2022

by | Last Updated: March 27, 2021

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Do you love sitting with your legs folded or stretched on the chair? Perfect!

Having a recliner to kick back for comfort is one thing, but having the best chair and a half recliner provides more space and relaxation to desire. Being confined in a narrow chair feels like a personal prison at home, which nobody should go through.

Consequently, the chair and a half recliner is an extra-wide recliner that is perfect for tall, significant, and even two medium-sized people to snuggle or sit comfortably.

Herein, we will review different chair and half recliners with different designs, materials, prices, and extra features. Moreover, we will comprehensively discuss the critical factors to look for when buying.

Let’s have a quick look at the list below,

7 Best Chair And a Half Recliner Reviews

1. Christopher Knight Home Halima 2-Seater Recliner

A little cuddle here and there never hurt anybody! If you are looking to cuddle with your significant other, then this chair and a half recliner will ensure that space is not restricted. It comes with fabric upholstery, plush cushions, and tufted-back design, and multi-color variations.

The only reason you would want your partner to join you in the chair and a half recliner is because of the comfort it offers. Besides, how can you enjoy an uncomfortable chair? Luckily, it features plush cushions that provide maximum comfort and relaxation.

Better still, the microfiber fabric is soft to touch but tough on wear and tear. Not to mention that it is also easy to maintain in case of spills and stains. You will need to wipe it off immediately with a damp cloth and allow it to dry.

Furthermore, the design is also admirable. It is hard to assume the tufted-back design that brings a touch of aesthetics to your space. Also, it enables your back and neck to rest comfortably for as long as you want.

Moreover, the microfiber comes in 3 different shades that allow you the freedom to choose what best suits your home décor.

For its compact design, this reclining chair and half recline to 150 degrees. This is an excellent aspect as it enables you to get into a more comfortable position of taking a nap. Moreover, it is light in weight hence portable to any position of your choice.

All in all, this is your first option if you are looking for something affordable, simple design but effective in delivering comfort for two.


  • Wide sitting area
  • Lower back and headrest support
  • Compact to occupy less space
  • Simple yet stylish design
  • It comes in a variety of colors
  • Light assembly required
  • Cons
  • Edges tend to be sharp
  • Arms are hard

Verdict: Date nights should still go on as long as you have the Christopher Knight Home Halima 2-Seater Recliner. Enjoy a whole series with your loved one without any space limitations and in different positions.

2. Signature Design by Ashley – Austere Zero Wall Recliner


When you want a chair that does more than you expect, Signature Austere is your knight in shining armor! Why so? This oversized chair and half recliner will wrap you or 2 of you in total comfort and convenience. It boasts foam cushions, one-touch manual control, faux leather, and zero walls sturdy structure. Read on.

Are you looking for something that will support you and your little one during weekend movie sessions? Well, this is it! This oversized chair and half recliner offer enough room to snuggle with your little one through a couple of animation movies on a Saturday afternoon. The zero wall design saves space and reclines back in ultra-modern style for comfy seating.

For comfort’s sake, it comes with durable foam cushions. The cushions offer comfort and maximum support to the back and neck for world-class relaxation. Also, soft faux leather covers the foam cushions to ensure a classy and tough touch to your interior. Besides, the PU leather is easy to clean and maintain against spills, stains, and cracks.

Color is a significant consideration when buying your chair and a half recliner. The slate grey color enriches the recliner’s charm and weatherworn appeal beautifully, making it an inviting setting to your living room. The uniformed jumbo stitching and nailhead trim is an added allure to the entire chair’s appearance and durability.

Whether it’s your first ever recliner, installation is stress-free and quick with the help of the easy-to-read instructions included.

Conversely, the structure of this Signature Design-Austere is something to boast about. The sturdy wood and steel frames’ sturdy construction gives total support to a user of up to 350 pounds.


  • Sturdy and quality construction
  • Soft and comfortable upholstery
  • Classy and attractive look
  • Space-saving design
  • One-touch manual operation
  • Easy to assemble


  • Not ideal for tall people

Verdict: This chair and a half recliner is striking at first glance. More so, the level of comfort is high and appears to be well made. Even with a tight space, the zero wall design ensures to take up little of your area to make room for other things and still provide enough room to rest.

3. Esright Grey Upholstered Rocking Chair

Do you care for some storybook reading time? Esright rocking recliner ensures your bond with your children by reading storybooks during your off days from work. It features a padded seat, upholstered fabric, gentle rocking motion, and ergonomically sturdy construction.

This chair and a half rocker recliner take pride in comfy padded cushions that promote a high comfort level. Whether your young one wants to read, chat and even beat you on video games, comfort is not a restriction. Besides, enough room will ensure you enjoy sitting in a stress-free setting.

Perfect for a nursery setting, it features a gentle rocking motion that brings the comfort levels to a higher notch. While reading the storybook, the rocking motion will calmly soothe your little one to sleep. Thanks to enough room and a padded seat, your child can as well nap on the chair.

Consequently, the rocker feet are of sturdy and firm wood enabling total balance when in motion. Besides, the entire chair has an ergonomically sturdy construction that can effortlessly carry a maximum weight of 300 pounds without shaking or breaking down.

Moreover, the back and seat area comes in soft fabric upholstery. The soft fabric ensures a skin-friendly feel and warmth. Its style is also worth noting as it can make an excellent addition to your nursery and living room, bedroom, and even lounge room.

Remarkably, it is also straightforward to assemble with all the necessary parts included. You can do the assembly alone within a short time.


  • Gentle rocking motion perfect for a nursery setting
  • Sturdy and firm wooden rocker feet
  • Soft fabric upholstery
  • Comfortable soft cushion and armrests
  • Easy to assemble with necessary hardware included
  • Ergonomically sturdy construction
  • Lightweight making it mobile


  • Fabric emits an awful smell
  • Instructions’ hidden’ in the package hence hard to find

Verdict: Are you thinking of a baby shower gift? This chair would make a perfect gift for a young and growing family. It is attractive, lightweight, and comfortable. Besides, being a rocker is like a cherry on the cake for added comfort.

4. Hana Tufted Back Loveseat Recliner

How about kicking up your heels as a couple? The Hana recliner allows both of you to reminisce on the good old days to catching up on the latest news surrounding your life together. It features a tufted back, fabric upholstery, plush cushions, and a stable structure. Read on.

The plush cushion ensures you feel every bit of comfort as it comes, whether upright or in a reclined position. It offers support, especially on your back hence making it an ideal solution for mild back pains.

Conversely, soft fabric is also very durable and stylish. It is gentle enough to ensure your skin does not irritate or bruise for the longest time you will be sitting. Also, it adjusts to blend with your body temperature, not giving you an uncomfortable feeling sitting during extreme temperatures. While it is soft, it is too tough to stand the test of time and perfect for long-term usage.

Furthermore, everybody wants a chair that blends with their interior in terms of color and design. This reclining chair and a half come in 3 different colors for your freedom of choice. Also, It does not disappoint anyone with an eye for details on the little things that matter, such as the tufted-back design. The design brings a touch of aesthetics to your space as well as supreme back support.

When you need to take a break from the movie and nap, do not worry! The reclining function is easy to operate, setting you in a different but comfortable position instantly. Even better is the footrest that stretches immediately you are reclining by allowing your feet to rest comfortably.

Take note that your comfort and luxury are the manufacturer’s satisfaction. This means that the craftsmanship is of quality materials that hold you down up to 300 pounds. Besides, the set-up is effortless, enabling you to start enjoying it as soon as it arrives without wasting so much time assembling.


  • Soft and durable fabric
  • Sturdy and quality structure
  • Easy to operate
  • Effortless assembly
  • Color variations
  • Stylish tufted-back design
  • Plush and thick cushions


  • There’s a challenge in closing back the footrest

Verdict: The Hana does not only look good, but it also feels good. It offers a sturdy and quality construction from the high comfort levels, not forgetting style addition to your space; rest assured you are making a wise investment when purchasing this chair.

5. Christopher Knight Home Halima Recliner


Everyone desires some cuddles in life, even if buying a chair will boost the effects. The Christopher Knight Home Halima chair and a half recliner feature unique features such as multiple color variations, plush cushions, and a wide tufted-back.

For starters, it is crucial to understand that this slate color has microfiber upholstery that tends to be softer than the other shades of charcoal and navy blue. What’s more?

The Halima’s reclining chair and a half have a simple with a compact design. Besides, the simple design is ideal and blends well with most modern homes for those who love simple but classy.

More so, the compact nature makes it a space-saver as well as portable to include it in any room of your choice, be it the bedroom or living room. Still, it will offer more space to cuddle with your partner, kids, or pets.

There’s no cuddling minus comfort, which is why the plush cushions come in handy to offer plenty of back support. Moreover, the tufted-back provides is stylish and provides excellent support to rest your head for as long as it takes.


  • Sufficient room for the sitting area
  • Maximum support on the back and headrest
  • Compact design to occupy less space
  • Simple yet tufted-back stylish design
  • Multiple color variation
  • Comfortable fabric and padded cushions


  • Small footrest and armrests

Verdict: In general, this is a perfect choice if you’re looking simple, classy, yet affordable. Its comfort is something commendable from a majority of users. Besides, the microfiber fabric is soft and breathable, making it better than the fake leather.

6. Signature Design by Ashley – Sanzerono Modern Chair and a Half

Getting a chair that meets all your desires insufficient room is no longer a dream but a reality. The Sanzerono takes pride in resilient foam cushions, attached back and loose seat cushions, and corner-blocked frames.

Did you know it is possible to have the ‘cloud nine feeling’ literally? Thanks to the Sanzerono chair and a half, the deep seats have unique crafting for cloud-like softness. This chair is the perfect fusion of modern flair and classic remaining power.

Remarkably, the platform foundation system repels sagging three times better than the spring system by ensuring even more support. The smooth platform base maintains a snug, wrinkle-free appearance without dips or sags that can happen after some time with sinuous spring foundations.

Moreover, as a fan of the touch of texture, rest assured to appreciate this chair’s stunning grey fabric with a refined chevron effect for a luxuriously relaxed aesthetic. Frame constructions offer supreme durability after rigorously testing to endure the home and transportation environments.

The attached back and loose seat cushions allow your back to gain excellent support without shifting position unnecessarily. The loose seat cushions make it convenient for you to remove and clean any spillage or dirt, not to mention that the cushions are high-resilience foam that enables lasting service.


  • Sturdy and stable construction
  • Elegant design
  • Soft grey fabric
  • Platform foundation system to resist sagging
  • Smooth platform foundation maintains the uptight appearance
  • Maximum support and ease of maintenance


  • Somewhat on the smaller side for two people

Verdict: Sometimes, a simple chair can do more than we expect. Hence, the Sanzerono by Ashley furniture holds up to serve your comfort levels for a lasting period. The seat cushions are durable and will not sag even when you have company. A worthy investment!

7. Stone & Beam Lauren Oversized Living Room Armchair

The type of comfort you can trust anytime, any day! This Amazon brand features fabric upholstery, thick padded foam cushions, and a solid hardwood frame.

Obtain maximum comfort you can enjoy with this contemporary styled, overstuffed chair. The foam cushions ensure you rest perfectly well after a long day and provide full support to your back and neck.

A clean and simple shape with track arms in a durable performance fabric brings out a perfect addition for your cozy living space. The material is also soft to touch, promoting the comfortable nature of the entire chair. Even better, it is stain-resistant, ensuring you have an easy time in cleaning and overall maintenance.

The solid hardwood frame enables a lasting service due to its durability. More so, the hardwood is moisture repellent; therefore, no room for molds and pests to grow. Besides, it is a stable seat because of the wide wooden feet that ensure balance.

Remarkably, it comes pre-installed; hence no assembly is required.


  • Solid hardwood frame
  • Comfortable overstuffed cushions
  • Heavy wear and stain-resistant fabric
  • Classic design
  • No assembly required


  • Seat cushion a little stiff at first

Verdict: This “46 in overstuffed chair continue to prove most consumers to be a firmly built, quality piece of furniture. The chair has a seat cushion and a back pillow cushion that retain their shape over time. Even with pets and kids around, no need to worry as the heavy wear fabric is stain-resistant and cleans very easily. This is what you need for a full-house!

Buyer’s Guide for Chair and a Half Recliner

Such a chair is not small, more so for its size as it will be most costly. That is why it is essential to be sure of the chair and a half recliner you want for your needs and preferences. Generally, you need a product that will last long and serve you with utmost comfort. Read on.

Comfort: The comfort level is an important aspect to consider, and only utmost research will ascertain your queries. However, the user is the one to determine their level of comfort hence a personal preference. Some people want it soft, while others prefer a firmer feel. Conversely, others prefer leather, while the rest like microfiber.

Design: Design matters not to all people but some. Generally, your furniture’s appearance and fitting into your home is an essential aspect for most individuals. Besides, how else can you term your living room as lovely if your furniture does not meet the standards? To have full contentment with your purchase, you should go with a product with your favorite and appealing design.

Essential features: To fully define which the best product is for you, it is wise that you look keenly at the distinguishing features. These are most significant when having a purchase of this level. After all, a products’ degree of quality is more than just a few elements. Besides, having some extra features will place your choice on a higher level.

Cost: Pricing is a huge factor. If you’re strictly searching for cheap recliners under $100 or $200, consider yourself not lucky. This is because that most oversized recliners usually cost more than regular-sized ones. Remember that there are still variable price ranges with oversized man recliners or massage chairs costing even more than $1,000, which is a lot to spend on a chair for most people. It would be best to stretch your budget to get a comfortable chair, don’t feel guilty, and make that purchase. Let your account not restrict your level of comfort while you are trying to save. Conversely, always look for different models as there are cheaper versions with the same and even better features from the renowned expensive brands.

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Size: Even though this type of chair and a half recliner are a bigger size than the regular ones, you need to verify your needs. Do you want an oversized chair for your comfort, having some company like a kid or significant other? Also, where you are placing it will determine the chair’s size you need to get. A tight space will require a space-saving design of this type of recliner, not to limit your preference of comfort levels.

Learn more? Yes, we have a detailed guide on “What is A Chair-And-A-Half?” Go and read.

Parting Shot

The chair and a half recliner is a type of recliner that is quite exceptional and differs considerably from the rest. It is neither a gaming chair nor a computer chair or even your typical recliner. These are more alike to cuddler or loveseat recliners than anything.

These chairs are oversized and offer extra comfort, making them a perfect investment for ordinary people or families. Consequently, they make a typical value for the price and long-lasting, usually to over ten years of excellent service to your needs and preference. Also, they come in various sizes or material types, and the selection is huge in most cases. However, these chairs are still not yet as popular in the market as regular recliners.