12 Best Big And Tall Office Chair [Updated]

by Andrew Smith| Last Updated: October 30, 2021

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Best Big And Tall Office Chair

Being a tall or bigger person, you must be going through the struggle of finding the best big and tall office chair that fits you.

Undeniably, a comfortable chair can make you more productive and give you easy days even when you work long hours. Besides, the health benefits of a comfortably safe and durable chair are endless.

While the current market is overflowing with office chairs, there are limited options for the big and tall ergonomic chairs. Lucky for you, our team did detailed research and found the top 12 big and tall office chairs to help you get an improved setup.

Hurry? Lets have a quick look at the our list,

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Best Big And Tall Office Chair Reviews

1. HON Wave Mesh Big and Tall Executive Chair

Based on our findings, the HON Wave is ideal for big and tall users. It features 450 pounds weight capacity, black color, breathable mesh material, and adjustable settings.


 What We Like

What We Didn’t Like

HON is not your ordinary office chair but the one chair you shouldn’t miss in the office of a big person. It provides the perfect combination of price, comfort, and durability.

See more of what it offers.

What You’ll Love

Sturdy and ergonomic: For a weight capacity of 450 pounds, rest assured of the quality construction of this plus-size chair. A combination of metal, mesh, and leather enhances strength and long-term service. 

The high back provides adequate support for the neck and back, especially the lower back section.

Adjustable: It has an adjustable recline and 2D armrests, including controllable lumbar support and inflated height adjustment. This chair will provide and care for a good posture when you are working.

Comfortable: The breathable mesh material feels friendly to the skin for starters, even for an extended period. Also, it does not catch or hold sweat; hence don’t expect it to smell. The seat and back sections have a firm but comfortable padding, too.

Remarkably, it features a swivel function that allows you to hold multiple conversations and tasks in the office without getting up. Besides, the five wheels make it easily portable.

What you’ll not Love

No headrest: Lack of headrest makes it uncomfortable when you want to rest your head and neck for a bit of break while working.


Order the HON now if you are hunting for a relatively affordable tall executive office chair! But if this is not your stop, explore more options below.

2. Amazon Basics Big and Tall Executive Computer Desk Chair

Coming at the second position is this budget-friendly office chair for a heavy person. For less than $190, Amazon Basics features tilt and adjustable height, brown color with a pewter finish, adequate lumbar support, and 350 pounds weight capacity.

What We Like

What We Didn’t Like

Amazon Basics is ideal for working from home or having a home office due to its essential features. Read on for more benefits of owning this office chair.

What You’ll Love

Lumbar support: This chair has an inbuilt and adjustable lumbar support system. This way, it provides adequate back support just as the user wants for an extended period. There will be no risk of developing back issues with good lumbar support that can even be severe.

Comfortable and durable: First, the seat has a large and padded cushion that enables the big user to fit perfectly without squeezing in. 

Also, faux leather upholstery is soft-to-touch, easy to clean, and durable against quick wear and tear. In addition, it holds 350 pounds of maximum weight which shows its strength. 

Better still, it comes with curved and padded armrests to support your arms for as long as you like.

Adjustable: It can recline, swivel, and also has roller coaster wheels. So, when you want to take a break, you can recline slightly back and take a nap or watch something from the computer. 

The 360-degree swivel allows you to multitask from different positions, and the wheels help you slide easily to a different location.

What you’ll not Love

Wheels cannot lock: The wheels do not have a lock to hold them in place when you want the chair to remain still. Hence, it becomes annoying to slide off every time you sit.


This big and tall computer chair provides the best value for all the chairs in this list. So, if you plan to save a fortune and still find a sizable chair with basic features, this is it. Hurry while stocks last!

3. Steelcase Gesture Office Chair

When you decide to go big, just like your size, ensure you make a significant investment in your office chair by getting a Steelcase Gesture chair. 

This heavy-duty office chair comprises polyester upholstery, adjustable features, and maximum comfort and back support.

What We Like

What We Didn’t Like

Taking your work seriously does not involve making profits and beating deadlines alone, but also your comfort at the workplace. 

Steelcase office chair for a heavy person will create a complete work environment. What’s more?

What You’ll Love

Ergonomic design: The 3D LiveBack technology mainly flexes and simulates your spine’s natural movements every time you change postures. 

Moreover, the back has a contoured shape that helps to support your spine in its natural and healthy S-shape. 

This way, it enables you to maintain correct posture throughout, preventing back pain issues.

Comfortable: The exclusive seat cushion design has inbuilt air pockets that adapt to your body and ease pressure resulting from prolonged sitting. 

In addition, the seat edge is soft and flexible and bending slightly when necessary. This ability relieves stress from building under your thighs.

High quality and durable: Fortunately, the upholstery is 100% polyester. So, rest assured of an appealing appearance, long-term service, and also stain resistance. 

Polyester is also comfortable to sit on and does not attract dust and other allergens.

What you’ll not Love

Stiff armrests: The arms are a more rigid surface, and they slant outward slightly, which can make the arms slip off.


For $1000, you are also paying to get a fully assembled chair apart from the other high-quality features. Don’t torture your back anymore while working, and grab your wide desk chair now!

4. BestOffice Big and Tall Executive Office Chair

BestOffice office chair has a unique design to support large users. It boasts a wide seat, 400 pounds weight capacity, high back, mesh upholstery, and adjustable armrests.

What We Like

What We Didn’t Like

Right from the effortless assembly to the use of BestOffice’s big and tall office chair, you won’t help but fall in love over and over again. See what this chair will come to do in your space;

What You’ll Love

Comfortable: This big and tall office chair takes pride in its distinct appearance with a thickly padded cushioned desk chair for your ultimate comfort. 

Still, it has a soft sponge with a flexible spring that is strong enough to support up to 400lbs.

Adjustable: It features completely adjustable settings that consist of adjustable position PU padded armrest and adjustable lumbar height. 

And it still has waist support that can adjust the comfort of the chair. 

Undeniably, good lumbar support assists in reducing back strain and relaxing the spine’s natural ‘S’ curve; you can select reliant on your desired setting.

Durable: Rest assured that the construction of this chair comes down to an affordable but good-quality chair. How so? 

It has an excellent breathable mesh design that maintains natural airflow within the seating area and prevents sweating and extreme back heat. 

Moreover, this heavy-duty desk chair has a robust metal base featuring a complete swivel function and rolling casters, offering excellent steadiness and portability.

Easy setup: This desk chair comprises all hardware and necessary tools in the package. Follow the simple setup instructions for an effortless assembly that will take about 10-25mins.

What you’ll not Love

The chair is short: This chair seemed somewhat short for most tall people making them strain their knees during prolonged sitting.


Generally, BestOffice is what is missing in almost every office of an extensive and tall person. Give it a try; you are going to love it!

5. Big and Tall 500lbs Wide Seat Ergonomic Desk Chair

This best ergonomic chair for big and tall people made its way to this list because it features 500 pounds weight capacity, a massager lumbar cushion, a swivel, PU upholstery, and padded armrests.

What We Like

What We Didn’t Like

Even though shopping for a big and tall computer chair is challenging, this is an excellent option with the highest weight capacity on this list. Let’s see more of why it is impressive.

What You’ll Love

Comfortable: Comfort in your seating is critical. That’s why this chair comes with a 2-layered backrest of the cotton figurine and high resilience sponge. 

This makes your backrest in absolute comfort, maintaining its natural alignment. Still, the seating area has a thick and comfortable cushion and padded armrests for extreme and prolonged comfort as you desire.

Multifunction: Firstly, it’s an office chair with a lumbar massage function. The massager helps alleviate any pressure and tension from building up and causing back problems due to extended seating. 

Plus, it features a 360-degree swivel that enables you to maintain a flawless conference meeting with members talking from any side or multitasking. 

There’s still a rocking function that will set you into a meditating or relaxing mode away from the computer screen.

Quality material: This chair has a sturdy and stable construction that holds the highest weight capacity of 500 pounds. 

For starters, the breathable PU leather upholstery is not just for the aesthetics of the chair but for durability and easy maintenance roles as well. 

Also, it consists of a heavy metal base that adds to the strength, not to mention the nylon smooth-rolling casters for mobility.

What you’ll not Love

Slight forward slant: The slight forward slope is somehow uncomfortable, making you feel like you can tip off the chair, especially with the smooth PU leather to sit on.


Aside from your career thanking this chair because of your improved productivity, your back will also love this chair more. 

The unique lumbar massage is a significant plus. Don’t miss out and place your order now!

6. SPACE Seating Big and Tall Managers Chair

Simple but efficient; the SPACE seating big and tall executive chair comprises padded mesh seat, gunmetal finish base, adjustable arms, and 400 pounds weight limit.

What We Like

What We Didn’t Like

Undeniably, SPACE seating is not just all about the elegant appearance, but it is also a combination of excellent features that work harmoniously for your peace of mind at work.

Let’s get into more details about these features;

What You’ll Love

Adjustable: There is adjustable lumbar support on the back, making it an excellent option for those who need extra support for the back. 

Additionally, the armrests are 2-Way adjustable with PU pads for comfort. This means you can use them from any angle, allowing you comfort for an extended period from any seating posture.

Comfortable: The thickly padded fabric-covered seat is comfortable to sit on for as long as you like without causing any denting. Also, the mesh back is firm and rigid but comfortable for your back to maintain a natural posture. 

Better still, it is breathable and avoids overheating and sweating off your back. Thanks to the PU pads on the armrests, you can support your arms without causing any discomfort or even numbness.

Sturdy: The structure of this tall office chair is of high quality, including the gunmetal finish base that supports 400 pounds of maximum weight capacity. 

What’s more? The whole upholstery combination is formidable and resists easy wear and tear, not to mention stains. This way, it is easy to maintain this chair; hence, durable.

What you’ll not Love

The back doesn’t adjust: Only the lumbar section is adjustable, but the whole back is rigid, making it hard for different heights to rest comfortably.


Cherish your days at work by making a significant investment in a comfortable office chair for a heavy person. Buy SPACE seating now!

7. Serta Big and Tall Executive Office Chair

Did you know that it is possible to be comfortable at your workplace even with hectic handling tasks? 

Serta quickly makes that happen for you by providing bonded leather, lumbar support, wood accents, and adjustable high back.

What We Like

What We Didn’t Like

There’s everything to write home about this incredibly tall office chair. Luckily, this review has all that Serta sorted for you. Read on.

What You’ll Love

Solid and sturdy: To be clear, this is a reliable and sturdy chair with a hardwood frame and base that holds up to 350 pounds of weight capacity. 

Also, the smooth-rolling casters are heavy-duty to ensure quiet and balanced mobility to anywhere you like. 

The bonded leather is also stain and scratch-resistant, making it ideal for long-term service.

Extreme comfort: There’s a soft cushion headrest that provides adequate head and neck comfort and support. Again, the curved adjustable lumbar area allows adaptable lower back support. Moreover, the waterfall seat edge design helps minimize leg pressure and improve circulation. This relieves fatigue and boosts focus. The ergonomic height and tilt adjustments enable you to discover and maintain your perfect seating position. Still, the padded armrests give your arms enough support and comfort in any part you want.

Elegant design: The bonded leather is not just for durability but also serves a significant role in boosting the aesthetics of this executive tall office chair. Better still, the wood accent blend brings the entire elegant appearance to the roof, making it irresistible.

What you’ll not Love

Deep seat: Sadly, there’s no way to adjust the back with a deep seat, which is uncomfortable sitting upright. Adequate back support only comes while reclining.


Serta Big and tall executive chairs provide a perfect blend of functionality, affordability, and appearance. Don’t miss out and place your order ASAP!

8. REFICCER Big and Tall Heavy Duty Executive Office Chair

This makes a perfect choice for the best big and tall office chair. It features memory foam, PU leather upholstery, swivel, and adjustable lumbar support.

What We Like

What We Didn’t Like

The excellent features of this tall office chair make it highly competitive. Please explore the other exciting and satisfying half of this incredible chair.

What You’ll Love

Adjustable and ergonomic: Seat-side triggered levers will help you bring your chair up, down, and even rock it. The handy tension knob for tilting beneath the chair works to modify the rocking strength.

Wide and comfortable: This executive chair has the design of a safe, solid, and steady structure, with non-explosive gas in the gas lift, heavy-duty metal base, and 400 pounds weight capacity. Also, the chair has thick and soft padding, including a waterfall seat edge. 

This type of edge works to reduce stress on your legs to maintain comfort for a long time.  

Quality materials: The chair features bonded leather upholstery, which provides a unique and elegant style that qualifies it as the perfect addition to any office. 

Moreover, the high-quality leather makes the computer chair extraordinarily sturdy and comfortable for the best experience ever.

What you’ll not Love

Impossible to adjust the back forward: The seat slopes forward, and the chair’s back is highly reclining back to provide any support. 

Worse still, you cannot adjust the chair’s back to come forward and support your back in an upright position.


You won’t believe how much you’ve been missing when you purchase REFICCER big and tall executive office chair at work. Go ahead and order your piece!

9. Sadie Wide Seat Office Computer Chair

When doing your research on a big office chair that spells ‘comfort’ loud and clear, Sadie is your ideal option. 

It consists of adjustable features, a mesh back and fabric seat, and a swivel base.

What We Like

What We Didn’t Like

So after the extensive review of Sadie, this is what the team found;

What You’ll Love

Sturdy: For the most part, the construction of Sadie is of solid metal. Better still, it features smooth-rolling casters and durable wheels that support heavy use of 400-pound weight capacity. Have faith that this chair will serve you for a lasting period.

Ergonomic: It works best for those with underlying back issues because Sadie’s backrest is a better option compared to other chairs with densely padded backrests. 

This backrest has a gentle curve that nicely adapts to your spine. Meanwhile, the customizable lumbar enables further focus on the exact spot of your lower back desiring the support. 

Even though the mesh on the backrest is not as comfortable as a thickly padded one, it has better ergonomics and heat intemperance over lengthy sitting.

 The height-adjustable arms also provide support as long as you need it for the upper body and shoulders.

Comfortable: Sadie has an ample and wide seating area with dimensions of  22″ x 22″. Remarkably, the cushioned seat is not only comfortable but also has sufficient hardiness to inhibit drooping. 

Additionally, the armrests of this big and tall mesh office chair are excellent, allowing individual height adjustment, so your arms will not remain somehow hanging.

What you’ll not Love

Not tall enough: One thing for sure is that this is a wide desk chair but not as tall as required. Therefore, it doesn’t offer enough back support for very tall people.


Even with your eyes closed, ensure your selection lands on Sadie! Everything about it, from the reasonable price to the maximum comfort, should make you rush to order.

10. Flash Furniture HERCULES Big and Tall Office Chair

As a tall and big fellow, get the comfort you deserve by buying this heavy-duty office chair. It is highly competitive with unique features like 500 pounds weight capacity, leather upholstery, swivel motion, and adjustable parts. All these work together to ensure you work in 100% comfort.

What We Like

What We Didn’t Like

After the struggles of trying to fit in undersized office chairs, Flash Furniture HERCULES becomes your knight in shining armor.

See what you’ll gain by investing in this exceptional office chair for a heavy person;

What You’ll Love

Adjustable: It boasts of an adjustable headrest and height. Therefore, a taller person will not have their head hanging over the headrest, and a slightly shorter person will comfortably rest their head. Still, the height adjustment on the back tilt will ensure your feet rest correctly on the floor as you adapt to the proper sitting posture.

Comfortable: Because you need cradling in maximum comfort, this tall office chair features generous padding in the seat, back, and armrests. Additionally, it has in-built lumbar support to eliminate and prevent back pains and a waterfall edge that minimizes pressure on the legs. There’s also a 360-degree swivel for multitasking purposes without the need to leave the chair.

Elegant: Firstly, the black LeatherSoft upholstery adds a touch of elegance to your office or homework area. Furthermore, the chrome base finish is not just for durability but also improves the chair’s aesthetics.

What you’ll not Love

Poor lumbar support: The back cushion deteriorates quickly, leaving the user to add a pillow for better support over time.


For proven comfort from adequate sizing of a heavy person, make sure you place your order on Flash Furniture HERCULES now!

11. Gates Tall Back Executive Office Chair

For the bold best, big and tall office chair, Gates has a share in the victory. It takes pride in features like genuine leather, color options, aluminum base, and high back.

What We Like

What We Didn’t Like

Gates is not just a symbol of functionality but also style. Let’s see more of what it offers its users.

What You’ll Love

Comfortable: The padding in this big and tall ergonomic chair is soft but firm. This blend is ideal for supporting the back in the correct posture to avoid pressure forming on the lower back and comfy armrests. 

Moreover, it’s unlikely to find genuine leather on a chair, but Gates comes with it. The genuine leather is effortless to maintain, including soft-to-touch and breathable as well. All these add to the comfort of this chair for your office.

Solid and durable: For about 400 pounds weight capacity, this chair displays strength and durability. It features an aluminum finish swivel base with castors for both mobility and sturdiness. 

Also, the genuine leather is tough and stain-resistant for lasting use.

Ergonomic: The ergonomic synchro-tilt reclining mechanism works simultaneously with your body to ensure it does not exert pressure on any part of the body. Better still, it allows you to take a relaxing break from work and recline back for a power nap.

What you’ll not Love

Tension is not adjustable: The recliner tension cannot get to a stiff enough level. So, the chair tends to lean back quickly even when you don’t want to change from an upright position.


Why waste any minute when you have a perfect addition for your office? Make your order now!

12. Big and Tall Wide Seat Desk Chair With Massage

Imagine working, and your chair is also working to massage your back? This heavy-duty 500 pounds office chair ensures that you enjoy every minute spent on it. 

Therefore, it consists of adjustable features, ergonomic, swivel, PU leather, and massage.

What We Like

What We Didn’t Like

If you don’t want to surpass your budget on an ideal chair but want something sturdy yet comfortable all day, this is it.

Read on for more details of the worthy purchase you are about to make;

What You’ll Love

Lumbar massage: With much office work, you end up sitting for a long time, staying on track with your productivity. 

Sadly, this can be a significant problem if you have an uncomfortable office chair. Luckily, the backrest of this chair has an inbuilt USB lumbar massage for relieving fatigue from your waist.

Ergonomic: This computer chair has an ergonomic contoured tall back that supports your body perfectly. 

The proportion is for those people with exceeding height or weight, providing wider seats and high backs. Moreover, it comes with an adjustable seat height.

Comfortable: The PU leather is smooth, densely padded seat cushion, and pillows for headrest and lumbar provide maximum support and comfort. 

Still, the sturdy steel base and smooth-rolling casters offer portability and enough stability.

Easy to install: It comes with thorough installation instructions as well as the necessary installation tools. This way, everyone can quickly assemble within 10-30mins and start enjoying the chair.

What you’ll not Love

Massage vibration only has one setting: The massage feels more like a plain vibration without diverse backgrounds. It comes with just an on/off setting and no intensity levels.


Do you want a good deal on an office chair for a heavy person? Place your order on this chair now!

Buying Guide for the Best Big and Tall Office Chair

Seat Height

The seat height is an essential and number one factor to keep in mind when looking for the best tall office chair. Even though the above selection offers height adjustments, it would be best for the tall user to determine if the minimum and maximum ranges work in their interest.

Nonetheless, most chairs offer height adjustments from 3-10inches. In picking the ideal range, also consider your type of work setup. 

Usually, chairs for standing desks feature the highest height adjustment of 10 inches. Conversely, the standard office chairs only range from 3-6inches of height adjustment.

Seat Width

You will not look for your ideal chair in the standard office chair selection for a big and tall user. Similarly, your chair needs to have wider dimensions than an ordinary office chair which is more than the usual 18-20inches. 

This way, the chair will comfortably accommodate you.

Preferably, also look for an enormous seat depth and a waterfall edge to enhance proper blood circulation.

Lumbar Support

Aside from the importance of proper dimensions, you also need your office chair to have the ideal ergonomic support for your spine and hips. Prioritize heavy office chairs with inbuilt support for your lower back.

The high-end and quality office chairs will provide you with the luxury of adjusting the lumbar support for a personalized experience. Equally, search for chairs that have memory foam cushions for additional support.

Weight Capacity

Without a doubt, the big and tall office chairs category comprises higher weight limits than the traditional types. Therefore, you will find these heavy-duty chairs to support a minimum of 400 pounds.

However, it would be best to look for a chair that can safely support you based on your weight.


Usually, office chairs come in standard upholstery of mesh, faux, fabric, or genuine leather. Mesh is the most affordable and breathable among all the upholstery options. 

Still, you can find complete fabric, faux and real leather office chairs with less breathable backrests. Remarkably, upholstery innovations like PU leather also offer breathability.

Further reading: How to Reupholster an Office Chair

Extra Features

The expensive and high-quality office chairs also come with impressive features for customization and user-friendliness. Such features include flip-up armrests, tilt-lock or recline, adjustable angle and backrest, and footrest.

While most extra features don’t make so much of a deal, you should know that the more there are in a chair, the more expensive it gets. 

You can always do without them if your budget does not allow you to go overboard.

How to Measure Heavy Duty Office Chairs Seat Size for Your Body

The size of the seat is the essential feature to look for in a big and tall office chair. 

Having the wrong size, like; too small, will make you feel squeezed, and too big will have everything misaligned hence poor sitting posture. Well, we don’t want that do we?

That’s why there’s a proper way to determine your body size for the ideal seat dimensions before purchase. So, how do you do that? Read on.

  1. Sit upright on any available chair and ensure your back is flat and the pelvis against the backrest. Next, form a “v” shape position by slightly opening your thighs the same way you sit.
  2. It’s time to determine the best chair seat depth according to your body size. Take the exact distance from your tailbone up to the furthest end of your inner thighs with a measuring tape. 

From the measurements you have, deduct about 1 to 2 inches for the best seat depth. This is how to get the seat depth that holds you comfortably as you allow a small opening for sufficient blood flow.

3.   Similarly, sit with your thighs in a standard size. Use the tape to measure your thighs horizontally before reaching the seat slope. 

From whatever you get, including more than 2 inches, to get your body’s perfect seat width. 

These measurements are comfortable and also allow an inch gap for some room to wriggle. 

If you sit cross-legged on the chair, add about 3 inches to the concluding measurement.

With your measurements checked, you are ready to go shopping for the best tall office chair.

Why Should You Buy A Plus-Size Office Chair?

Yes. A big person needs a matching office chair for various benefits aside from proper fit. Besides, the right size is more important to consider than your preference in a chair.

The market has plenty of office chairs with different sizes, but nothing surpasses the health benefits of finding the perfect size as a big person. So why should you buy a big and tall office chair?


What’s the correct width of an office chair?

The correct width of an office chair will support you comfortably for as long as you want. Therefore, a chair 17-20 inches wide is standard.

Which is better, an office chair with or without arms?

This will depend solely on your preference. However, a chair with arms will provide proper support and reduce the pressure on your shoulders. But, it also has its perks, especially for the fixed arms that are impossible to reposition. Moreover, armrests are restraining for the big people to have free movements.


The best big and tall office chair has an exclusive design that supports the massive individuals comfortably. From our extensive review, you will also find that they are more expensive than standard office chairs because of the distinct heavy-duty construction.

As a team, we are confident in the above recommendations that you will find the perfect match for your needs and preferences. Which is your best? We will be glad to read your comment in the section below.


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