6 Best Barcalounger Recliner Reviews in 2022

by Andrew Smith| Last Updated: May 27, 2021

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Best Barcalounger Recliners Review

Congratulations on choosing the Barcalounger recliner for your home’s comfort. Did you know there are over 20 models of Barcalounger recliners? Worry not, as our team of experts is here to provide you with the best Barcalounger recliner reviews.

With your best interest at heart, we selected the best six from the wide range of Barcaloungers in the market that would make a perfect match for your needs and preferences. While reviewing all the options, we focused on fundamental features like type, power, dimensions, upholstery, and even color to find you the best there is. Moreover, we also gathered reviews from users who have the Barcalounger in their homes.

Therefore, take your time and explore the below in-depth product reviews to help you select the ideal Barcalounger addition for your home. But first, let’s take a look at what makes this brand the talk-of-the-town.

Hurry? Let’s take a quick look at our top choices.

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What Is A Barcalounger?

A Barcalounger is a type of recliner with a blend of vintage and contemporary, manufactured since 1940 by Barcalo Manufacturing Company in New York. Due to the outstanding success in making people enjoy each of their life’s moments, Barcalounger has since become the most sought-after furniture brand.

Remarkably, these chairs are perfect for any room and function, providing users with premium comfort for over 80 years. While maintaining its primary focus on absolute relaxation, the company has upgraded its furniture to integrate up-to-date design and technology.

The Barcalounger Company 

Barcalounger is a US-based company that has been operational since 1896, making it the oldest manufacturer of recliners. Furthermore, it was the first company in America to permit its workers to go for coffee breaks since 1902.

The company is identical to luxury recliners that blend with both old-fashioned and current interiors in the present day. Famous for its leather upholstery and advanced designs, Barcalounger consists of several collections ranging from manual, powered, and sets that comprise a recliner and ottoman. Read on.

Top 6 Barcalounger Recliner Reviews

1. BarcaLounger Jacque II Leather Recliner & Ottoman

With the magnificent and durable construction made from hardwood, steel, and leather, this recliner is not only strong to provide you with years of endless use, but it is also the perfect choice when you need to relax in style and comfort.

Design and Structure

A significant feature that sets it apart is the unique design that boosts the modern aesthetics for the perfect living room furniture addition. Above all, the top-grain is stylish and covers the whole chair, ensuring a classy design and comfort because of the soft nature. The ottoman set also gives a unique touch from the ordinary recliners in terms of appearance and comfort.

Also, with 35 x 34 x 41 inches and 63 pounds, it is a tall recliner to accommodate tall people and lightweight to move around quickly. Besides, the entire construction of hardwood and plywood frames is durable for lasting service.

Comfort and Functionality

For starters, the plush padded arms, back, seat, and even the ottoman ensure you rest in maximum comfort, not to mention the soft and skin-friendly top-grain leather. Remarkably, the base features a 360-degrees swivel and somewhat rocking motion making it perfectly convenient for both home and office use. This way, you can hold multiple conversations at a go without getting out of the chair. Better still, the Barcalounger Jacque only needs 10 inches clearance from the wall to get into a reclined position.

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What I like

  • Top-quality grain leather: This ensures a blend of durability and elegant appearance.
  • Convenient multifunction: Matching ottoman, recliner, and 360-degree swivel functions for the proper rest of the user.
  • Maximum comfort: Plush padding and loose seat cushions with 30 pocketed coil springs for long-term comfort.
  • Durable structure: It has a hardwood-plywood frame for strength and high resiliency foam to hold 250 pounds of maximum weight capacity.

What I Don’t Like

  • Leans too far: It would be best if it were also a reading chair with a more upright position, not just the relaxing recline angle that is too far back.

What Other Reviewers Say

The Barcalounger Jacque is a perfect addition to the living space, according to most reviews. Better still, the reviewers commended the assembly process, which is effortless with just 30 minutes to complete.


If you search for a relaxing Barcalounger that is a step ahead of the usual but still vintage and timeless, this is it! Made with top-grain leather and durable with maximum comfort structure, this model makes a top position on this list.

2. Barcalounger Presidential Recliner

When you want a chair that also commands power and comfort, this Barcalounger Presidential is the real deal. The wing-back design also features top-grain leather, button-tufted back, and accent brass nails with a steady structure on four solid feet.


Design and Construction

First, it provides enough room for adequate seating space but still compact not to occupy so much of your room. Also, the entire design is superb, from the custom-made button tufted back, the shaped rolled arms with a welt accent nails trim, loose box seat cushion with pocketed coil springs which ensure support and comfort, not to mention the enhanced foam of feather down blend. The leather upholstery is of top quality, and the piped stitching shows off true expertise.

Comfort and Functionality

The tufted back is broad with a wing-back design which ensures total support, warmth, and comfort. Also, the compact design extends 12 inches clearance from the wall allowing you to enjoy the maximum benefits of convenience.

As a manual recliner, the reclining apparatus is in the arms of the chair. With 20.5 inches seat height, you will sit in a high and comfortable position as you read your book or gaze outside in thought.

What I like

  • Elegant and unique design: Tufted-back and nailhead trim on the rolled arms ensure you rest in class.
  • Sturdy construction: Top-grain leather with steel frames in the bold, streamlined body provides strength and stability.
  • Exceptional comfort levels: Loose welted box seat cushion and pocketed coil springs include comfort and support.
  • Effortless and convenient manual recliner: Reclining mechanism comes in the arms, making it easy to reach.

What I Don’t Like

  • Challenge in the reclining mode: Even though the apparatus is within reach, getting the chair to recline to a comfortable position is challenging.

What Other Reviewers Say

Most users showed their satisfaction with the style and comfort levels of this Barcalounger. Also, genuine leather is a bonus to the comfort, aesthetics, and durability.


Undeniably, the quality of this chair makes it among the best Barcalounger. Also, the variety of color options will make it easy to settle on the best shade for your interior. The construction is top-notch, making sure you rest assured of lasting comfort and service.

3. BarcaLounger Briarwood II Recliner

Improve comfort, flair, and beauty to your apartment with the Barcalounger Briarwood II recliner. It boasts leather upholstery and nailheads for a more elite look.

Comfort and Functionality

For those that need to be cozier, the seat depth is 21″ and 39.75″ when fully reclined. Moreover, this Barcalounger snuggler recliner ensures you don’t have to reach for anything to recline, but you only need to push on the arms gently. Better still, the plush padded broad back, box seat cushion, rolled arms and adjustable footrest provide maximum comfort and superb support.

Design and Structure

The deluxe Briarwood II lounger takes pride in the attractive Stetson Coffee shade. Also, it features stunning curved and stable legs, particularly espresso wood trim and quality top grain leather for elegance and durability. Furthermore, several design features show off the charm, such as the traditional nailhead trim.

After a closer look at the reclining device and structural hardwood framework, this recliner will undoubtedly serve you for an extended lifespan just the way you like it.

What I like

  • Top-notch comfort and relaxation: Plush padding and box seat cushion, not to mention adjustable footrest, ensure maximum comfort.
  • Simple and convenient operation: To recline, you have to push the arms gently, so there’s no need to reach any lever or handle.
  • Bold and beautiful design: A blend of charming coffee shade and traditional nailhead trims ensure beauty.
  • Stable and durable structure: Top-grain leather and the striking, stable, and curved hardwood legs provide both strength and stability for a long-term purpose.

What I Don’t Like

  • No instructions of assembly: This makes it hard because you have to refer online to ace the process correctly.

What Other Reviewers Say

The reviewers expressed their satisfaction based on what they expected vs. what they received. From the color being true to the top-grain leather being soft and rigid, everything matched their expectations.


Generally, this Barcalounger comes in good stitching and smooth operation of the recliner, which is also silent. Moreover, the seat and back cushion is soft but firm to provide enough support for extended lounging on the comfort.

4. Barcalounger Longhorn II Leather Recliner

This Barcalounger is an exquisite, traditional armchair, which unifies the excellent look and outstanding comfort. Armchair means the traditional furniture in the English elegance. Better still, it features a soft seat and a remarkably satisfying backrest.

Comfort and Functionality

Fulfilling the Barcalounger’s exceptional prestige, the Longhorn II is among the most comfortable recliners. Even though it is more costly than most Barcaloungers, the superb comfort levels are worth the price.

 With its firm pillow seat and rolled cushions, the Longhorn will enable maximum relaxation, especially after a tiresome day. Reclining is made more manageable with its push-back arms, which is way better than fumbling around with a lever.

Design and Structure

Other than being very snug, the Longhorn Barcalounger provides a chic and unique style. Remarkably, it features top-grain leather upholstery, which is tough to dirt and stains, though not as expensive as traditional leather, not to mention rich Chaps Saddle color that blends well with both modern and traditional interiors. Also, it has an antique nail trim to boost the aesthetics of both the chair and the room. Such stunning qualities are sure to revamp a simple space to an elegant one.

Moreover, the structure is something worth noting because of the durability aspect. The hardwood plywood frames with mortise and tenon construction and bonded joints with corner blocks provide strength and stability to hold the standard 285 pounds of maximum weight.

What I like

  • Supreme comfort and support: It is a firm but soft pillow seat and rolled cushions for top-notch relaxation.
  • Easy operation: With push-back arms, you can easily recline better than using a lever.
  • Solid and stable construction: A combination of hardwood and plywood frames with bonded joints ensures stability and resilience for lasting use.
  • Stunning design: Rich top-grain leather with a unique color that easily blends with most interiors and the vintage nailheads trims for aesthetic value.

What I Don’t Like

  • The cushion is a bit stiff: Initially, the pillow feels stiff, but it softens with continued use.

What Other Reviewers Say

Most reviews termed this Barcalounger as their favorite chair. This is because it looks good and comfortable.


If you are looking for a chair that will be everyone’s favorite spot, here we go! This Barcalounger does not just look suitable for both vintage and modern interiors, but it also feels good, providing maximum comfort and relaxation. Besides, there’s no better comfort like the one in style!

5. BarcaLounger Regency II Recliner

A large, spreading, and vast seat provides the best place to relax after a demanding day. It enables you to unwind, revitalize and detach from daily life. This makes a practical but striking furniture addition to your living room.

Design and Functionality

The BarcaLounger Regency II Recliner is a manual rocker recliner that is handle-operated and would significantly impact any space decorated traditionally. The manual mechanism of the recliner provides an effortless function that needs about 2.5 pounds of pressure to release.

This chair has an advanced design and consists of adjustable back pillows in two color variations for your preference. The top-grained leather of the upholstery allows this chair to have an elegant look.

Comfort and Structure

It comprises upholstered handles that vanish into the background cover, soft but resilient padding on the entire chair and the strengthened seams with baseball stitch accents. Better still, the cherry and walnut external frames ensure of its strength and durability.

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What I like

  • Impressive design: Top grain leather in 2 color options and brings out an elegant and remarkable design.
  • It is simple to use: It is a manual rocker with a handle for reclining that is easy to operate with a bit of pressure to release.
  • Super comfortable: Upholstered handles and resilient, soft padding all around, and adjustable back pillows for a snuggly experience.
  • Rigid structure: Reinforced seams with baseball stitch accents and both cherry and walnut frames ensure strength and durability.

What I Don’t Like

  • Lever mechanism easy to break: Unlike the push-arms recliner function, the lever is easy to break under excess pressure.

What Other Reviewers Say

Most reviewers were impressed because of the rocker function that makes it a perfect addition to the nursery or people with sleep issues.


Vintage with a modern touch is a timeless elegance into your space. Moreover, the level of comfort it provides will ensure you take eternal rest every time you walk in from a busy day at work. Trust us, and you will long for weekends as you will never leave indoors.

6. BarcaLounger Hudson II Power Recliner

There’s no better way to relax than sharing your dreamy comfort! A cozy reclining loveseat would be ideal for you and your guests. This Barcalounger Hudson is elegant, leather-upholstered, and thickly padded.

Comfort and Structure

This chair comes with resilient foam that allows it to be both comfortable and long-lasting. Better still, it features a comforting footrest that enables you to rest your feet high and pressure-free for as long as you desire. Also, the structure features hardwood and plywood frames with mortise and tenon bonded joints for stability and longevity extremely. Still, the leather upholstery brings a unique design and luxurious touch.

Design and Functionality

This is also an electric power recliner that enables easy operation and motion. With just the push of a button, you will have yourself reclining into a horizontal sleeping position as you take away the worries of the world. The furniture will also be the aesthetic attraction of your space with the rich color and broad flat arms that enhance top-notch beauty.

What I like

  • Versatile design: Whether you have a vintage or a contemporary setting, this chair will make a perfect match.
  • Durable structure: Hardwood and plywood, as well as leather upholstery, ensures strength and longevity.
  • Extreme comfort: Thick padding and convenient footrest make you lounge in relief and comfort.
  • Straightforward electric operation: With just a button, you enjoy different comfort positions.

What I Don’t Like

  • Not lay-flat: The sleeping position is not lay-flat like a bed hence not enough napping comfort.

What Other Reviewers Say

Reviewers were pleased with the genuine leather upholstery that would stand the test of time, ensuring they enjoy the elegance and comfort for a lasting period.


While you cannot recline flat, this recliner does not compromise on comfort. Besides, it does look alluring, giving enough room for a plus one to watch movies over the weekend.

Buyer’s Guide on Barcalounger Recliner

Before deciding on the ideal Barcalounger for your home, there are essential factors you need to consider as below.

Type: Barcaloungers are available for different purposes to suit all users by providing different comfort levels. You can have push-back or regular recliners, which makes a wide range of Barcalounger recliners. Just as their name suggests, you only need to push back and recline using your body weight. Also, rocker Barcaloungers are perfect for nursing mothers or people with sleep issues because of the back and forth motion that stimulates sleep. Still, the lift recliners come in handy for people with mobility problems.

Power: Here, you can choose between a manual or powered recliner. Manual recliners come with a simple lever apparatus that allows you to either release or catch. Conversely, powered recliners use a button on a remote or the recliner for an effortless recline.

Upholstery: Commonly, Barcaloungers come in top-grain leather upholstery. However, there are still faux leather and fabric upholstery options depending on your budget and preference. Still, you can look for the perfect color in the type of upholstery you want.

Dimensions: Paying attention to dimensions ensures you choose a recliner that will be a perfect fit for both your body type and the space available. Ideally, it would help if you had your measurements ready to be able to choose correctly. Read in detail: Recliner Dimensions.

With this knowledge of the basic features, you are ready to go through the product reviews section. Dive in!


After extensive research of the best Barcalounger recliner reviews that placed BarcaLounger Jacque II Leather Recliner & Ottoman at the top, the others still make exceptional additions to match your preferences. So, don’t wait any longer and go ahead placing that order!


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