7 Best 24 Hour Office Chair To Buy In 2022

by Andrew Smith| Last Updated: November 30, 2021

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Best 24 Hour Office Chair

Office chairs are a must-have for any workplace. Mostly, the best 24 hour office chair helps you get the most out of your day and keep you comfortable all day long. 

If you spend 8 hours or more sitting at a desk, you must invest in an ergonomic office chair with lumbar support. Usually, a good chair prevents you from back pain and poor posture-related issues.

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to get a 24-hour office chair from the flooded market. However, I’ve combed through hundreds of chairs to give you the seven best options currently available. 

Besides, I’ve included a buying guide to help you make informed buying decisions. Now, if you’re shopping for an office chair, continue reading!

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What Are 24 Hour Office Chairs?

24 hour office chairs are those designed to provide extra comfort during your working hours. Plus, they’ve adjustable height, lumbar support, tilt function, and comfortable cushioning to provide maximum comfort. 

The 24/7 multi shift chairs let you vary your body posture without harming the back. Generally, these chairs come in different styles to meet your purpose.

Review Of The 7 Best 24 Hour Office Chair

1. AmazonBasics – Overall Best Executive Office Desk Chair

AmazonBasics executive office desk chair is a design of AmazonBasics. Often, it comes with adjustable arms, a tilt tension control knob, a swivel base, a height change mechanism, and a five-point harness system. Above that, you can adjust its seat depth and angle.

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Probably you’re looking for a good office chair, AmazonBasics is ideal. First, the brown chair looks exceptional in your office space. (Small space? Here you go with 10 best office chairs for small spaces)

Regardless of your office size, this chair fits well to guarantee you all-day comfort. Even so, clients claim it makes them comfortable without causing pain to your butt and back. (More? look at this best office chair for lower back and hip pain)

Because of a comfortable cushion, you can sit for long hours while crushing your daily goals. Moreover, the chair’s five points of attachment ensure you remain stable during prolonged use.

Moreover, AmazonBasics chair features Polyurethane bonded leather, meaning you get quality and luxury. Equally, the wheels glide smoothly on your floor, thus preventing damage.

Even though AmazonBasics is unique, I don’t like that the armrests do not adjust. Nevertheless, the quality is impressive for the money.

What I like

What I don’t like

What customers are saying

One customer noted he likes that the chair is effortless to assemble because it comes with all instructions. It took him less than 20 minutes to put it together.

Another one said that the chair is steady and good for his official duties. He feels safe because it doesn’t skid on the floor allowing him to focus on his daily targets.


When you want a good 24 hour office chair, try this AmazonBasics and see the value for money.

2. HON Exposure – Best Mesh Task Chair For Easy Customization

HON Exposure is a 24/7 task chair. First, it has adjustable armrests, height, lumbar, and tilt. Plus, it features a mesh and plush seat to promote a 24 hour comfort.


Because of the adjustable features like tilting angle, swivel, and height adjustability, HON Exposure meets daily use demands. Therefore, it’s ideal when you’re looking for extra comfort that comes with easy customization.

Mostly, the lumbar support ensures the chair aligns well to your back. Thus, you eliminate back pain. Additionally, the breathable mesh provides total circulation of air. Therefore, you stay fresh while working on your projects.

Most people love the 360-degree swivel plus the rolling castors. Mainly, it offers freedom of movement from one corner to the other around the office. Besides, casters prevent floor damage.

As usual, the quality is exceptional, with a robust frame covered in mesh and fabric. As such, it lasts longer, giving you value for investment.

What I like

What I don’t like

What customers are saying

A buyer liked that the chair’s ergonomic design made him comfortable all day. He praised the back support that keeps the pain away from his spine.

Still, another user was surprised that the chair takes around 15 minutes to put together which was faster than the other chairs he’d bought earlier.


Perhaps you’re looking for a 24 hour task chair—you can bank on this chair for exemplary services.

3. Gabrylly Ergonomic – Best High Back Mesh Office Chair

Gabrylly has a high back design, adjustable headrest, mesh, flip-up arms, lumbar support, and tilt function, among other features. Thus it’s perfect for 24 hours use and a suitable versatile chair.


You can easily adjust the chair to meet your needs because of tilting angle, swivel, and adjusting the height.

Better still, the entire back seat is breathable hence comfortable for those working for long hours. Generally, it lets you forget about sweating because of proper air circulation.

Additionally, the recline and tilt function allows you to sit freely, while the flip-up arms create space when you want to push the chair under the desk.

Moreover, the base has rolling castors with a swivel function. As such, movement in the office is easy. Simply push it on the ground and reach every corner of the office much more effortlessly.

Now that the company provides assembling instructions, it takes a few minutes to have it ready for use.

What I like

What I don’t like

What customers are saying

A user from Dallas liked the adjustable height. He said that his previous chair was tiny and made his knees ache but this model is perfect for him as it meets his height demands.

A buyer who liked the rolling casters said that they make the chair easy to move and keep his flooring carpet away from scratches.


Probably you’re looking for a swivel computer task chair that is easy to assemble, looks gorgeous, and comes with functional features, then this is a good deal.

4. Flash Furniture HERCULES Series 24/7 – Best For Big And Tall Users

Flash Furniture HERCULES features generous padding, enormous size, headrest, and lumbar support. Thus, it’s ideal for users who spend more hours in the office.


Perhaps your job extends beyond five—you need a chair that takes you through 24 hours. Thankfully, Flash Furniture has the features to help you stay comfortable while still maintaining productivity. 

To begin with, the swivel and adjustable features let you customize your chair to meet your specific needs. Also, if you want to have the chair straight, simply use the adjusting knob. Besides, adjust the armrests to a comfortable position for resting.

Mostly, you get cozy through the hours because of the high back design, headrest, and lumbar system. Even more, you can adjust the height if you prefer high or low sitting. Whichever position you want, simply turn the knob.

Finally, the chair has wheels, so moving around the office is easy without cracking the floor. 

What I like

What I don’t like

What customers are saying

A user noted that it is unusual to find a high-back chair that supports the neck correctly. She was thankful for this chair that supported her entire back and neck.

One user lamented that he can’t imagine how he survived without this chair as it has created a vast difference in his daily tasks. He said that working for long hours is now comfortable and a dream come true.


Are you shopping for a high-quality built chair? This task chair is perfect yet affordable and hence an excellent option to meet all your office needs.

5. NOUHAUS ErgoTASK/ErgoDRAFT – Best Ergonomic Task Chair

Quality built, design, and functionality makes this chair the best 24 hour chair. Besides, it has lumbar support, headrest, rolling wheels, and armrests. Consequently, you can use it for every office task that requires long hours of sitting.


I’ve been using this chair for a while now, and I can say it’s the best addition to my furniture. Apart from the simple design, the chair is efficient. Mostly, I use it for extended office work.

Moreover, the adjustable headrest and lumbar support ensure your back remains in position. Besides, you can tilt the chair for additional comfort.

Due to the heavy-duty construction, this chair supports a maximum weight of 275lbs. Thus, it’s suitable for big users.

Luckily, the assembling process is a breeze since all the instructions and tools are available.

Even though the chair is a long-lasting type, most of the parts look thin. For instance, the backrest is narrow and somewhat uncomfortable.

What I liked

What I don’t like

What customers are saying

A user noted that the chair comes with instructions and tools that are easy to put together. He said that this allowed him to set a few chairs in his office and begin working instantly.

A buyer from Kentucky said that the chair’s locking mechanism is excellent and safe. He liked how it locks correctly supporting his back through 24 hours.


If you’re shopping for a task chair that features quality construction, fantastic design, and functions well, get this chair at affordable prices.

6. Flash Furniture – Best High-Back Mesh Swivel Chair

Flash Furniture chair has flip-up arms, an adjustable headrest, a mesh back, and a high back design. Apart from that, it has wheels for maneuverability. Thereby, it fits for you if you sit for long hours.


Sometimes it’s not possible to get an ergonomic executive chair for office work. Luckily, Flash Furniture is among the few options available with flip-up arms for resting and easy storage. Plus, the chair comes with an adjustable headrest, thus keeping the entire back in position.

Because of the lumbar support, you can sit the whole day without harming the back. Additionally, the adjustable features like height, swivel, and tilt function ensure you have a customized fit.

Apart from being adjustable, the chair comes with stable wheels made from quality plastics. Therefore, they help in movement and also prevent floor damage when you push or pull the chair.

You’ll love the mesh back, which I find relaxing on hot summer days.

What I like

What I don’t like

What customers are saying

A buyer said that the chair feels smooth and comfortable thus perfect for his office. He loved the fabric and believed that it might take him through a lifetime.

One user noted that his input was limited because of the aching back but once he bought this chair, he can work for 24hours without complaining.


If you experience pain when sitting, try getting this 24 hour rated office chair. 

7. Safco Products Vue – Best Heavy Duty Stool For 24/7 Use

Safco Products Vue chair is sturdy, ergonomic, and height-adjustable. Therefore, it’s perfect for heavy-duty seating.



The Safco chair is comfortable and perfect for all sizes. Because of the cushioned back, it offers the right comfy for those sitting for long hours. Additionally, the steel frame means durability, thus an excellent value for your money.

I liked the leg rest around the stool frame. It lets you relax your legs during your working routine. As such, you feel balanced on the stool.

Due to the 360 degrees swivel, this stool lets you access multi-directional areas when you want to view the surroundings.

Lastly, the chair has wheels for movability. Simply push or pull it if you want to move.

What I like

What I didn’t like

What customers are saying

Dan noted that this chair is sturdily constructed and worth every penny. He urged buyers to get it into their offices and enjoy their daily routines because it’s comfortable and lasts forever.

Another user said that she intends to buy more chairs because they are easy to set up for use and the output is tremendous.


If you’re looking for heavy duty chairs that last forever, get a few of these chairs and see the value for money.


What Is The Purpose Of 24 Hour Office Chairs?

The purpose of 24 hour office chairs is to boost your productivity 24/7 while letting you accomplish daily tasks without the worry of a painful back or butt. Luckily, the chairs feature all adjustable elements to enhance comfort.

Is It A Good Idea To Buy 24 Hour Office Chairs?

Yes, it’s a good idea to buy 24 hour office chairs because they have everything needed to make you feel comfortable while sitting for long hours. For instance, you can adjust the height to meet your sitting demands. 

Also, you can tilt the back to align well with the back. Still, you can adjust the armrest for additional comfort.

Where Can I Find 24 Hour Office Chairs?

You can find 24 hour office chairs on Amazon.com if you’re looking for a reliable site for buying the chair. 

We’ve shared the best deals currently available, so you can click the link to get more information regarding each chair.

Which Is The Best Material For A 24/7 Office Chair?

The best materials for 24/7 office chairs are steel and vinyl. Plus, some come from leather and mesh, which last longer. Commonly, 24 hour chairs heavy duty sitting requires lasting materials.

What Is the Maximum Weight Capacity Of A 24 Hour Or Dispatch Chair?

The maximum weight of a 24 hour or dispatch chair is 400lbs. The 24 hour dispatch chairs are durable and able to withstand heavy users’ weight.

Features To Consider When Choosing The Best Office Chair For 24 Hour Use

Load Capacity

A good 24hr chair should be able to support your body weight. Often, the load capacity is measured in pounds and refers to how much pressure it can withstand before breaking down or sagging. 

Usually, a higher number means that you have more stability when sitting on a chair. But if you’re overweight, this may not matter as much because you won’t need to sit long at one time. 

If you weigh less than 200 lbs, you probably don’t want an office chair with a high load capacity since you might only use it occasionally.


If you spend most of your days working at a desk, then you know what a pain it can be trying to find a comfortable position while still being productive. Sadly, this problem becomes even worse when you try to get into unique positions during breaks or after hours. 

An adjustable office chair allows you to change the backrest’s angle and tilt forward or backward. Still, some models allow you to raise the front legs off the floor, which helps prevent lower-body strain. 

Adjustable chairs usually come with two options: Manual adjustment or motorized adjustments. Manual adjustments cost slightly more, but they give you complete control over all aspects of the chair. 

On the flip side, motorized adjustments typically offer better performance and durability, but they require maintenance every few months.

Comfort Features

When choosing the best 24 hour chairs, comfort is vital. The majority who suffer from chronic neck and back problems prefer reclining seats because they provide more outstanding lumbar support. 

Furthermore, recliners also help reduce stress by allowing you to relax completely. In addition, some models include massage functions that target specific areas of your body. 

These chairs are great for relieving tension, headaches, and muscle aches caused by prolonged computer usage. Besides, they improve circulation and promote overall relaxation. Generally, the comfort features improve chair hour ratings.


Materials used in making office furniture play a significant role in determining its longevity. For example, plastic parts wear out quickly, and metal components rust. 

Leather lasts longer than other materials, but leather cracks and peels away from the frame. Wood lasts forever, but wood requires regular care and upkeep. 

Many manufacturers now produce their products using recycled material instead of traditional woods such as mahogany and teak. Recycled content varies depending on the type of product you buy. Besides, manufacturers use metal frames to craft the best office chair for 24 hour use.


The best 24 hour office chair is one that provides you with a comfortable and supportive seat. Moreover, it should also be easy to adjust so it can fit your body type and provide adequate lumbar support when needed. 

It’s difficult to choose one from hundreds of options on the market. We’ve recommended the office chairs to make your selection a breeze. Luckily, the prices are also affordable.

If you have questions regarding these products or need help choosing which model works best for you, kindly reach out. Our team of experts will help you through this process. 


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