Are Headrests Good for Office Chairs?

by Andrew Smith| Last Updated: February 25, 2022

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Are Headrests Good for Office Chairs

Did you know your age exposes you to a higher risk of getting neck pain? According to a study, individuals under 50 have heightened chances. Considering that the median global working age is around 39, that means roughly three-quarters of employees are more likely to experience it.

As you seek better ergonomics, you may want all-day comfort. So, are headrests good for office chairs, and do they combat neck pain, among other uses?

Headrests are good for office chairs as they may improve posture, relieve neck strain, and boost productivity. But, many office chairs do not have headrests as improper use is detrimental. That said, you use a headrest on a chair by ensuring it doesn’t push your head down or forward.

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Does An Office Chair Need A Headrest?

You may not need a headrest for excellent ergonomics, but it may enhance comfort and smooth your work. Here are some significant headrest benefits.

May Improve Posture

When your shoulder and neck muscles are weary, you are likely to slouch without realizing it. However, if your desk chair includes a headrest, you can rest on it when your muscles feel tired.

With a headrest, you tend to lean back and rest your head vertically, which is more ergonomic than slouching.

Long-term use of a desk chair lacking a headrest induces you to slump back or hunch forward. If your desk chair includes a headrest, you sit more erect, which may enhance your posture.

More Adjustability

Ergonomic desk chairs offer more comfort thanks to their several adjustable features. Including a headrest allows for additional modifications.

Thankfully, almost all ergonomic desk chairs with headrests allow for adjustability. You can change the headrest’s inclination and height.

That means you can tweak your headrest to your body’s needs and get more support when you need it. Adjustable ones support use by different-sized users.

Neck Pain Relief

If you spend hours sitting, your neck muscles tend to tire. So, you’ll want to relax your head and neck slightly for several minutes. 

That’s where a headrest comes in handy. It provides a place to lay your neck and head while working.

Let’s take a look at our top picks for the best office chair for neck pain.

Boosts Work Productivity

You spend less time worrying about neck pain and focus on getting your job completed with a headrest. 

Headrests make long-term sitting more comfortable. Sitting comfortably helps to handle tasks more efficiently, increasing your productivity.

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How Do You Use a Headrest on a Chair?

Desk Chair with Headrest

It’s a combination of body positioning and desk organization. Adjusting your desk’s height or the spacing between your laptop and your body can provide a more comfortable sitting arrangement.

Have someone picture you from the side to assess if your neck is slipping into a forward head position while seated. Then compare your ears to your shoulder and collarbone positions. If your ears rest above your shoulders, a headrest may give you the advantages.

But if your ears are way forward, then you’re degrading your necks’ well-being and are likely to attract pain and more posture issues. If it’s an adjustable headrest, reposition it to achieve a proper posture.

Evens so, you don’t require a headrest to achieve a good posture. However, the correct posture is crucial when using one. Ensure your head doesn’t seem like it has a downward or forward thrust.

Why Do Office Chairs Not Have Headrests?

Many chairs with headrests have huge ones that are too oversized to support safe, pleasant, and posture-promoting functions.

A headrest, especially when large, pushes your neck forward. Forward head position, often known as “text neck,” occurs when the head is thrust forward past the shoulders.

Nonetheless, not every forward head position is terrible. Sometimes this occurs due to the differences in the upper cervical vertebrae.

However, others simply have bad posture, weak muscles, and compensatory muscular movements. As a result, the neck’s flexor muscles shorten, tense, and weaken.

Meanwhile, sternocleidomastoid muscles of the neck’s other side end up doing the work of the shortening flexors.

Chairs lacking headrests tend to avoid this scenario. That said, you don’t have to write off headrest usage as a suitable headrest is advantageous.

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Should You Buy an Office Chair With a Headrest?

If it enhances your comfort, you should buy an office chair with a headrest. Be sure to get a suitable size that allows adjustability to suit your sitting arrangement.

Correctly using a good headrest provides you with several benefits like soothing neck muscles to prevent or minimize pain.

Is a Headrest Important?

A headrest is important if you have trouble getting the correct posture or experience neck strain.

While it may aid in improving posture, an unsuitable headrest does the opposite. Such a headrest thrusts your head forward, straining your muscles. A suitable one induces you to press your head backward and sit upright.

Besides, a good headrest helps you enhance productivity.


The answer to the question, “are headrests good for office chairs?” is not as straightforward as it seems.

Many factors affect how much comfort a headrest provides. The height of the chair, the shape of the back, and whether or not it has lumbar support all play a role in how well someone can use a headrest.

With a suitable headrest, you’ll improve posture, elevate neck pain, minimize destruction due to straining, hence focus on work.


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