Alera Elusion Review: High-Back or Mid-back Model?

by Andrew Smith| Last Updated: March 29, 2022

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Alera Elusion Review

Are you looking for a high-back or mid-back office chair? Look no further. In my Alera Elusion review, I’m going to discuss a chair that comes in two different models to meet the needs of every person.  

The Alera is a great example of an affordable chair that offers long-term health benefits. Besides, it’s quality effectively resists wear and tear, so you’re not buying a chair that only lasts three years. 

The best part, though, is that it’s comfortable and features unequaled functionalities. The Alera is a lower-middle price tier chair but a bit time-consuming to adjust. But once you have the right adjustment, you get to enjoy unlimited comfort right in your working area. 

Let’s start by reviewing each of the two models of the Alera office chair.

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Alera Elusion Review: High-Back Multifunction Series

The name says it all—this is a high-back seat. While it’s closely identical to the mid-back series, its back is 24 inches long. Just like everyone has a different taste for everything, so is the case with this chair. 


The quality matches it’s sister, mid-back series, but the price is a little more due to the high-back feature. With this feature, your upper body gets better support, so your spine and neck are excellently supported. 

As a result, you can work a little longer than you would on the mid-back series. Unfortunately, there’s no headrest. It’s nothing to worry about, though, as you can buy one and install it on your chair.

Alera Elusion Chair Review: Mid-Back Multifunction Series

Costing less than the high-back series, this chair offers features that outweigh its price. In other words, for its features, I would expect a little higher cost. But thanks to the manufacturer, they had it in their heart to offer the best at the most affordable cost. 

Though I’ll discuss the features in-depth later, the mouth-watering features include; a well padded plush seat cushion and robust adjustable setting options, plus a sleek design that attracts most customers. 

The mid-back Alera Elusion series multifunction chair features a built-in lumbar. It offers a natural curvature spine support so that you can work without any uncalled-for breaks for up to 3 hours. 

The Most Noticeable Features of the Alera Mid-back and High Back series

Alera ALEEL42ME10B Elusion Series Mesh Mid-Back Multifunction Chair - Black

Apart from the above features that distinguish the two series, there are more features in these chairs that you would be interested to know. 

Robust Customizing Options

For its price, the Alera chair is considerably good for nearly every person regardless of their height.  And no, you don’t have to worry about the back, which isn’t adjustable because the adjustments available in these chairs make it possible for use by different body types. 


Both models allow you to tilt at any preferred angle. To sustain you in any tilt angle, the available lock (As shown in the assembly guide), allows you to lock the tilt in place. Depending on your settings, the tilt can be loose to allow easy recline. Alternatively, you can have the back of your chair in a fixed position, for example, when you want to take a break from your busy day right there at your office. 


Talking about the armrests, they can move horizontally if you wish. Still, the armrests can move up and down. Therefore, when your elbow needs something to lean on for support, adjust the armrests to support them for as much as you want.


The seat moves back and forth to give your legs, particularly the thighs, enough support. So, you don’t have to buy two different chairs for every member of the family if you need the chair for your home office. You only need to make use of the lever to adjust the chair to fit the current user’s height. With this lever, you may adjust the seat width to allow huge people. 

On the other hand, there’s a seat glide system. With it, you can give your thighs enough space for sufficient comfort by moving the seat back and forth.  Your legs also get enough space to move. 

Water-Fall Seat Edge 

If you’ve not used a water-fall seat edge in the past, grab this seat like hot cake. Here’s why. The Alera Elusion chair water-fall seat edge prevents blood clots around the thighs due to long working hours that strain your legs. 

Not only will you work for long due to undisturbed comfort, but you’ll also be healthy as far as your sitting posture is concerned. 

Also, regardless of how long you work, you won’t feel fatigued or exhausted. The natural feature which this chair gives makes it possible to feel comfortable from day one. Simply put—you don’t need time to adjust to the water-fall seat design.

Long-Lasting, Breathable Mesh

Alera ALEEL42ME10B Elusion Series Mesh Mid-Back Multifunction Chair - Black

The Alera Elusion high-back chair as well as the mid-back series, have a breathable mesh that is strong to last many years. Your weight, as long as you’re 250lbs, won’t break it. With the mesh back in place, your back keeps cool all the time. 

And, unlike the leather, which looks attractive but becomes hot after some time, mesh allows you to keep working without the need to remove your coat as you’ll have sufficient airflow in your body. 


With the Alera Elusion swivel chair, the frames have a five-year warranty. The upholstery warranty, on the other hand, lasts for two years. So, unless you’re careless in caring and maintaining your chair in good condition, you’ll always get a replacement or a repair at no cost whatsoever—probably, just shipping cost if you need to send the chair back to the company. 

What’s more? It doesn’t matter if you buy the chair from Amazon or the Alera company—as long as you genuinely need repair or replacement, you’ll still get it.

Unfortunately, contacting the Alera company may be a tough nut to crack as there’s no direct communication channel. 

Alera ALEEL42ME10B Elusion Series Mesh Mid-Back Multifunction Chair - Black


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What Other Customers Are Saying

With excellent support from the manufacturing company, Wahidstx assembled his chair successfully. He was totally impressed with the customer care service, which I believe highly contributed to his five-star Alera office chair review. 

Also, the client noted that the price superseded his expectation. To him, the chair was stable and durable. Quoting his exact words, he said, “It is indeed a good buy.”  

What I like

What I don’t Like

How Do You Assemble An Alera Elusion?

Truth be told, the Alera Elusion series mesh mid-back chair and high-back series aren’t the easiest to assemble, but I’m here to make everything easy. A few tools are necessary, for example, a drill and a Philip-head, when assembling the chair.

Here’s the step-by-step guide on how to do it. If, however, you prefer watching a video, here’s a FULL Alera Elusion Series Desk Chair Assembly Video by Posturre.

That’s all—you can now adjust your seat as you wish.

How Do You Adjust An Alera Elusion?

Your comfort is different from mine, and so is the case with everyone else. So, to fit each one’s comfort, almost all of the Elusion chair’s parts are customizable. 

You can adjust the tilt, seat, and armrest height as well as the seat depth. 

Below, I’ll guide you on how you can adjust an Alera Elusion office chair.

Seat Height Customization 

Is It Worth Buying The Alera Elusion Chair? 

The vast array of adjustable chair parts offers every user optimized comfort every day. Not to mention—you can adjust almost each part of this chair. While there’s a drawback in that it’s a bit complex to adjust it, you only make adjustments once. Of course, unless other people in your home or office are also using the chair. 

The Alera Elusion series mesh multifunction chair (either mid-back or high back) is good for its price. Besides, you get similar features regardless of the series you pick. 

With their multifunction feature, you wouldn’t find a better chair at its price than this one—both chairs are classified as lower-middle price tier. 

So, yes, after reading the Alera Elusion review up to this far—you understand every benefit that comes with this chair. It’s, therefore, worth buying it.


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